Everything You Need to Know About High Heel Ankle Boots for Women

July 16, 2021
high heel ankle boots women

You have a lot of things to consider when looking forhigh heel ankle boots for women. It might seem like it's such a simple thing to do—just go to a store and choose whichever you fancy. However, it's much more complicated than you think. Some ankle boot heels look good for some women while some don't, and that's completely okay! It's not your fault if this happens. You just have to learn how you can choose the best boots.

This article will discuss how you can find the best high heels for your foot type and how you should style them. Read on to know more!

What Are Ankle Boots?

Ankle boots are shoes that cover the whole foot and up to at least two inches of the leg. You may see them in varying designs. Some cover more than just the ankles, reaching the knees; others have high heels, while some are flat. If you're not comfortable having your feet cooped up, you can choose an open toe.

Usually, these are made from silk, satin, or leather. These materials are relatively expensive, which is why ankle boots cost more than your usual shoes. But since the mainstream fashion industry popularized its use, shoe manufacturers pushed mass production with cheaper materials. So nowadays, you can get high-ankle boots for women for a reasonable price.

How to Choose Flattering High Heel Ankle Boots for Women

Ankle strap heels for women are very fashion-forward. You can pair them with anything, and you'll instantly look chic. But what works for some may not work for others. So here's a guide on how you can choose the best ankle boots for you.


Ankle height

Ankle boots have numerous designs, but one of their defining characteristics is their height. Some shoes have higher ankle height compared to others, and it’s up to you which you prefer. However, it’s the topmost part of the boot that affects how flattering they would be.

Getting this is a bit tricky, but usually, the most flattering height cuts along the narrow part of the leg. It's an essential part of the design since this will make the leg look slim. On the other hand, if the line reaches a wide area, your legs will look bigger. So choose whichever style you like, but be mindful of how it will affect your legs.

Ankle width

If you have big feet, you'd automatically go for a wide boot. But ankle boots with a narrow ankle width can make you look slimmer and are a perfect pair for skinny or cropped jeans. You can also rock a dress or skirt with them. If you have oversized jeans, you can tuck them inside the boots for a more fashionable look. However, you may need a slightly wider ankle width for this.

Shape of the toe

As mentioned earlier, ankle boots are available both in closed- and open-toe ends. Just remember that pointed shoes will make your legs appear longer, while square and rounded toe ends may shorten your leg.

Heel height

Aside from the ankle height and width, boots also differ based on their heel height. If you want to look taller, you can choose heels that are about 3 to 5 inches in height. However, if you're not comfortable with high heels, you can select flat high-ankle boots or those with only up to 2 inches of heel height.

Shape of the heel

Aside from the heel height, it is best to take note of its shape. Heels have different types: kitten, stiletto, wedge, pumps, cones, and ankle strap heels. You can use kitten, wedge, cones, and ankle strap heels for casual outfits. Pumps and stilettos, on the other hand, are for formal and business outfits.

Your body size matters when choosing the heel shape. For example, if you're bottom-heavy—meaning you carry most of your weight in the lower portion of your body—you might look squished in a kitten heel. Block heels are more appropriate for these body types. On the other hand, if you have slim legs, you can emphasize them with stilettos or kitten heels.


Ankle boots come in different styles, one of which is the addition of ankle straps. High heels with ankle straps are helpful, especially for those with smaller feet. The straps help secure the boots in place. We also recommend using them for long walks—at least you don't have to worry about your shoes falling behind.

Straps, however, are not for everyone. That's why most shoe manufacturers offer designs with and without straps so that they can cater to whatever your preferences are.

Ankle braces

The other thing you have to consider is your braces. Some wear an ankle brace for women for added support. Meanwhile, people with tendonitis and plantar fasciitis use them to relieve pain. High-ankle boots are a perfect choice to hide these braces when you're wearing them. Since braces take up some space in your shoes, you should get a bigger size or boots with wide ankle space.

How to Style High Heel Ankle Boots for Women

High-heel ankle boots are a must-have for every woman out there. You can style them up with shorts, pants, or a dress, and they’ll complete the look perfectly. So if you're looking for some tips on how you can wear these boots and what to pair them with, here are the things you should know.

Pants or jeans

Pairing high-ankle boots with jeans always gives off an effortlessly chic look. You can wear them with either skinny or wide pants. When wearing them with skinny jeans, pair them with a basic top and a leather jacket. The outfit is casual, but you can also use it for office wear and business meetings. You can also wear these boots with a slim pantsuit, and it will give you a more powerful look.

Ankle boots aren't just for formal wear. You can wear them for casual and daily looks too. For example, you can wear them with a shirt, turtleneck sweater, and fitted top. If you have oversized jeans, you can insert the excess part inside the boots, or you can leave it as is.


Aside from jeans, you can wear high-heel boots with skirts. These boots can instantly elevate your look, even if you're wearing a plain top. You can use the shoe design to your advantage if you want to look tall or slim. Narrow boots with high heels can give the appearance of a tall height and long legs. You can also wear your skirt with tights and have the tights go inside the shoes.



Not a jeans or skirt kind of girl? Great news: you can pair your high-heel ankle boots with dresses too! You can wear them with short A-line dresses or lengthier maxi ones. We recommend wearing them with a tight sleeveless dress, denim jacket, and Fedora hat for chic and effortless styling. Lace dress also won't feel so tacky with it, and you'll look instantly runway-ready!

Understanding the Different Types of High Heel Ankle Boots

Ankle boots come in different styles and designs. Like any other shoe, there are various types of boots you can also get. For example, ankle boots and booties, although used interchangeably, are different. The latter is shorter and ends right at the ankles, while the former goes all the way up to mid-calf.

Here's a quick breakdown to help you differentiate one boot from the other.

Ankle boots

Ankle boots end just above the ankles. They are longer than booties but shorter than mid-calf and knee boots.

When buying ankle boots, we recommend buying black or brown pieces because you can pair them with any outfit, and they will still look good. Pointed shoes also look better with any outfit than rounded ones. So if you're looking for a classic piece you can wear any time, you should look for either a brown or black pointed ankle boot.

Buying tip: Some ankle boots come with bells and whistles, resembling cowboy boots. Although these look good, the outfits you can pair them with are limited. It is best if you avoid boots with flashy designs so that you can use and style them over and over again.


If you like boots but don't want them reaching up to your ankles, booties are the way to go. As with ankle boots, you should get them in black or brown with pointed toes. Most booties have either a low block heel or a skinny heel.

Black pointed toes are more classic than brown ones. You can dress them up for formal occasions or down for casual wear.

Mid-calf boots

Mid-calf boots go all the way up to the thickest portion of your calf. Because of their length, these boots may look unflattering for some, especially if you have short legs. However, you can get away with it if you style it accordingly. In addition, you can wear mid-calf boots with skinny jeans or skirts as these can make your legs look longer.

The most popular mid-calf boots are rain, harness, and ugg boots.


Are you looking for classic pieces you can wear both to the office and when you're hanging out with friends? You can style high heel ankle boots for women any way you want to and achieve an effortlessly fashionable look with them.

Listed above are how you can style them and how you can choose the best boots you should invest in. Now, you don't have to scour your wardrobe for hours so that you can put together a cohesive outfit. Just grab your ankle boots out, and you're good to go!

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