The Best Metatarsal Pads Target Has for You
4 min read
July 21, 2021

The Best Metatarsal Pads Target Has for You

4 min read
July 21, 2021

If you are a productive person who loves to walk, run, and wear footwear that looks great on your feet, you probably have experienced pain in the ball of your feet. Such kind of pain is because of a condition called metatarsalgia. Now that you know, you can properly address the pain you’re enduring in your feet.

Actually, you can do something to avoid metatarsalgia. Have you ever heard about metatarsal pads or met pads? There are different kinds of met pads. You can find some of the best metatarsal pads for metatarsalgia in Target, and buy them online.

Let's find out the best metatarsal pads for you!

What are Metatarsal Pads?

Mayo Clinic defined metatarsalgia as a condition where you feel pain or inflammation in the ball of your foot. Basic activities such as walking are factors in developing metatarsalgia. Generally, this foot condition is not serious but can give you discomfort. You can do treatments at home like icing your foot and resting, which will often relieve the symptoms.

Metatarsalgia and other foot conditions are also directly related to the kind of shoes you are wearing. So you can prevent metatarsalgia by wearing footwear that features shock-absorbing footbeds or arch support.

Aside from choosing the right footwear, you can also use metatarsal pads or met pads. These foot pads help prevent certain foot conditions that include capsulitis, neuroma, plantar fasciosis, plantar-plate issues, hammertoes, and bunions. Met pads redistribute the pressure under the ball of the foot, which provides natural cushioning under the metatarsal heads. Met pads decrease the tension you tend to feel at the bottom of your foot by lengthening the muscles on the top of the foot as well.

Met pads are good in distributing weight while you are active and can also reverse the damage caused by the conventionally designed footwear. There are two types of met pads: the pedag and strap met pads.

The pedag metatarsal pads are designed to be worn inside the shoes. They typically are slim in shape and have some water resistant features. While strap met pads are best used while barefoot because you wrap them around the top of your foot. You can also adjust the tightness depending on the width of your feet.

Metatarsal pads are made from various materials, and their goal is to ease foot pain and prevent the formation of foot conditions. Met pads can be made from open-cell polyurethane foam, wool or polyester felt, latex and leather, or gel.

These pads also come in different shapes, such as met dome, u-shapes, and donut shapes. Among these shapes, podiatrists found that the most effective met pads are of the dome shape variety, followed by u-shapes, leaving the donut shape as the least effective.

Why Buy at Target?

Target is the eighth largest retail store in the United States. There’s no doubt that you can find the best and most affordable met pads in this hybrid shopping store. On top of Target’s list when it comes to foot care and orthotics is Dr. Scholl’s Metatarsal Pads that you can buy at a discounted price.


Dr. Scholl's Metatarsal Pads for Men and Women

Dr. Scholl’s® was established in 1906 by Dr. William Scholl. Dr. Scholl believed that when your feet hurt, you hurt all over. He patented his first invention, an arch support, in 1904. During his lifetime, he developed more than a thousand foot care items that are still available in the market today.

Dr. Scholl's Metatarsal Pads are designed to relieve stress on sensitive metatarsals, while absorbing shock to protect the ball of your foot. Incorporate them into your footwear for an even distribution of pressure with each step.

They also prevent impact from aggravating the ball-foot area. You can reuse these pads and can fit them in all your shoes, including heels. In fact, these are one of the most effective met pads for high heels.

These met pads feature a strong toe attachment that secure the pad against your foot to keep it in the perfect place. The silicone construction allows you to easily follow the ball of your foot. Cushioning ensures the proper distribution of pressure with every step that prevents too much impact from hard surfaces.

When using Dr. Scholl's Metatarsal Pads, you must separate the cushions marked with "L" for the left foot and "R" for the right foot. Then remove the plastic backing of the pads. After that, you can place the loop over the second toe with the textured side of the cushion close to the ball of your foot. Do not hesitate to replace these met pads when the signs of wear become obvious. Ideally, you should change them every six months.

Get a Met Pad As Soon As You Can

If you are still experiencing pain and inflammation in the ball of your foot while using your favorite shoes, you don’t need to suffer at all. Get the met pad you should have bought a long time ago at Target. Say goodbye to pain and welcome a more flexible you!

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