You Won't Slip When You Slip These On: A Brison Breathable Metatarsal Foot Pads Review
5 min read
November 23, 2021

You Won't Slip When You Slip These On: A Brison Breathable Metatarsal Foot Pads Review

5 min read
November 23, 2021

If you read Greek mythologies, you probably have come across the Greek god Atlas and his unfortunate tale. After suffering defeat in a war against Zeus, he was condemned to carry the weight of the entire world on his shoulders forever.

Similarly, our own two feet carry the entire weight of our body while also absorbing the shock from intense activities. However, we often neglect our feet and, in the worst situations, abuse them. As a result, a lot of foot ailments stem from this neglect and can vary in severity. Some may be treated with rest and therapy. Others may need surgical intervention.

One of the common foot conditions is metatarsalgia, which can be a symptom of more severe ailments. To relieve yourself of pain, you can use metatarsal foot pads on top of letting your feet rest. Read on to discover one of the best foot pads for metatarsalgia in the market today.

What is Metatarsalgia?

Rather than being a specific condition, metatarsalgia is described as pain coming from the ball of the foot. This injury could be a symptom of other foot conditions. As such, it could have developed because of many different causes.

The pain from metatarsalgia is often reported as feeling like stepping on a small stone. The severity of the pain can differ on a case-by-case basis. Some report it as a dull feeling from the underside of the foot. Others experience sharp pain, especially when walking.

Impact on the ball of the foot can also lead to metatarsalgia. Athletes are more prone to develop this condition, along with other ailments such as foot bursitis.

What is a Metatarsal Foot Pad?

Metatarsal foot pads are similar to shoe insoles that you insert beneath your foot. 

These foot pads work by distributing pressure across your foot. Since metatarsalgia can be caused by impacts and strain on the ball of the foot, the pads help relieve the pain by relieving pressure on your foot. Now, foot pads can come in different sizes and shapes, but not all pads will have the same effect on your foot. Like other care products, some may work better than others, while some may not even work properly at al.

Nailing down the best pad for you requires some trial and error. If you are wondering what and where to buy metatarsal foot pads, let us save you the hassle! We have searched far and wide and ended up with the Brison Breathable Foot Pads!

Introducing The Brison Breathable Foot Pads

Brison has been producing foot care products since 2018. Their dedication to promote podiatric health has resulted in an impressive product portfolio consisting of orthotics, foot cushions, and arch supports. Their solution to metatarsalgia comes in the form of the Brison Breathable Foot Pads. At an affordable price of $9.99, these metatarsal foot pads make pain relief accessible for everyone.

Breathable Design

People are often turned off by footpads because they make the feet uncomfortably warm and give off a foul-smelling odor. Most foot pads by competitors are made of foam, which can absorb sweat and lead to bacteria growth. They're also bulky and take up a lot of room inside the shoe.

What makes the Brison breathable foot pads stand out is their unique design. Its perforation is not only for looks, though. The strategically placed holes prevent heat from being trapped between the pad and your foot. Besides allowing your foot to breathe, it also avoids the accumulation of body fluid, like sweat. It makes every step more comfortable while keeping your foot odor-free. 

Soft Material

The choice of material can be a dilemma when choosing between durability and comfort. Some materials can endure intense activities but can be less comfortable, and vice-versa. The perfect material for foot pads has to endure wear and tear from prolonged use but also feel soft and comfortable.

Brison nailed it by using a medical-grade soft gel material for these foot pads. In addition to being durable, the soft gel was molded to be a snug fit when you slip it on. Wearing them feels like walking on soft cushions.

Made to Fit Everyone

People's feet differ in so many ways. As a workaround for this problem, manufacturers provide different sizes of the same product. Because of this, you run into another problem: stock availability. 

Some people end up with sizes too small or too large for them. They try to force the orthotics to fit by trimming them or wearing them in awkward positions inside their shoes. But doing this can worsen existing podiatric problems and even develop new ones.

Fortunately, these foot pads were designed to cater the most number of people possible. These are suitable for men with shoe sizes of 5 to 11 and women with 6 to 13. 

Affordable Price

Orthotics from popular brands can get a bit expensive. Might as well go to the podiatrist instead for the price you would be spending on those foot pads. You can opt to buy cheaper ones, but those are sure to fail within a week.

Quality and durable foot pads do not have to break the bank. Brison sells their breathable foot pads at $9.99, making them one of the more affordable offerings on the market. What's better is that Brison does not compromise on durability while making the trade-offs to keep the price competitive.

Due to its reliable material, you can use it multiple times without wear and tear. This saves you a couple of bucks as you no longer have to replace them again and again. Save yourself from wasting money and the weekly trip to the store!

Try It Out First

Every purchase is a risk. Despite what you have read on the internet, you can't really be sure if these foot pads will be a perfect fit for you. The only way to know is to try them on for yourself.

People waste time and money in searching for the perfect foot pads. The process of trial and error can get incredibly frustrating. Throwing out ill-fitting pads is also detrimental to the environment.

Here's the good news: Brison offers a 90-day money-back guarantee. You can place an order for a pair of these pads and slip them on as you go about your day. Have you noticed an improvement? No? Then you can send them back and get a full refund.

That's how confident Brison is with this product.

Final Thoughts

Our feet are the most neglected part of our body. The irony is that they do most of the work but are always taken for granted. Long-term neglect can lead to various foot ailments, from minor inconveniences to serious injuries.

As one of the most common foot conditions, metatarsalgia affects people from all walks of life. However, runners and other athletes who put higher-than-usual pressure on their feet are more prone to it. No matter who you are, you can certainly benefit from wearing orthotic foot pads.

With its breathable foot pads, Brison nailed the perfect mix of durability and comfort while introducing a unique perforated design. So why not free yourself from foot pain today by slipping on these metatarsal foot pads?

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