Detox Foot Pads: Everything You Need to Know About These Incredible Patches
6 min read
March 7, 2022

Detox Foot Pads: Everything You Need to Know About These Incredible Patches

6 min read
March 7, 2022

One thing you must know about footpads is they work. If you haven’t tried one before, you must be curious about what it is and how it works. 

We understand. There’s indeed something interesting about an item that can make you feel better just hours after sticking it to your soles. So without further delay, here are the questions would-be users of foot patches ask.

What are detox foot pads?

Foot pads are square or rectangular pieces of plastic material with an adhesive. The outer part is usually white; the inner part has another smaller patch that contains the detoxifying ingredients. When you stick the pad to your feet, its inner part changes color to a slimy black.

How do they work?

The foot pads remove toxic substances from your body. Normally, detoxification happens orally: you drink plenty of natural juices to rid your body of bad substances. Meanwhile, foot patches do that by emitting detoxifying substances on your foot.

For the pads to be more effective, you have to wear them longer. They must stay on for 6 to 12 hours. Many users prefer applying them right before sleep as it is the most practical time of the day to wear them.

Detoxifying foot pads are easy to use. Just follow these steps.

  • Be sure your soles are clean and free of dirt.
  • Examine the pads. The pads have to be intact and must not have tears.
  • Peel the cover of the pads’ adhesive side and gently place them on your soles’ center arch.

What benefits do you get from using foot pads for detox?

Foot adhesive pads do more than just detoxification. Yes, their primary function is to remove toxins from your body, but they have many secondary effects that are beneficial to you and your health.

The ingredients included in a common foot pad can give you the below benefits. 

Stress relief

Doing your daily responsibilities can be stressful and tiring. Toxins can also contribute to the stress and fatigue you’re feeling.

Pads can help remove the stress-causing toxins that add up in your body during the day. As a result, you will feel lighter and more energetic.

Lowered anxiety

Anxiety can be a heavy feeling to carry both mentally and physically. It makes your body feel tense and strung up. 

Putting on a detoxifying foot pad has a soothing effect that magnifies when applying it while you sleep. If you let the pad settle for a few hours, you’ll soon feel a sense of calm in your physical well-being. And when the body feels at ease, your mind will soon follow.

Better sleep

Stress and anxiety can cause shallow sleep and even insomnia. Foot pads can help in this situation through the soothing effect caused by the detoxification process. That means deeper and more peaceful sleep as the foot pads work their magic on your soles and, in the process, your entire body.

If the foot pads stay on overnight as you enjoy your sleep, you’ll wake up feeling more refreshed and energetic.

Improved blood circulation

The detoxification process disperses the pad’s ingredients throughout your body. In turn, it also helps improve your blood circulation because of a transfer process called the far infrared effect.

The far infrared process penetrates the surface of your skin without changing its temperature or irritating it. As a result, the energy it produces improves blood circulation.  

Better mood

Having a healthy body due to consistent detoxification creates a good mood. If you use foot pads regularly, you’ll soon feel healthier, happier, and much more upbeat.

Using a foot pad in the morning can also boost your mood. When you put on the foot pads, the detoxification process will slowly work as you go about your day. As it removes toxins from your body, it will have a reinforcement effect on your already active body, thus giving you a boost in energy and a better mood.

Pain and swelling relief

The improved blood circulation caused by the footpads will eventually help with pain and swelling. It is as if you’re giving your feet a hot compress, except it isn’t hot. The ingredients of the foot pads help your blood flow smoothly, which means it’s less likely to accumulate in parts of your body and cause swelling.

Metabolism boost

A lot of people use detox foot pads to remove toxins and for weight loss. That’s because foot pads can boost metabolism. If your body has a higher metabolic rate, it’s ready to consume more energy than average.

You get your energy by eating food; if your body metabolizes food faster, you’ll spend more energy than what you take in. As a result, weight loss happens.

detox foot pads - A feet diagram showing which area of the feet connects to what internal organ

Why do you have to use detox foot pads to remove toxins?

According to acupuncture practice, our foot has 60 of the 360 acupuncture points all over our body. These points have a connection to other organs of our body, and putting pressure on them will positively affect those organs.

Thus, we place foot pads on our feet because they’re the body part with the most potential. The soles absorb the active ingredients and spread them effectively throughout our body.

What goes into the making of detox foot pads? 

You might be wondering what’s in a foot pad that makes it a great tool for healing and detoxifying. Here’s what’s inside most foot pads in the market today.

Wood vinegar 

Also known as wood acid or pyroligneous acid, this vinegar is produced by distilling wood and other plant materials to get the acidic liquid. This ingredient improves blood flow, which also has detoxifying attributes.

Pearl powder

This ingredient is an ancient medicine Asians have been using for thousands of years. Now, pearl powder is a common ingredient of skin care products as it contains amino acids and calcium. This ingredient not only beautifies the skin but also detoxifies it.


Chitosan is a type of sugar found on the surface of lobsters, shrimp, and crabs. A popular medicine ingredient, chitosan can restrict your body’s cholesterol absorption. It also helps prevent blood clots and swelling.


Tourmaline is the most colorful mineral. It is that way because it’s composed of many other minerals. This gemstone has feng shui benefits, but it may also benefit the body by giving it positive energy.

Anion (negative-ion) powder

Negative ions are atoms with a negative charge. Despite being called a negative ion, it does have significant positive effects on the body.

Beaches and rainforests are the best places to find negative ions as they are usually present in the surrounding air. But these negative ions can now be made into powder form and added as an ingredient for healing products such as foot pads.

Anion powder can help with the following:

  • Eliminate free radicals from your body
  • Encourage better cell metabolism
  • Boost your immune system
  • Give your autonomic nervous system balance

Vitamin C

We often take vitamin C orally in the form of oranges, lemon juice, and supplements. We do this because vitamin C helps with cell repair and development. It also strengthens our immune system, thus giving us protection from illnesses and diseases. Regular use of foot pads is like taking your daily vitamin C tablet, except it’s in topical form.

Vitamin E

Another vitamin supplement we normally take is vitamin E. You get this vitamin when you eat fruits and vegetables. Sadly, not all of us eat plant-based meals on a regular basis. That’s where the foot pads come in.

The vitamin E on your healing foot pads can defend your body against toxins and give you glowing skin and healthy cognitive function.

Feeling the benefits of vitamin E in your body will come only if you use healing foot pads on a regular basis.

detox foot pads - A man’s foot sole with a foot pad attached to it

Is the black stain toxic?

Many people wonder why there’s an icky black substance whenever they take off the pads after leaving it on for hours. Some speculate it’s the toxins being sucked out from your body, but there are tests that prove otherwise.

In a recent test done by several users, the black substance is actually a chemical reaction from the pad as a result of moisture. One foot pad user tried to soak a detox foot padding in tap water and left another in the rain for several hours. After retrieving the pads and comparing them to the padding applied on the sole, the user found they all had the same black substance.

The test proves that while the healing foot sheets have detoxifying capabilities, the pads don’t absorb the toxins. In fact, they extract them in other ways.

Try foot detox pads for your well-being

We hope this article took care of your questions about foot pads. Moreover, we hope it made you curious about trying one out. Healing foot sole paddings can be a therapeutic way to heal not only your foot but also your body.

If you are serious about foot care to help your body and overall health, subscribe to our website. We post tons of guides and reviews about foot care products that will improve the quality of your life.

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