Orthopedic Sandals: Fashionable and Pain-Free Summer Footwear for Women and Men
5 min read
March 4, 2022

Orthopedic Sandals: Fashionable and Pain-Free Summer Footwear for Women and Men

5 min read
March 4, 2022

Summertime is here, which means that it's time to bring out the sandals and enjoy the warm weather! Orthopedic sandals are a great option for anyone who wants pain-free feet. These are the type of footwear that has been specifically designed to provide support and relief for people with orthopedic conditions and foot pain. In addition, they provide support and cushioning for your feet, making them a comfortable choice for long days walking around town or at the beach. Check out why these sandals are great for women and men, various foot problems, and the different activities you do all summer long!

Orthopedic Sandals Characteristics

Orthopedic sandals for women and men look like ordinary sandals at first glance, but if you look at them closely and wear them, you’ll notice the difference. The sandals aren’t just meant to protect the sole of the feet but way more than that. Here’s what you can expect with these sandals.


Many sandals may have a thick cushion, but the feet-friendly ones should have padding, particularly in the metatarsals and the heels. The metatarsals and heels are pain-prone foot areas; hence, many suffer from common foot conditions, like metatarsalgia and plantar fasciitis. Skip the worry of experiencing it too or suffering pain when you have it with the additional cushioning from these sandals. 

Arch support

The cushion on the foot arch is not only a stack of additional soft materials but they are also designed following the curve of the arches. In normal footwear, which does not have any arch support, metatarsal and heel pain happen more often as they are the most stressed parts. With orthopedic sandals for women, arch support distributes the pressure in the different parts of the feet. 

Big toe separator

If you particularly want to address bunions, there are orthopedic sandals for women, wide-width toe box-designed, and a toe separator. Of course, you can find similar cool and comfortable designs for men's footwear too. The wide toe box keeps the bunion’s bony hump free from painful friction. The toe separator aids in keeping the big toe apart from the other toes and straightening the big toe up, the main goal for bunion correction. 

Extremely fashionable

Footbed design and all the comfortable materials make up a comfortable sandal aside, they also come in various fashionable designs. Expect to get flip flops, flats, slides, wedges, gladiators, mid/high-heeled, and other sandals types you’ll love to wear in the summer. You can wear them all day without any pain later.

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What Foot Problems Can They Address and Prevent?

Orthotic sandals are designed the way they are to ensure users like you can address various foot problems you have or prevent them from happening. While they are enjoyable to wear because they can match your attire, they also give you these foot health benefits you’ll be thankful for later. 

Plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is the inflammation of the plantar fascia, which is located in the heels of the feet. If you have an active lifestyle, are engaged in exercises or jobs that strain the heels, or are overweight, the risk of plantar fasciitis is higher. You can proactively ward off the foot condition by wearing proper footwear. If you already have it, changing your lifestyle and activities on top of wearing heel-cushioned footwear is excellent. 


Bunions are one of the most common foot conditions, and it often happens because of wearing the wrong types of shoes or genetic reasons. It is characterized by the movement of the big toe towards the other toes and the formation of the bony hump that occurs because the joint connecting the first metatarsal and phalanx is swollen. So it’s a great relief to wear orthotic sandals to address bunions as they take off pressure from the metatarsals, the bunion area. 


Metatarsalgia is also known as the ball of the foot pain. Without any cushioning in the area, the metatarsals endure a lot of pressure, especially during an active day of doing errands or working out. Instead of getting separate metatarsal pads, orthotic sandals already have a built-in cushion to ensure the metatarsal lands on something soft. In addition, the footwear absorbs the shock from hitting the surface. 

Corns and blisters

Corns and blisters occur when the skin forms a thick layer because of friction on socks or shoe surfaces. It especially occurs for individuals with sensitive feet. When wearing sandals, these blemishes do not look good as some have shades darker than the regular skin tone. But you do not need to worry about these when you have orthotic sandals. Even when the feet rub on the sandals, they won’t be sore because of the quality material the sandals are made of. 

orthopedic sandals for women arch support

Activities You Can Enjoy With Orthotic Sandals

Summer is the season when activities are piled up. You can tick off any of these activities on your bucket list and even add more when you have the best sandals that address any foot issues or keep you away from any foot pain. So skip the common summer and dress shoes, and go for the best orthotic sandals instead. Make a lot of summer memories through these fun activities.

Get tanned under the sun.

Pick waterproof sandals that easily dry, perfect for walking and frolicking by the beach. Bask under the sun and relax your body, mind, and feet! There are no worries of pain later when you wear orthotic sandals. Even nighttime beach parties are more enjoyable when your feet are pain-free. Dance to the music and jive to the songs; your feet are all good!

Go on walks and hikes.

Climbing and hiking mountain peaks are also best done in the sunny season as rain can make trails slippery and dangerous. Take the whole family or friend group, explore new terrains, and conquer peaks one after another. With every uphill step, you are sure you won’t end up with blistered feet because you have the best hiking sandals. Your sandals aren’t only made for hiking; they are also designed to keep you comfortable after the hike too. You are protected during the hike, and you won’t feel much foot strain after.

Nail outfits of the day.

Take out the flowy dresses, puffed sleeves, tank tops, skirts, and overalls. Men’s button-down shirts, shorts and jeans, and sports coats and suits are also timely attire to wear for summer to beat the heat. Let the sun touch your skin, and the wind blow through your clothes and keep you cool. Match these outfits of the day with sandals that are fashionable and comfortable. Aside from perfecting your summer attire, they also ensure that your feet can breathe and are free from any foot problems mentioned above. 

Final Thoughts

As the weather starts to heat up, many of us are looking for new summer footwear that ticks all the summertime boxes. Summer is the perfect season to take out your orthopedic sandals and enjoy some activities free from pain. These shoes offer cushion and arch support and a big toe separator to help with foot problems like plantar fasciitis, bunions, metatarsalgia, corns, and blisters. You can wear these sandals while getting tanned under the sun, going on walks or hikes, or simply dressing up your outfits for the day. With their comfortable design, you'll have no trouble enjoying all that summer has to offer!

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