Comfort for Miles: Five Choices Of Metatarsal Pads For Runners That Go The Distance
5 min read
September 27, 2021

Comfort for Miles: Five Choices Of Metatarsal Pads For Runners That Go The Distance

5 min read
September 27, 2021

Running is a test of endurance, both physical and mental. On the physical aspect of running, what takes the most physical beating is the body part closest to the ground, and that's your feet. The pain is often felt on your metatarsal area due to the repetitive impact on the balls of your feet that eventually spreads to the rest of your feet. 

Metatarsal pads for runners play a huge role in alleviating running-related foot pain. This product lets you run longer and faster. It also lets you feel one of the best feelings in the world— the feeling of not feeling any pain as soon as you take off your running shoes. So, if you're not familiar with metatarsal pads yet, here's what you need to know.

What Are Metatarsal Pads?

Metatarsal pads are silicone paddings placed under your foot to provide protection to the bones of your foot. The pads absorb the residual impact from the ground and prevent it from reaching your metatarsals, as these impacts can cause pain and discomfort to your feet. In addition, it also prevents any superficial damages to your skin, such as calluses or blisters, so you can enjoy moving about with natural ease.

Where To Place Metatarsal Pads

There are two ways in which metatarsal pads can be worn. The methods vary based on how the metatarsal pads are created, but here are several familiar approaches.

The most common design of metatarsal pads is called semi-sock or slip-on pads. You will have to wear it on your feet, and once your foot is inside the semi-sock padding, the placement will be set for you.

On the other hand, there are metatarsal pads attached to the footwear's insoles that are designed to be used along with your shoe insoles and need placement consideration. As a practice, you have to place the pads in the soles of your shoe where the padding is pressing behind where the ball of your big toe lies.

Top Recommendations for the Best Metatarsal Pads


Pnrskter is a brand that specializes in giving relief to the hands and toes of active people. They produce blister bandages, heel cups, and finger protectors that provide comfort by reducing pain caused by everyday activities.

Pnrskter's metatarsal pads are one of the most popular products that Pnrskter offers, and for a good reason. The design has the look of comfort, and it provides it consistently, too.

Quick Features:

  • Made of top-grade gel that's durable and high quality
  • Honeycomb pattern on the foot's sole area for comfort and breathability
  • Helps relieve symptomatic foot illnesses such as Morton's neuroma and metatarsalgia pain
  • The slip-in design can be used even with your shoes on
  • Vitamin E enriched pads to prevent skin allergies or blisters


  • Flexible material that provides instant relief
  • It is very effective when it comes to preventing blisters


  • The gel material can be torn when subject to vigorous physical activity


If you are looking for a mix of fabric and gel materials on your pads metatarsal pain, go for the one made by Satinior. The combination of the two provides the utmost stability and comfort for your toes. The fabric keeps the gel material from slipping and does an amazing job at absorbing high-impact foot contact.

Quick Features:

  • The metatarsal is composed of a fabric sleeve with a gel material
  • The breathable fabric allows the air circulation that prevents sweating
  • The pad is designed like half of a sock that gives a tight yet comfy fit
  • It gives a good weight and shock absorption during prolonged standing position
  • Washable and reusable


  • The fabric material is stable and doesn't easily tear
  • Focuses the pain alleviation on the balls of your feet


  • The fabric can take time to dry out when washed

Nature-Univ Tech

Nature-Unive Tech's metatarsal pads are what you should buy if you have a high foot arch. The pads are designed to deliver comfort and balance for active people with high-arched feet.

Quick Features:

  • Nature-Unive Tech is made out of stretchable fabric and soft silicone padding
  • The semi-sock fabric is elastic and resists wear and tear for long use
  • The padding is spread out on the entire sole area to provide an even pain relief
  • Design is suitable for both sexes and can fit any foot size
  • It can be washed with just soap and water


  • adaptable to any foot size and can provide a tight fit
  • The fabric is thin but flexible and can fit snugly inside a shoe without discomfort 


  • The fabric material has a breaking-in period as it starts off with a very tight fit


The Brison metatarsal pads are something you can buy if you're used to wearing heels or slip-on footwear. The light and minimal design fit well with these kinds of footwear as it doesn't bulge out. It's the perfect pad for women.

Quick Features:

  • Brison's metatarsal pads are made of gel material
  • The toe separator bridge is integrated in the design to prevent toe overlaps
  • The metatarsal pads are sleek and minimal and maximizes range of motion
  • The insoles have small hole patterns for breathability and comfort


  • The thin design makes these pads comfortable to use along with any kind of footwear
  • The addition of toe separators gives it additional medical foot treatment purposes 


  • Because of the thin material, the toe separator bridge is prone to tear


The PrettSole metatarsal pads cover a lot of surface area. Buy this if you're experiencing significant pain on your insoles because the padding reaches down to your foot's instep. This type of metatarsal pad is great for athletes and sports people who put their feet through high-impact activities.

Quick Features:

  • PrettSole has an adhesive at the back that can stick to the footwear's insoles
  • The material of the pads are made of silicone gel with a cloth surface
  • It has non-slip forefoot support that prevents it from slipping back to the heel
  • Small dots on the surface of the padding gives a therapeutic massage feature


  • The pads don't need to be worn 
  • The pad extends down the foot's instep for extensive relief


  • The insole adhesive may fade over time or after several washes

Our Pick: PrettSole Metatarsal Pads

The PrettSole pads fit our criteria of good metatarsal pads for runners. This padding takes into consideration that runners wear socks along with their running shoes. That's why it's designed to be attached to the insoles to give runners the comfort necessary for running. 

The broader padding provides extra pain relief function as runners tend to experience pain that creeps down to the instep or the foot's arch. Providing cushion to this area makes a lot of difference for runners to ensure they're given the comfort they need to go further.

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