Effective Compression for Healthy Feet: A Paplus Mens Black Ankle Socks Review
4 min read
August 4, 2022

Effective Compression for Healthy Feet: A Paplus Mens Black Ankle Socks Review

4 min read
August 4, 2022

How long did you think about which pair of socks to buy? Like most of us, you probably took the cheapest pair on the shelf. But while your wallet may thank you for it, your feet won't. Many people neglect buying comfortable socks, resulting in bad foot hygiene and severe podiatric health.

But you most likely want to know the best socks to purchase. We tested different low-cut socks and ended up with a lone strong contender. You can sport these socks with all sorts of shoes while achieving better foot health. 

Read on to know more about these men's black ankle socks and see if they're a good fit for you and your needs.

Introducing the Paplus Men's Black Compression Socks

What to expect:

  • Available on Amazon for $15.99
  • Comes in different colors, suitable for various settings
  • Hugs your foot and helps blood circulation with its compression
  • Feels comfortable with its soft and breathable material
  • Can be paired with any footwear for everyday wear and style
  • Comes in multiple sizing options for you to find your perfect fit

PRO: Breathable Material

The most common complaint you hear from people who often wear socks is how hot socks make their feet feel. Some socks are too warm to wear, while others can even make the foot sweat. The combination of sweat and warm temperatures makes it easy for bacteria to take hold. 

When bacteria thrive, foot ailments can occur. Good thing the Paplus Men's Black Compression Socks are made of breathable material so your feet get excellent cooling as air can pass through the material. 

Aside from being breathable, the socks also don't absorb moisture, so you can confidently go about your day without worrying about sweat and odor-producing bacteria.

PRO: Healthy Compression

Standing for long periods can develop foot ailments. You may experience foot problems, including varicose veins, swelling of the feet and legs, neck stiffness, and back pain. Many of these ailments can be resolved by healthy blood circulation. 

Aside from regularly doing foot and leg exercises, you can wear compression socks to support blood flow. The Paplus Men's Black Compression Socks will embrace your feet and deliver pressure in different areas of your foot. 

These compression socks deliver 15-20 mmHg of compression, which can help you recover from various foot problems. For instance, this mild compression can prevent swelling of your feet and legs, thrombosis or blood clotting, and varicose veins.  

CON: Poor Construction

Socks should be able to withstand the immense pressure and impacts of your daily activities. Even more so if you enjoy physically demanding activities. 

Unfortunately, the Paplus compression socks lose their durability after a few washes. Other users seem to get the impression that these socks weren't meant to last for a long time.

CON: Too Tight

The compression of these Paplus socks can be too tight around the toes. You can remedy this problem by stretching the toe part of the sock. If these socks are on your checkout basket, remember that you may have to do this extra step after the purchase. 

Otherwise, cramming toes together due to tight socks or shoes can result in bunions.


With over 45,000 reviews on Amazon, the Paplus Men's Black Compression Socks received mostly positive reviews. Many users enjoy how breathable the socks feel despite the considerable thickness of the material. 

However, a handful of reviews report poor durability after using the socks for a couple of weeks. If you are looking for the best men's black medical compression socks, you may want to check alternative socks instead.

Overall, these socks offer a compelling value despite their shortcomings.

How to Take Care of Your Socks

Despite your socks being made of durable synthetic materials, they still need some care. You should exert some effort to ensure they last for a long time. Here are simple things you can do to keep your socks clean and fit for use.

Wear Them Regularly

Socks are meant to be worn. Don't let them gather dust inside your sock drawer. You have to wear them frequently to break them in and stretch to the size of your foot. 

Wash Them After Every Use

Your socks will be soaked in sweat after a full day of use. Moist and bacteria are a bad combination that will invite infection and foot problems. After using them, chuck them inside the washing machine and let it do its job.

Gentle Cycle Is Preferred

Once you put your socks in the washing machine, don't agitate them too much, especially if they're made of fabrics like merino wool and cotton. It's a good piece of advice to use the gentle cycle setting rather than the stronger ones. 

Don't Use Bleach

If your socks have accent colors (like on many crew socks), using bleach will wash those colors away. Your socks will look older sooner because of the faded colors. For instance, men's black and white compression socks with a striped pattern may lose their zebra-like pattern after washing with bleach.

Final Thoughts

You can enjoy comfort and better podiatric health by preventing foot problems from arising with a small yet very effective change in your wardrobe. Wear compression socks so it regulates and improves blood circulation in your legs and feet.

Improved blood flow averts foot fatigue and foot aches. People with jobs who stand for too long have plenty to gain from wearing compression socks. Try Paplus Men's Black Ankle Socks and feel all the difference from your other socks.Complement your compression socks with other podiatric products to keep your feet healthy. Check out our feet section here for related product reviews. Go explore our site for more foot help.

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