Your Indispensable Guide to Metatarsal Arch Support
4 min read
December 2, 2021

Your Indispensable Guide to Metatarsal Arch Support

4 min read
December 2, 2021

Walking is a natural activity that we all do every day. Unfortunately, it can be hard on our feet. When you wear shoes with too little support, the weight of your body will rest more heavily on the balls of your feet and put pressure on them as they bear the brunt of your steps. Pressure and tiredness can lead to foot pain and discomfort, requiring professional help if it becomes chronic or intense enough to interfere with daily life. 

Luckily, many different metatarsal arch support products are available for purchase in stores and at doctor's offices alike! In this article, we'll discuss what is a metatarsal support tool, and what you should look out for in one. 

Why Do I Need Metatarsal Support

The metatarsals are a group of five bones located in your foot. These bones are the ones that help us keep upright every time we take a step. We may not notice, but these bones are frequently used because walking is a daily part of our lives. 

When our feet start to hurt, that's the only time we start to notice. As a result, metatarsal support is often overlooked, but it can be beneficial. Here are some reasons why you should invest in a metatarsal support product for your feet. 

Enhances foot comfort 

Some of our daily shoes are not designed for comfort. Modern shoes are built for aesthetic purposes. High heels with high arches and pointed toes can position our feet in unnatural positions, making our feet painful, especially when standing all day. 

Metatarsal pads can ease the pain in your feet. These are soft cushions that add extra comfort to your feet. These arch supports are perfect for shoes with thin insoles. They keep your arch in the proper position while absorbing the shock from your every step. 

Spreads your metatarsal head

Some people are born with narrow toes. As you grow older, your bones grow longer, but by wearing tight shoes, your feet can deform. In addition, when your bones are too closely set together, it can cause pain and eventually chronic illnesses. The pain is due to the veins and nerves that surround your metatarsal bones. 

Metatarsal arch support can spread your bones into a natural position to promote good blood circulation and create more space for your nerves for better foot comfort. 

Helps straighten your toes 

Crooked toes such as hammertoes, claw toes, and mallet toes are developed by using unconventional footwear. These deformations can affect your stance and weaken your steps. Fortunately, metatarsal supports can realign your bones and straighten them.

The Best Metatarsal Support In The Market: Dr. Frederick’s Original Metatarsal Pads Plus 

Below is the most recommended metatarsal support available in the market. Let's look at Dr. Frederick's Original Metatarsal Pads and know why they are the perfect fit for you. 

The most comfortable pads ever

You will never look for other pads again when you experience Dr. Frederick's metatarsal support. These have 25% more cushioning power compared to other brands. In addition, many of the users of this metatarsal support claim that it provides instant pain relief for their heel pain and the pain at the balls of their feet.

One size fits all

Other brands offer different sizes for their metatarsal pads, but there is no standard size measurement for your metatarsals. It is like shooting for the stars when choosing the correct size, and using the correct one matters. The wrong size will affect the performance of the pads and it may cause more discomfort. 

Dr. Frederick's Metatarsal Support Pads are stretchy and designed to fit any toe size. It also has a toe loop, so it stays on and gives you comfort even after a long day of walking and standing.

Removes pressure points

It’s shocking how even the little crannies of our body can cause so much pain and discomfort when triggered. Especially on the foot where you cannot see the full view, it is hard to tell where to place your weight on every step to stop it from aching. Fortunately, Dr. Frederick's Metatarsal Support Pads are extra cushioned, so they provide layers of protection on your pressure points. 

Aside from these benefits, know that these pads are a great value for money because one pack contains two pairs. In addition, they are made from silicone, so they are very durable too.

Final Thoughts

Taking care of our feet is not something we should overlook. Walking is a part of our daily lives; from going to work, doing physical activities, and running errands, our feet are always on the move. So, invest in metatarsal arch support. Don’t wait for pain and discomfort to hinder you from living your everyday life. 

Keep your feet protected and comfortable with Dr. Frederick's Metatarsal Support Pads, and there's no limit on what you can do and where you can go.

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