Reach The Pinnacle of Foot Health with Metatarsal Shoe Inserts: A Powerstep Pinnacle Plus Insoles Product Review
7 min read
September 1, 2021

Reach The Pinnacle of Foot Health with Metatarsal Shoe Inserts: A Powerstep Pinnacle Plus Insoles Product Review

7 min read
September 1, 2021

Need a little extra help with your feet? You are not alone.

Many people deal with foot pain but take steps to alleviate the problem and even live an active lifestyle! Commonly, foot and heel pain can be caused by a foot condition called metatarsalgia. It occurs when the ball of the foot becomes swollen and inflamed, causing discomfort and pain.

Metatarsal shoe inserts will give you the immediate pain relief that you need to get yourself through the day. Whether it's running around town or sprinting across the football field, these inserts provide support for any activity that involves weight bearing on your feet.

If you have flat feet, metatarsal foot pain, high arches, or other problems with your feet, it is time to consider purchasing a pair of metatarsal shoe inserts. To aid you with your search for the best pair, we reviewed the Pinnacle Plus Insoles from Powerstep for you.

So dive in and read the rest of our review to know more about metatarsalgia and metatarsal shoe inserts!

What is Metatarsalgia?

Metatarsalgia is a common foot condition that affects many people from all walks of life. So whether you are a 9-to-5 office worker who enjoys the occasional morning jog or a weekend motorbike enthusiast, your feet can develop metatarsalgia without you even noticing.

Often described as pain coming from the ball of the foot, metatarsalgia is the inflammation of the forefoot that affects and causes pain in the toes and the foot arch. Other foot problems can cause this ailment and, therefore, have different treatments.

A combination of bad podiatric habits can cause this condition. For instance, years of wearing ill-fitting shoes can gradually result in metatarsalgia. In addition, high-impact activities such as sports like tennis and basketball can strain and, in worst cases, tear the muscles of your foot.

The good news is that the pain that comes from metatarsalgia can be addressed with orthotic devices. These devices can lend support to the parts of the foot that need it the most. So you can enjoy the rest of your daily activities with little to no disruption, even with the condition.

What Is Metatarsal Support?

As mentioned above, metatarsalgia can be caused by years of wearing shoes that are too tight for your feet. In addition, deformities of the foot due to bad footwear design like small toe boxes, wrong arch support placement, and lack of metatarsal support can lead to serious foot ailments and even life-disrupting injuries.

Orthotic devices such as metatarsal pads, shoe insoles, bunion straighteners, and toe spacers can relieve the pain and discomfort brought on by metatarsalgia. Metatarsal shoe inserts, in particular, offer support in areas severely affected by inflammation, bringing comfort and cushion where it is needed the most.

What Other Foot Problems Can Metatarsal Shoe Inserts Help Address?

Shoe insoles, also known as inserts, can support the most crucial points of your foot. Most foot ailments arise due to a lack of support on the foot’s different muscles, such as the plantar fascia. Support insoles come in various sizes and materials, a combination of which can determine how comfortable and effective your insoles would be on your feet.

Besides metatarsalgia, shoe insoles can help with the following foot conditions:

  • Heel spurs: Bone on the bottom or back of the heel can grow abnormally, causing swelling and pain.
  • Bunions: The joint on the big toe can get misaligned and pushes itself against the other toes, often caused by ill-fitting shoes or genetic disposition.
  • Bursitis: Sacs develop on the heels and toes, which can have you reeling in pain.
  • Flat feet: As the name suggests, this condition occurs when one’s foot has little to no arch, which can cause discomfort.
  • Plantar fasciitis: When the plantar fascia muscle the run across your foot is strained, it can be painful to take even a single step.
  • Hammertoes: These are deformities that occur on the toes and the ball of the foot, which develop as a side effect of bunions.

Introducing The Pinnacle Plus Insole by Powerstep

Pinnacle Plus insoles by Powerstep

A well-known brand among podiatrists, Powerstep provides a wide range of orthotic products designed to lend support and comfort to people with foot ailments. Their orthotic devices feature a unique arch shape that gives reliable support to the arch of the foot, preventing problems like overpronation and supination.

The same podiatrist-designed arch is present in their Pinnacle Plus Insole, which, coupled with great metatarsal support, offers an attractive value proposition for people with metatarsalgia. A pair of these insoles can provide immediate pain relief for people suffering from different foot ailments. Besides pain relief, it keeps your feet in the ideal condition.

In this review, we will take a deep dive into what these insoles have to offer. So read on and discover the features and benefits of the Powerstep Pinnacle Plus Insole!

Specs at a Glance

  • Comfortable sole made of quality and soft fabric
  • Runs across your foot with its full-length size
  • Features a built-in metatarsal pad for pain relief
  • Sports a neutral arch height to accommodate most feet
  • Ample cushioning intended for use during demanding activities
  • Can help relieve pain from plantar fasciitis, shin splints, Achilles tendonitis, Morton’s neuroma, ball of foot pain, and metatarsalgia
  • Intended for general activities and regular daily use
  • Available in multiple sizing options for both men and women
  • Outer material made of quality leather for durability
  • Support shell inside lends semi-rigid support for the insole’s structure
  • Has a heel cradle that provides stability and comfort for the heel
  • Covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee

Built-in Metatarsal Pad

If you suffer from a bad case of metatarsalgia, you will definitely benefit from the built-in metatarsal pad that comes with a pair of Powerstep Pinnacle Plus insoles.

The met pad shifts the pressure from your metatarsal bones and the ball of your foot towards the other parts of your foot that endure less pressure. This shifting of weight leads to immediate pain relief that you can feel within minutes of wearing them.

Even those without metatarsalgia can benefit from the built-in met pad. The met pads are designed to introduce healthy forefoot positioning and alignment, which is good for your podiatric health. In addition, the met pad works with other parts of the insole to provide your foot enough support and comfort to get you through your day.

Arch Support for Everyone

People with flat feet or high arches can take advantage of the neutral arch support present in the Powerstep Pinnacle Plus insoles. Powerstep is particularly known for its unique and effective arch support design, so you know you can rely on its insoles for arch support.

Due to their anatomy, our feet are not meant for walking on completely flat surfaces. More often than not, the flat insoles of your shoes offer little to no support for the arch of your foot. This lack of ample arch support leads to mild discomfort and even pain. The worst cases can even have people’s daily activities disrupted as they reel in pain.

Powerstep’s signature arch support remedies this problem by distributing pressure from the arch evenly. In addition, the arch offers stability to your foot, making it less likely for you to lose your balance with each step.

Dual-Layer Cushioning

Shoes usually come with hard and flat insoles. These insoles could worsen your already existing foot problems. Aside from that, they are extremely uncomfortable to wear, making walking on them an unpleasant experience.

The Powerstep Pinnacle Plus insoles feature dual-layer cushioning that doubles the amount of cushion your foot can enjoy. This cushioning layer is made of premium material that can withstand pressure from your activities all day long.

The cushioning layer has a soft texture and responsive feel, which is important for athletes whose feet often endure shocks and extreme pressure. The energy return from its cushioning foam can bring a bounce back to your step. Even those with a sedentary lifestyle can benefit from the premium foam cushion as it protects their feet from muscle strains.

For All-Around Use

There are orthotic insoles meant to be used for very specific situations like sports and high-impact activities. These insoles feature a design that meets the demands of such activities, like a deep and extra-cushioned heel cup, for instance. The downside to this is that you need to have separate insoles for each pair of shoes that you might have.

The Powerstep Pinnacle Plus insoles are designed for general all-around use. You can wear them during your daily morning runs or weekend hiking trips. No matter what activities you enjoy, these insoles can get you through them. As a result, you can simply take these insoles out and insert them into another pair.


Feet come in all shapes and sizes, so it is difficult for one product to offer a single solution for everyone. One-size-fits-all solutions usually get the job done for most people, but this leaves a tiny minority out in the cold.

Common complaints about the Powerstep Pinnacle Plus insoles are misfitting met pads, arch support, and heel cradle. This problem stems from the fact that these insoles, no matter which size you pick, offer the same placement for their different parts.

Continuous use of ill-fitting insoles can lead to foot problems and aggravate already existing ones. Take advantage of Powerstep’s 30-day money-back guarantee to test these insoles out and see if they’re the right ones for you.

Final Thoughts

Rushing through your hectic and busy schedule every day can make you neglect some aspects of your health. Your feet need some attention, too, as they do the heavy lifting for the rest of your body. Strain, pressure, and impacts from your daily activities can harm your foot, leading to injuries and serious foot conditions.

Metatarsalgia is a podiatric condition where the forefoot (the ball of your foot, in particular) becomes inflamed and swollen. The metatarsal support insoles we reviewed can help relieve pain from this common ailment by keeping pressure off the affected area, as well as distributing weight evenly to reduce strain on other parts of your feet.

Suppose you suffer from plantar fasciitis or heel spurs. In that case, these shoe inserts may also provide relief for those conditions because they promote proper alignment and strengthen weakened muscles in that region.

In general, it's best to seek medical attention if any discomfort persists after using our recommended product for an extended period. However, most people find immediate relief with just one night's use!

Reach the pinnacle of foot health with the best inserts for metatarsal pain!

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