Summer Feet Adventure with Vionic Sandals For Women
5 min read
April 6, 2022

Summer Feet Adventure with Vionic Sandals For Women

5 min read
April 6, 2022

Summer is quickly approaching. This only has one meaning for most women: swimsuits, lotions, and a plethora of sunscreens are already on the go for the upcoming beach vacation.

While we are ecstatic to spend time outside and soak up some rays, most of us become prone to foot problems—and even ladies are no exception. Thus, the heat and humidity that comes from the summer weather cause undesirable foot problems.

Nonetheless, it's never too late to keep your feet healthy and comfortable this summer. One of these is selecting a good pair of footwear to suit your summer needs. Vionic sandals, as an example, are an excellent choice if you want to be relaxed and exquisite. These sandals are something that will keep your feet happy all day.

Common Foot Problems During Summer 

The sun is shining, the weather is pleasant, and nothing beats a day at the beach. However, you may become a little more uncomfortable than usual. Between the extra heat and sweat, your feet feel tired, irritated, and sore.

If it’s your first time experiencing this, we understand that there are a lot of questions going through your mind. What's the reason behind the sudden displeasure of our feet? Keep reading and understand some of the foot dilemmas you're experiencing during summer days. 


Foot swelling is unavoidable, especially during summer. This condition is true because heat causes our bodies to absorb more liquids like water. It's excruciatingly painful and challenging for most women who only want to enjoy beach activities and the pastimes that come with warmer weather.


Hotspots are regions of skin that turn red, puffy, and painful, usually surrounding your foot. Therefore, they can make even the most basic activities unbearable. While there is no cure for hotspot foot problems, there are ways to manage and keep them under control during the summer months. It can be by wearing compression socks or cushioned sandals.


You're out for a walk on the beach when you start noticing a burning sensation on the bottom of your foot. You recognize a large, reddish, and painful blister. It's commonly caused by minor hotspots that typically cause this foot deformity. If you notice such zones of your skin that are itchy or irritated, take some action right away.

Foot and Toe Fungus

Fungus problems can appear on your feet even when exposed to the sun. Although this may be a simple task, outdoor fungi can be surprisingly difficult to exterminate. Notwithstanding the difficulty of eradicating it, fungal growth promotes health risks if not prevented earlier.

Cracked Heels 

Summer months can be pretty tough on your skin, even if you're having a great time in the sand and saltwater—and our heels are on the list. As a result of improper footwear, hot conditions, or humidity, our skin cracks and becomes dry.

Sunburnt Feet

One common consequence of spending too much time in the sun is sunburn, which also happens to your feet. This foot pain occurs in most women exposed to ultraviolet rays after 15 minutes. In addition, the summer sun can lead your skin's feet to burn and might also swell later on.

Dream Summer with Vionic Women Arch Support Sandals

Don't be carried away with the summertime foot troubles you've been having. There's never a shortage of adventures with all the great things to do outside in the summer. 

Whether you're looking for a relaxing getaway or something more active and, dare we say, sweaty this warm season, comfortable footwear like Vionic sandals for women with arches are a must-wear. Consider these fun summer activities and witness how comfy sandals can make your feet away from the pain.

Enjoy an Outdoor Dinner

What great way to spend a sunny evening with delicious cuisine and much better company? Visit a nearby outdoor restaurant for a dinner bonding or date with friends and families. Amazingly, the woman's Vionic sandal with arch support can match every outfit, whether for a casual summer sandal or a dressier option for special occasions. Stylish designs that fit the fun, leisurely season let you wear anything with added confidence.

Hitting the Trails

Hiking boots can be heavy, awkward, and so tight that it causes blisters and hotspots on our finger toes. So, go for a hike in a pair of light and airy women's adventure sandals! Podiatric-friendly footwear is designed to provide heel stability and natural alignment that keep your feet comfortable throughout the day. Additionally, biomechanical footbeds offer an excellent choice for people who suffer foot pains like metatarsalgia or plantar fasciitis.


These sandals are perfect for a day of shopping at the mall or strolling along the boardwalk. Its EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) outsole and textured footbed prevent slipping and sliding, so you can keep your focus on finding the best summer deals.

Water Sports

If you love to surf or stand up paddleboards, you'll need some water-friendly items for your feet. Luckily, this orthopedic footwear is also made from durable waterproof materials to withstand even your most active water sports adventures. Moreover, its built-in arch support and soft leather straps are a great relief to keep your feet happy and avoid cracked heels even when you've been standing all day long on the boat.

Tourist Attractions

While you may not want to trek through an entire forest wearing Vionic sandals, this comfy pair is perfect for walking around tourist attractions like amusement parks or aquariums. They're comfortable and stylish enough to match your favorite summer dresses.

Riding Bikes

Bike riding is fun for all ages—learn to ride as a kid or take up mountain biking as an adult. You can bike around town with friends on weekends or plan a road trip to see the countryside on two wheels. But little do you know that biking is also a great way to get exercise, and when you add comfortable sandals to the mix, it can be even better. 


Sandals may appear to be unsuitable for sports like volleyball or tennis at first sight. But when you're at the beach, it can help you avert your foot condition like bunions while beating the heat in style. These are also a great alternative to shoes because they still offer the foot support you need without weighing you down. Furthermore, there's no need to be concerned about your flat feet becoming sunburned in the sun.

Camping Trip

Vionic shoes provide the appropriate shoes for a camping excursion in the great outdoors. Their waterproof styles are ideal for hiking in the woods and canoeing or kayaking along a lake or river. And when it's time to relax by the campfire, you'll be glad you have cozy flip-flops and slides to slip into at night.

At Ease, at Peace: Don’t Let Your Feet Suffer Through the Heat

Feet are often an afterthought, but they shouldn't be. Especially during the summer, when so many fun activities await us, our feet should be comfortable and supported. So this summer, don't let your feet suffer through the heat. Instead, get a good pair of sandals and be on your way to having feet that feel as cool and comfortable as can be.
If you're looking for more tips on how to take care of your feet during the summer months, be sure to browse our collection of reviews for foot care items. Get that summer filled with memorable experiences!

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