The Zentoes Metatarsal Gel Pad Will Make You Feel Like a New Person
4 min read
April 25, 2022

The Zentoes Metatarsal Gel Pad Will Make You Feel Like a New Person

4 min read
April 25, 2022

Foot ailments can be part of who you are. It's a sad reality, especially if the pain caused by the foot condition has been with you for most of your life. It can dictate the way you live your life, restricting your full potential. 

Foot pain makes you the person who can't play tennis on a sunny weekend. It makes you that one person who can't join an after-work hangout because your ailing foot won't let you. It sucks when your decision has to revolve around pain, and you’re forced to let go of fun activities you’d enjoy on a good pain-free day.

This isn't who you are. And you don't want to be this person. So if you're ready to take control and become a brand new person in and out, free of foot pain, then Zentoes will help you get rid of it.

sand-colored metatarsal gel pad fabric from Zentoes

Features of the Zentoes Metatarsal Pads 

From a brand name that's heard by many, the Zentoes metatarsal pads have garnered attention from those looking for a foot pain relief solution. Most of them feel like they were given a new life with great footing. So here's what's under the hood of this superior product.

Superior metatarsal cushion

Medical grade and hypoallergenic gel padding are underneath the fabric that makes Zentoes pads superior. The metatarsal pads ball of foot cushions brings the right amount of thickness and breadth that, when worn, gives your feet the comfort and alignment it needs to reduce and relieve pain.


Getting the right size can be a challenge if you're unable to try it on. Good thing Zentoes pads are made out of stretchable fabric. This makes the pads flexible for size, so even if you miscalculated on the proper sizing, you'd get an allowance.

Friction- resistant

Another cause of pain can be blisters and minor abrasions caused by friction. As your skin rubs on a sock or the inside of the shoe and brushes on the fabric, the skin scars mildly and progresses. To solve this problem, Zentoes designed its fabric material to be smooth and comfortable enough to resist friction. Wearing one will not cause you any scarring or pain—it will even protect you from it.

Multiple Pieces

When you get the metatarsal pads from Zentoes, you'll get a package with four pieces. That's two pairs of pads, and one pair is used for reserve.

This serves as insurance. In the event you misplace or damage your metatarsal paddings, you won't have a lull wherein you'll feel pain as you wait for the new padding to be delivered. Just pull out another one from the pack, put it on, and you're back.

In addition, having a spare makes it easier to wash and air dry your fabric metatarsal paddings. You can pop the spare on and use it. Then, keep the clean one for when it's time to wash the spare.


Having additional pad pieces doesn't always mean you have to throw away the other one after using it. The four gel pads you get when you purchase a pack are made to be washable and can be reused.

This means you don't have to buy gel pads frequently. This is a big saving on your part. And since it's washable, you can rub it clean using only your hands, soap, and water as soon as you have soiled it.

On the flip side, be wary of tossing these pads in the laundry machine. We only recommend hand washing them so you can preserve their shape.

metatarsal gel pad - A person wearing high cut boots and jeans walking on a dirt road

What Zentoes Metatarsal Foot Pads Has Done to People's Lives 

Give instant relief

Among users who suffer pain due to rheumatoid arthritis and post-surgery pain, they found that wearing Zentoes foot pads gives them instant pain relief. They were able to walk around again with little to no foot pain.

Regain an outdoorsy lifestyle

One of the positive effects of Zentoes foot pads is it helps those who used to be outdoorsy people come back into doing what they love. Those who do sports such as golf or tennis have regained their passion for the activity. And those who are forced to lounge indoors have returned to recreational walking. All because Zentoes footpads helped them regain it.

Advice for Those Who Will Get the Zentoes Foot Gel Pads

Be particular with the sizing

It's best to choose to take your time and choose the right size. Having the wrong one can be a problem in the long run.

If the sizing is too large, the paddings may move around the soles of your feet, and you want it to stay in place for maximum benefit. On the other hand, having it in a smaller size may make it difficult to fit, and you may end up not using it. So, take time to wrap that tape measure around your foot, note down the measurement, and compare it to the Zentoes' size chart. 

Fabric material

Zentoes' metatarsal sleeves are intended to feel light because they aid movement and can be worn along with your shoes. That said, the materials used to manufacture the product are also made of light materials. The fabric, in particular, must be thin to fit in any footwear.

Putting the metatarsal pads in the washer may damage it. So to maintain its usefulness, wash it gently with your hands. This preserves its form. With proper handwashing care, it will not shrink or loosen up.

Renew Your Old Self With Zentoes Metatarsal Gel Pad

The most important contribution Zentoes can make in your life is to remove the pain. And they do this by providing you with a product that eases your forefoot and brings you lightness and comfort. So go ahead and decide to take that stroll, swing that golf club, or polish your backhand swing. Zentoes has got your old self. It's waiting for you to decide to bring it back anew.

If you liked Zentoes and its power to help make you feel like a new person, consider checking out more brands like it when you explore our website. We've got detailed and updated reviews of various brands and products similar to this one. So go ahead and expand your foot care knowledge today.

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