Top 5 Foot Alignment Socks for Bunions and Hammertoes

October 1, 2021
socks for bunions and hammertoes

Humans stand for hours every day, whether for work or when doing daily tasks. This amount of standing does a number on our feet—workers in retail, the service industry, and athletes are more likely to suffer from feet-related injuries later in life because they spend their days propped up on their feet.

The thing with foot injuries is that you don’t notice them unless they start hurting. When you do notice them, you can’t stop worrying about the pain. Good thing there are remedies for foot injuries available in the market now. Bunions and hammertoes are two conditions that manufacturers created remedies for because of the sheer number of people who suffer from them. Most of the time, these two occur on the same foot. To address both problems, socks for bunions and hammertoes were created. We have compiled a list of these wonderful socks to help you out.

Happy Feet Original Toe Alignment Socks

Most foot problems start because of toe misalignment from their natural position. Painful bunions and hammertoes are among them. These can happen through a number of factors like tight shoes and constant pressure on the balls of the feet.

One remedy for the pain and deformation of the toes is repositioning the parts of the feet back to their natural place. Since the toes are the most affected area in bunions and hammertoes, a good tip is using bunion toe socks that keep your toes apart.

The Happy Feet Original Foot Alignment Socks are the perfect remedy to ease your foot pain and keep your feet comfortable even in winter. These are made primarily of cotton and are available in three sizes.

OS1st BR4 Bunion Relief Socks

The OS1st Bunion Relief Toe Socks can be worn inside shoes! That is the greatest advantage of this product. The moisture-wicking material it’s made of means you can still do your usual activities without worrying about the friction that can worsen your bunions.

These socks also separate your big toe from your other toes and have an additional bunion pad to keep you comfortable even inside your shoes.

NatraCure Cold Therapy Socks

If you want to ease your pain while relaxing at home, the NatraCure Bunion Socks are the best option for you. Bunion pain can actually intensify when you apply heat, so the best remedy is cold socks.

The NatraCure socks come with reusable gel packs you can freeze and insert in pockets on the heel and sole. If you want to increase the relief, you can buy compression socks for bunions and hammertoes that come with a compression band across your feet, and wear them together.

Sockwell Women’s Bunion Crew Relief Sock

According to studies, women are more likely to develop bunions later in life. That might be due to the heeled shoes many women wear to work.

In response, Sockwell created the bunion crew relief socks for women. These socks are made with wool and spandex to compress the foot comfortably. These also have a toe spacer and pads to cushion the toes when walking or doing other activities.

The best feature for these Sockwell socks is that it protects the toes from overlapping with each other, which is the common cause of hammertoes. You can wear these socks all day because they are not too bulky to fit in your shoes.

OrthoSleeve Bunion Relief Socks

Lastly, we recommend the OrthoSleeve Bunion Relief Socks. These are socks you can wear when exercising. They have a non-binding fit, so you can be more comfortable doing strenuous activities on your feet.

The OrthoSleeve socks are made using nylon and spandex. Both materials have moisture-wicking properties to reduce the friction caused by sweat rubbing against the inside of your shoes.

Additionally, this pair of socks have bunion pads and toe separators to help keep your feet aligned while reducing bunion pain in the process. So if you have bunions but an active lifestyle, these socks are definitely for you!

Which Are The Best Bunion Corrector Socks?

Well, it depends on the lifestyle you have. If you work or exercise on your feet all day, and the pain of bunions and hammertoes is holding you back, we suggest wearing the OrthoSleeve Toe Separator Socks when you are out and about.

The material of the OrthoSleeve socks is great for keeping your feet dry and comfortable inside your shoes, even when you run around all day. Since you’ll be active, you won’t need too much compression on your feet. What you’ll need is a well-fitting pair of socks that doesn’t suffocate your feet.

If you are working from home or have a job that lets you sit down, we recommend the NatraCure Cold Therapy Socks. These socks are great for your downtime and when you are not using your feet too much.

These give you the maximum comfort because it minimizes heat from your feet that can trigger bunion pain. Your muscles become relaxed from the cold treatment too.

In the end, you should choose the best remedy for your bunions and hammertoes for the kind of activities you do. These are all great options that you can try, so let us know what works for you!

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