Get the Foot Pain Relief You Need: 3 Best Bunion Protectors

April 7, 2021
bunion protector

Bunions are painful bumps that grow at the base of your big toe. Feet are necessary for moving around in daily life, a source of daily life so it’s extremely troublesome to have a bunion. Bunions interfere with every foot movement you make, restricting your movement and ability to comfortably wear shoes. 

We might not always have enough time and money for surgery. This is where over-the-counter treatments, such as bunion protectors, come in handy for quick use and pain relief. 

Bunion protectors are flexible, gel-based solutions that are made to relieve bunion pain. They reduce the friction between the bump and your footwear to prevent further damage. 

The market offers various bunion protectors for shoes, and it might not be clear which you should pick if you’re new to this item. We’ll look into the best bunion protectors in the market to help you decide which one is worth the purchase. Here’s a quick guide to get you started.

Best Bunion Protectors to Relieve Your Pain


ZenToes is a Wisconsin-based company that sells hand and foot care products. These products include bunion pads, toe separators, finger buddy wraps, ankle pads, metatarsal pads, blister bandages, arch support inserts, and more.

The brand started with ZenToes’ founder Sarah Park’s story. According to the company, a family member once had a hard time looking for bunion products that were affordable and effective. Because of this, they decided to start a business and are now one of the most recommended bunion care brands by health experts. 

Some of the brand’s top qualities include:

Excellent Packaging With a Purpose

ZenToes take pride in their lively packaging design. Specifically, it’s their logo that brings colors to the package. With this design, ZenToes expresses their passion for an active lifestyle. While the design is minimal, it’s enough to match its message to its customers.

What’s more, they created a design with a purpose. This woman-owned business has an incredible team of individuals who work for Opportunities, Inc., a community rehab program based in Wisconsin. It is a competitive advantage because not only do customers get pain relief from their foot pain, but they also give back with support to the community. 

Affordable pricing

Compared to most brands, ZenToes come at affordable costs. Since cost is one reason why Sarah built the company, reasonable pricing is expected. The gel materials used in their products are heavy-duty, so you don’t have to worry about spending for a replacement after a short period. 

Soft and Durable Materials

ZenToes bunion protectors are made with a very soft and long-lasting cushioning medical-grade gel. They are comfortable so that you can wear them all day without any issues with discomfort or pain. Take a look at one of their products, the Bunion Protector with Attached Toe Separator. 

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ZenToes bunion protectors are cost-saving because they’re reusable. You can wash the protectors thoroughly and use them again the next day. 

What are the cons? ZenToes products might be bulky for some shoe sizes, and its stickiness might cause a little pain when peeling the adhesive off. 

Dr. Frederick’s Original

Dr. Frederick’s Original provides solutions for body injuries from top to toe. The founder of the company, Dr. Ben Frederick, trained as a radiologist and shifted his focus to creating products that help address common medical problems of the back, feet, hands, and hemorrhoids. 

One of his best sellers under the bunion protector category is Dr. Frederick’s Original Bunion Corrector Kit. 

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The top qualities of Dr. Frederick’s bunion corrector kit are:

Flexible Options for Various Activities

The product is a set of 14 combining toe separators, shield spacers, and gel separators for maximum bunion protection. The good thing about this kit is that you can use it for different activities or footwear. Although the kit has different styles, the common goal is to straighten the big toe to fix the bunion’s position. Another is to provide adequate pain relief. 

Soft and Flexible Gel

Like most bunion protection products, Dr. Frederick’s Original protectors are carefully made from a soft and comfortable gel material for pain relief. The gel has almost no pressure and provides no discomfort while it realigns your foot to a proper position. 

Informative About Effectivity

Dr. Frederick’s products provide precise information on what you can expect upon purchasing their items. Here are some essential details about the bunion kit:

  • Low profile bunion protector cushion
  • Low to moderate activity levels
  • A suggested lifespan of days up to weeks
  • Shields your bunion and realigns the toe
  • Provides symptomatic relief for a bunion, toe rubbing, Hallux valgus, corns, and calluses
  • Best worn with socks


Similar to the previous brand, the items in Dr. Frederick’s kit are washable and reusable for daily use.

What are the cons? The correctors might not perfectly fit a bigger foot size, and it is not as durable as ZenToes.


NatraCure is a US-based brand that provides health and wellness solutions for natural therapy and an active lifestyle. Some of these products include pain relief and therapeutic tools for various body parts, such as the hands, feet, knees, skin, back, and more. NatraCure is quite prominent in the industry for its unique designs; the designs are APMA accepted (American Podiatric Medical Association), and recommended by health experts.


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Let’s look at the NatraCure Gel Big Toe Bunion and Guard, one of their top-selling products. 

Unique Design for a Specific Purpose

The unique design of this item is made to reduce friction caused by your shoe rubbing against the big toe. This provides extreme comfort and pain relief.

Material with Great Quality

Another competitive advantage of this brand is its materials. They are made of soothing SmartGel, a formula with medical-grade vitamins, aloe vera, shea butter, and mineral oil. These ingredients’ friction prevention power is greater than the products made from silicone gel. 

Affordable Cost

NatraCure also comes with affordable pricing when compared to other bunion care brands. While most brands amount to $10 and above, NatraCure’s pricing ranges from $7 to $9 only.

What are the cons? For some, these protectors can be tight-fitting. There are also a few reports of people finding the material thin. 


Bunion pain can restrict you in your daily activities. Depending on the severity of your condition, even simple tasks can be difficult to accomplish.While bunions are best handled through surgery, it is not easy or cheap to undergo. A bunion protector serves as your instant, daily life hero. It provides quick pain relief and comes at affordable prices—we can say that it’s worth a shot! Try our picks and take a pain-free step today!

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