Extra Mile Performance: The G8 Pro Performance Cycling Shoe Insoles That Get You Farther

August 26, 2021
cycling shoe insoles

Cycling is a competitive sport, and cyclists are always in competition. On certain occasions, they compete with others, but often they compete with themselves. Like all athletes, the goal is always to beat their personal bests.

This applies perfectly to long-distance cyclists. Roadies pedal farther and push themselves to the brink of their capacities to go the extra mile. But the body isn't a machine. To perform at its best, it needs support, and insoles are tools that cyclists can use without feeling guilty about it.

What Insoles Can Do for Cyclists

Riding bikes for long distances is a test of endurance. It is meant to challenge the racing machine and the rider's body, pushing you to the limit. Inevitably, an athlete will experience pain and discomfort at some point during the long-distance race. To last longer or pedal harder, they have to manage it and even prevent pain from occurring early in the race, if at all.

Insoles serve as a tool that helps cyclists perform better. And if you're a cyclist who experiences the following things listed below, you'll have to consider wearing one.

  • Too much foot pressure
  • Pain on the balls of your foot
  • Unable to maintain a steady pedaling pace
  • Pain on your ankles and back
  • Riding imbalance due to the wrong posture
  • Numb feet

A wrong choice of cycling footwear can cause these things. If you're always choosing a tight-fit shoe, you can suffer from Morton's neuroma. We understand that wearing a loose-fit shoe can interrupt your pedaling efficiency. You don't want your feet to bob in and out of the shoe while you pedal. An insole gives you the option to choose a slightly loose-fitting shoe that's still comfortable because you can always insert the insole for a better fit.

Deciding to wear insoles is a significant move, but choosing the right one is even more important. An insole that does only half the job betrays you of your capabilities to perform at your best. So in choosing an insole, it's best to go with something that can adjust to your needs.

In Focus: G8 Performance Pro Series 2620 Cycling Shoe Insoles

The G8 Performance insole is a popular custom insole brand that always makes it to the top of experienced cyclists' recommendations. It has proven its ability to work with long-distance roadies to ensure their foot is kept on top performance for long periods. We're focusing on this superior brand, so you get to know more about what makes it special. Here are just some of its amazing features.

Lightweight and thin

The thin forefoot of this cycling insole makes it highly adaptable to any shoe. Cyclists often select a shoe that fits just right on their feet for pedal efficiency and comfort. Unfortunately, this leaves very little room for additional support insoles because the shoe fits too tight. So, cyclists often have to tradeoff shoe fit and comfort. The G8 Performance Series 2620 fits a tight shoe without making cyclists uncomfortable. They get the benefits of wearing perfectly-fit cycling shoes and the optimum support of the insole.


Over-the-counter (OTC) insoles are mostly designed to have a fixed configuration. If you buy one, you have to ensure it coincides with your foot arch's support requirement. Buying fixed OTC insoles also tend to have an identical design on both feet. The problem is, each foot doesn't necessarily have the same arch support requirement, so you'll end up getting only partial benefit from it.

The G8 Performance Pro Series 2620's Archtech insole technology has 11 customizable position options for arch support with five arch height levels ranging from 18mm up to 34mm. This gives both your feet the necessary arch height and position needed for optimum pedaling efficiency and comfort. If you're not wearing cycling shoes for plantar fasciitis, the G8 will more than compensate.

Built-in metatarsal pad

The metatarsal pad is a nice feature addition to the G8, especially for cyclists who pedal long distances. The build-up of pressure on the forefoot during prolonged pedaling can cause metatarsalgia, a condition that causes pain on the joint of your toes.

The G89 Performance Pro's metatarsal pad helps even out the arch on your forefoot. It also distributes your foot's fat pads down to the balls of your toes to protect it against any impact. Finally, the metatarsal pad just feels really good under your foot because it fills the gap with a cushion that lets your arches rest easily.

Airflow chambers

Comfort is one of the most important aspects that sums up the best insole for cycling shoes. Otherwise, it will be difficult to wear them for long periods. Insoles that don't accommodate adequate space for air circulation will eventually cause the feet to sweat. And if you're a cyclist that rides long distances, your feet will sweat from this cardio activity. With sweat comes the growth of bacteria, which can lead to foot and shoe odors or even foot disease.

Airflow chambers are like open windows of your house. It circulates the airflow inside, making you feel like the house is a little larger than it should. That's because you feel light and can breathe easily. That goes the same for your foot, and the airflow chambers are like windows that make your feet feel comfortable and spacious inside. At the same time, it's keeping your feet healthy, fresh, and comfortable.

Things We Love About the G8 Performance Pro Series 2620

  • Adjustable - The arch height and position can be easily adjusted to fit your needs. You can lay down all the five arch configurations in rows and stand on your feet as you try to insert them in your arches. You can choose the one that fits snuggly on the arch and just pop it in on the G8 insoles.
  • The insole provides you with a narrow heel cast made of plastic that keeps the back of your foot planted in place for the stability of movement when walking, running, or cycling. This prevents any pronation because it also keeps the ankle in an optimum position.
  • Customizable for each foot - The G8 insole can be adjusted to customize each foot's arch height and depth, making sure it supports your feet accordingly.

What We Hope to See as Improvements to the GB Performance Series

The thin layer of the G8 cycling insoles is a little flimsy on the arch area—particularly the adjustable arch. It isn't hard enough that you can feel the arches bending along with your feet when you step on your feet. It could be better if they can make it strong enough, so it holds firmly when your foot hits the ground and mimics the feeling of getting a custom carbon fiber insole. The G8's thinness coupled with firm strength will make this a champion insole for any long-distance or hardcore cyclist.

Going the Extra Mile in Cycling Performance

Cycling long distances involve two things: the bike and the rider. To ensure your bike performs above your expectations, you have to modify its parts to a point where it becomes lightweight, durable, nimble, and fast. But a machine can only be modified so much. In the end, it all depends on the rider's ability and skill.

Cyclists are the ones in control of their performance on the road. So, it's only fair for them to get certain enhancements to ensure they deliver their best performance. Customizable insoles are great performance enhancers—they alleviate a lot of the discomforts that bikers often face when riding long distances. While any insoles made for cyclists can enhance a rider's performance, the G8 Performance insole is one that goes the extra mile so that you can, too.

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