Healing Gems: YogaToes Hammer Toe Separators Review

July 23, 2021
Blue Gems

There are so many toe separators out there that look the same, and if you’re like us, you’ll quickly fall into the idea that this identical appearance all yield the same results, so you don’t bother. You either get anything that fits your budget, or you get paralyzed with the choices and abandon them altogether.

That’s why we’re putting a focus on one of YogaToes’ hammer toe separators: The YogaToes Gems. Not only did they make an effort to stand out with design, they also kept features that have been working for toes, and improved on certain aspects.

In Focus: The YogaToes GEMS Hammer Toe Stretcher

As the brand name implies, the YogaToes is like a yoga exercise specifically for your foot. This brand promises relief right after you put it on. It is like putting your fingers in between the gaps of your toes and massaging after a whole day of wearing a tight shoe. If you have done it before, you know how good it feels.

YogaToes GEMS feels even better.

This is one of those toe separators for hammertoes that’s easy to use and makes your feet look fabulous to look at. But there are a lot more benefits to this toe separator. Let’s put the focus on The YogaToes GEMS and highlight some of its awesome features.

Made of Flexible Gel

The YogaToes Gems are made of medical-grade gel. This material can adjust to your toes’ natural form and has enough mass to place in between your toe gaps to ensure your toes are adequately separated for maximum therapeutic effect.

The gel is 100% hypoallergenic and doesn’t contain any lead or any known toxic substance usually present in traditional gel materials. This makes it perfectly safe for you to use.

Easy to Put On

What’s great about YogaToes GEMS is that it has an open-top which makes it easy to put on. With other toe separators, you tend to stretch them so you can conveniently slip your toes in the holes. Unfortunately, these types of toe separators tend to get stuck in the middle of your toes if it latches on prematurely. So you’ll have to readjust them over and over again.

With YogaToes GEMS open-top technology, this isn’t a problem. You can easily slip the separator on your toes, and it will fall into place right where it should be. It also lets the air flow smoothly in between your toes and prevents sweating, unlike with closed top separators.

Bigger Gaps, Better Comfort

The bigger gaps of the YogaToes make it feel even better. It stretches the toes more and gives you that refreshing feeling you get when you massage your toes. The best part is that you can leave them on, walk around the house, and go about your business as it massages your feet as you walk.


Podiatrists found that YogaToes GEMS can provide maximum pain relief and are also an excellent tool for stretching the toe muscles. It is also a recommended long-term conservative treatment that helps with foot ailments such as bunions, hammertoes, and claw toes.

The Gem Design

One of the features of this toe separator that helps it stand out are the gems! The gems not only make you feel like your feet are royalty, but they also have a practical benefit: the gems serve as adjustment knobs that you can tug on when placing the separator on your feet. They also serve as a stopper to prevent the toe separator from slipping out from between your toes.

The Highs and Lows of YogaToes GEMS


  • It comes in different sizes
  • It comes in a pair


  • It can’t fit inside a shoe

The Benefits of Wearing Hammertoe Spacers

If you think that wearing a hammertoe spacer only treats that specific ailment, you’ll be surprised. There are many benefits to wearing toe spacers that return your investment on it many times over. Below are some of the benefits you can expect when you start wearing one.

Stronger Feet

Toe separators help strengthen your feet by stretching your toes out. This method of spreading your toes not only gives your foot relief from the pressure brought about by wearing tight-fitting shoes, it also helps realign the muscles and bones to its optimal form, making your foot muscles strong and sturdy.

Improved Kinesthesia

Wearing toe spacers will improve your proprioception. That means if ever you’re feeling any sense of restrain on your foot on a day-to-day basis, you will slowly begin to feel less of it. If you feel like you’re walking on eggshells or constantly thinking of walking a certain way because of your shoes, you will benefit from wearing toe spacers.

The toe spacers will give you a consistent level of comfort and relief on your toes, and eventually you will start to feel like your foot is less restrained and can move with graciousness and coordination. You’ll feel an improvement in the way you pivot, tiptoe, jump, and run.

Contributes Arch Strength

Imagine your foot as a tripod with three points: the big toe, the small toe, and the heel. The space in the middle of these points is your arch—the feature that helps you balance. A narrow spread means that the arch is unstable and weak, so in order to strengthen the arch, there has to be a wider spread between the three points. That way it is firmly placed on the surface.

That’s what toe spacers do. They spread the gaps of your toes so that the big and small toes are spaced properly on each side, strengthening your arch, and improving your balance. In the long run, the toe spacers realign the toes and spread them optimally.

Prevents Lower Extremity Problems

With the improvement of arch strength comes other enhancements. The strengthening of your arch also fixes your kinetic foundation. As a result, your balance is corrected as well as your posture. You’ll not only stand better, but you’ll also walk or run better. With these improvements, you’ll heal the ailments you feel on your knees, hips, and lumbar area. If you don’t have any conditions on these parts of your body, wearing spacers will help keep them at bay.

Prevents Overpronation and Other Related Injuries

When toe spacers make the arch of your foot strong, it also contributes to the prevention of overpronation. If the overpronation is prevented, so are other injuries that are related to it, such as ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, and Achilles tendonitis, amongst other things.

Improves Athletic Performance

Most of the sports we all participate in require our feet, so it naturally follows that when you improve your foot stability by using a toe spacer, you’re reaping the benefits mentioned that contribute to better performance. If you’re a runner, you can run farther or faster because your feet are stronger, if you’re a basketball player, you’re less likely to suffer an ankle sprain caused by repeated pivoting and jumping. The benefits of wearing a toe spacer eventually add up to make you a better athlete.

Improves Blood Flow to Your Feet

There’s a concept in foot reflexology that certain body parts have a connection to our feet. Following this concept using toe spacers, your improved blood circulation to the feet makes them healthier and robust. If your feet are in good condition, then your body will be in good condition too, barring any acute diseases or infections.

Expect The Best With YogaToes’ Hammertoe Separators

YogaToes are one of the best toe straighteners in the market. The YogaToes brand has created a design that solves toe sweating without compromising its ability to realign your toes. The price is also reasonable at around $10—$30 for a pair which is great value for that price range.

Overall, the YogaToes GEMS is a product that stands out and offers more toe stretching capabilities, flexibility, and comfort. We promise it’s not just because we’re fascinated with the idea of putting gems in between our toes, although that is an intriguing enough concept for us to go for it.

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