Hey Dude Insoles Replacement Search Gone Wrong? Choose From These 3 Great Alternatives!

March 24, 2022
hey dude insoles replacement

It's that time of the year again. Your shoe insoles are starting to wear out, and you're hunting for a replacement. Soles act as footbeds, providing comfort no matter what type of and how long you wear shoes. So when it starts to feel the other way around, you must replace them immediately to prevent foot problems.

Suppose your last insole was from Hey Dude. You liked the product, so you intend to buy from the same brand this time. But you search for "Hey Dude insoles replacement" on Amazon only to find them currently unavailable.

Don't end your search just yet. Hey Dude is not the only trusted brand of insoles you can find. We've got you covered with three great alternatives that will have you feeling comfortable and fresh in no time!

Can't Find Available Hey Dude Inserts? Try These 3 Equally Incredible Alternatives Instead!

If you're looking for Hey Dude replacement insoles and haven't had any luck, don't worry—we've done the work for you. Here are three alternatives to meet your foot care needs.

hey dude replacement insoles - knixmax sports insoles

#1: Kinxmax Sport Insoles for Men and Women

The Kinxmax Insoles are an easy match for different types of activities and footwear. Here's how the soles are built and their benefits.

Honeycomb DesignBreathable ventilation holes and moisture-absorbing construction to allow air circulation and keep your feet fresh.
Anatomical Arch SupportAn arch support feature for superior shock absorption, leg and foot alignment, step assistance, and maximum comfort.
Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) MaterialProvides great elasticity and excellent cushioning.
Deep Heel U-Cup DesignProvides correct foot positioning for improving stability.
Low Profile DesignComes in four simple colors (beige, black, rose, and gray) and is lightweight enough to fit in various footwear easily.


  • Not as moisture-absorbent as advertised.
  • Too thick or large for some.
hey dude insoles - happystep memory foam insoles

#2: HappyStep Orthotics Memory Foam Insoles

This product is made of memory foam, similar to Hey Dude soles! The HappyStep Memory Foam Insoles is another trusted brand for shoe insoles, and the features below tell you why.

High-Density Orthotic Memory Foam MaterialProvides customized foot cushioning and support for utmost comfort.
Superfine Velvet MaterialCome on top of the memory foam to keep a smooth and cozy feeling on your feet.
Deep U-Shaped Heel Cup DesignHelps improve foot stability and mobility. At the same time, it provides soft cushioning to the heels to prevent pain and fatigue.
Trim-to-Fit CustomizationAllows you to cut the soles to get the best fit.


  • The design doesn't work for everyone. 
  • The memory foam lacks thickness and durability.
  • There is too much arch support compared to other functions.

#3: Ltohoe Men's Memory Foam Insoles

If your feet are uncomfortable, it may be because of your worn-out soles, not your shoes. Give the Ltohoe Memory Foam Insoles a try, and save your shoes from the trash bin!

6-8mm Memory FoamLike Hey Dude Insoles, the Ltohoe Insoles are also made from memory foam to provide cushioning and support while wearing shoes.
Tailored InsolesComes in fixed sizes; no cutting adjustments are needed. They also fit most shoes like trainers, loafers, slippers, or work shoes.
Activated Carbon ParticlesAbsorbs odor and moisture to keep your feet dry and fresh all day.
Lightweight Comfort InsoleAbsorbs shock well and reduces leg and foot fatigue and pain.
Assorted ColorsAllows you to choose from fourteen available colors.


  • The memory foam lacks support.
  • You can't cut it to fit your size.

Replace Your Soles, Even if It's Not a Pair of Hey Dude Shoes Insoles 

Looking for a Hey Dude Wendy Insoles alternatives isn't that bad. In fact, some of them are better in terms of design and function. So if you're ever in need of a replacement, there are plenty of excellent options available!

Here's to more pleasant and pain-free walks from here on out! If you're interested in knowing more about foot care facts, conditions (e.g., bunions), and products, navigate through our categories on top of the page and find the information you need.

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