How a Custom Ankle Brace is Beneficial for Your Daily Life After Injury

November 2, 2021
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Suppose you are in the unfortunate position of having an injury in your foot, especially one that is impairing your mobility or making it hard to walk, like a severe ankle sprain. In that case, you may be considering getting a custom ankle brace. Ankle braces are designed to provide support and stability for your ankle so that you can continue to move around easily.

This article will help explain how beneficial it is to invest in a custom ankle brace.

It Will Help Increase the Healing Process of Your Injured Foot

Firstly, they can help to provide support for your injured foot. If a doctor has told you that you will need crutches or a wheelchair due to the severity of your injury, then having a custom-fitted ankle brace may be an alternative solution. This option will help reduce the strain and ankle pain when walking around. Essentially, a custom ankle brace can help encourage your foot's healing process by reducing inflammation, stimulating blood flow, and preventing any further injuries.

It Allows You To Move As You Usually Do Daily

Secondly, when you get a custom-fitted ankle brace, there is no cancellation of daily life activities. This is because it allows the patient to continue going to school, work, or even sports practice without being in a wheelchair.

People who have an injured foot and require crutches often struggle to carry around their bags and suitcases. People in wheelchairs may also not like the feeling of using their uninjured foot or being seated all the time. This leads some to try and stand up without support. A custom brace can allow you a wider range of movement compared to the first two options. In addition, the right fit of orthotic braces can help you play sports and move the way you used to, such as in soccer or other sports.

It's Not as Noticeable

Last but certainly not the least, getting an ankle-foot orthosis brace prevents fewer stares from strangers on the sidewalk. Crutches and wheelchairs are eye-catching, so if you are the kind of person who wants to stay incognito when you have foot problems or you just want to avoid unwanted attention, then an ankle brace might be the option for you. Since the majority of the braces are made in a darker colour, such as black, it won't be as eye-catching unless you wear shorts.

Custom ankle braces are made so they can be hidden under pants, and even be worn with footwear. For comfort and healing, the brace should fit your regular footwear and be comfortable with shoe inserts. There are many options to hide the ankle brace or make it less noticeable.

Make Sure to Consult Your Podiatrist

It's important to note that it is best to consult with a professional podiatrist before getting your own custom ankle brace. They need to assess your foot condition, and determine if you are suited to get ankle bracing or if you have any other injuries that need support as well, such as knee injuries. They will be able to fit you for the right type of orthotic braces based on your measurement and level of comfort. They can also help provide proper instructions so that you can correctly wear them while still being comfortable.

If you want to read more about feet and braces, be sure to check out more of our articles on our website.

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