How to Choose The Best Running Shoe Insoles For Women

August 11, 2021
running shoe insoles for women

Stress is everywhere, but don't let it get into you. With everything happening in the world and inactivity may seem like it's a tempting thing to do, running is one known activity that can take off a lot of stress from your system. Running is scientifically proven to make you feel good afterward because the body is triggered to release endorphins. These are natural painkillers in the body that give a feeling of euphoria. It's also the reason why you feel great overall, even after an exhaustive workout.

When you're running, you don't just have to have the right mindset. You also have to invest in the right equipment. Two of the most important ones are running shoes and running shoe insoles. These two can significantly increase your performance when running and help you avoid injuries.

Choosing the Best Running Shoe Insoles for Women

Choosing running shoe insoles for women may be tricky for some. Some may even think that they can choose any shoe insoles without having to think of their specifications. But buying the right insoles for your needs can significantly improve your performance when running. Here are some tips on how you can choose the perfect shoe insole for you:

Insole Volume

Insoles vary in different types of footwear. For example, the insoles you use for running shoes won't go well with hiking boots. So before buying, you must first know what type of insole you're going to need.

  • Low-volume insoles are designed for shoes with low-volume such as those for cycling. Ski skate boots and in-line skate boots are also considered low-volume shoes. If you have a very low foot arch, you may opt to choose this type of insoles because it caters to the curves of your foot.
  • Medium-volume insoles are perfect for any athletic footwear such as running shoes, gym shoes, and sneakers. Among the different insole volumes, this type is used by most people.
  • High-volume insoles are designed for bigger shoes such as ski boots, hiking boots, and other running shoes. These are perfect high arch insoles for women as they are structured to cater to the bigger sizes of these shoes.

Overall feeling

This is more of a personal preference and not directly based on the shape of your feet. Most runners have their own choices when it comes to the feeling they want to get when running. Some prefer to have their shoes and insoles softer, while others want a more structured feeling. Others would like to change the built-in insoles their running shoes originally come with.

This will also depend on your specific running needs. Here are the different types of insoles you can choose from, along with the "feeling" they give you when you're running:

Structured feeling

Structured insoles are designed to stabilize your foot and reduce the arch's movement. These shoe inserts for women's arch support come with a more structured heel cup to help keep its arch inside the shoe stable.

This type of running shoe insoles for women also provide support to decrease the chances of overpronation. Overpronation happens when the foot moves forward within the shoe as you are running or moving. This is a common scenario in people who have a low arch as their feet become overly flattened. Using powerstep insoles for women can further prevent excessive movement of your feet inside your running shoes while running or moving. This type of shoe insoles prevents both arch movement and bone misalignment.

Aside from avoiding overpronation, the additional structure of this running shoe insoles for women also provides a more secure feeling. This is the perfect shoe insole for you if you want to have a more snug and secured fit when running.

Cushioned feeling

Some running shoe insoles manufacturers add extra features and variations to this. Some offer high arch insoles for women, and others have insoles designed to produce heat and dissipate it all over the surface of the foot. You can also choose the structure cushioned insole, which will have additional cushioning to your insoles as well. You might find it more comfortable if you're running with enough cushioning in your shoes.

If this is so, the best running shoe insoles for women that you should use are the ones that give a cushioned feel. Cushions are used for a softer feel into the shoes, significantly decreasing your soles' impact when you're running. These insoles have either foam, gel, or silicone in them to provide cushioning. Insoles made with foam will be more bouncy than gel cushioning, which will have a more impact-absorbing feel.

Targeted cushioning

Some models of these running shoe insoles are designed to target a specific area. For example, if you only want to feel the cushioning under your feet's arch and not on the heel, there are insoles like that available for you to purchase. It's recommended that you check the product details first and see which parts are specifically cushioned. On the other hand, if you want a full cushioning of your feet as your insoles, there's also an option for you to get that.

Half-length insoles or targeted insoles also fall under the targeted cushioning category. Here you'll find cushions for the heel or arches, which are designed to cushion that specific part of your foot from the force of compactness and to provide relief from sensitive heels or bone spurs.

These heel cups sometimes have plastic reinforcement to provide added stability. At the same time, some other cushions have a less structured design which offers softer cushioning.

On the other hand, if you're looking for cushioning for your forefoot, we recommend the ball of foot cushion or pads for you. These pads usually have gel cushioning in them which will give you a plush and soft feel. Place this under your sock liner to maximize the comfort this cushioning can bring.

shoe inserts women arch support

Benefits of Using Running Shoe Insoles for Women

You may already think that your current running shoe insole may be enough for your needs. But you shouldn't underestimate how using shoe inserts for women arch support can significantly improve your running or movement. Aside from that, here are the other benefits you can get from using a good running shoe insole:

Prevent foot injuries and disorders

Using the right running shoe insoles for women can keep your feet comfortable while running. It can also prevent the development of any foot injuries or disorders as these are perfectly designed to give structure and cushion to your foot. Running shoe insoles can absorb foot pressure— whether you may be running, walking, or simply just standing. This means you don't have to worry about developing any foot-related issues such as plantar fasciitis.

Prevent further development of existing foot disorders

Shoe insoles don't just provide supportive care, they also provide preventive care for existing foot disorders. If you're constantly feeling pain and discomfort in your feet, using shoe insoles can help alleviate this. The added cushioning and support insoles given can significantly decrease the pressure you feel on your feet.

Extend the life of your shoes

Aside from the health benefits running shoe insoles for women can give you, using these can also extend the life of your running shoes, especially if you use your shoes regularly.

Everyone knows how uncomfortable worn-out shoes are. But it's more than just the feeling of being uncomfortable. Worn-out shoes can also contribute to possible posture problems, back pain, and other foot problems. Getting insoles for your running shoes can extend your shoes' lifespan, make you feel comfortable with your shoes on, and can prevent you from getting any foot problems as you go on with your day!

Final Thoughts

If you regularly run or exercise with your athletic shoes, you should get running shoe insoles for women. You can get a lot of advantages from it, such as comfort, health benefits, and preventing possible foot-related injuries and issues.

You can also get shoe insoles depending on your preference. Whether you'd like to have a more structured or comfortable feel for your insoles, there's a perfect running shoe insole for you! Assess what you need by knowing if you have a low or high foot arch, what insole volume you'd need depending on which shoe you're going to pair it with, and your personal preference for your insoles.

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