Make Your Snowy Day Action-Packed With ActionHeat Heated Shoe Insoles
5 min read
November 25, 2021

Make Your Snowy Day Action-Packed With ActionHeat Heated Shoe Insoles

5 min read
November 25, 2021

The snowy days are fast approaching!

It's a truly exciting time. The weatherman reported a forecast of more snow and lower temperatures in the coming days. You brought out from the attic the old and dusty pair of skis you bought ages ago. You're now on your phone, a few taps away from booking a ski trip.

But then you felt a cold creeping sensation from your feet. You're not even in the snowy hills yet, but you already feel cold. Your ski boots are just not warm enough. Luckily for you, electric heated insoles can protect your feet from the harsh cold elements. While wearing these, your feet will be embraced by a delicately warm and soothing sensation.

Don't get cold feet on ski day! Read more about the ActionHeat Rechargeable Heated Shoe Insoles with Remote below.

What Are Heated Shoe Insoles?

Electric heated insoles, also known as thermal insoles, are very similar to your typical shoe inserts except for one small detail—they can warm your feet!

A heated insole works because of the heating element built inside the foam. These insoles are especially popular among winter sports athletes. They allow athletes to endure colder temperatures and last longer in harsh conditions.

However, heated insoles are not only for athletes. They can also be used as a way to prevent Raynaud's disease as well. This rare condition can cause pain that cold temperatures can trigger. People with this condition dread the snowy months. Fortunately, they can now enjoy the winter season while being protected from chilly temperatures' adverse effects, thanks to heated insoles.

Introducing the ActionHeat Heated Shoe Insoles

If you want to get the most out of your ski day, you should consider only the best heated insoles you can buy. The ActionHeat Heated Shoe Insoles are more expensive but offer quality and features that competitors don't.

Learn more about it by reading the full review below.

Specs at a Glance

  • Priced at $129.99
  • Built with ultra-fine heating panels
  • Has three heat settings to choose from
  • Can keep you warm for more than 8 hours
  • Heats up to a maximum of 140ºF
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Lightweight design
  • The remote control makes it easy to use
  • Can be paired with heated socks

ActionHeat specializes in sports apparel integrated with innovative and advanced heating technologies. They're unlike any other apparel brand because their products, like heated socks, are lined with active heating elements coupled with value-added features.

The company makes its entry into the competitive thermal insoles market with the ActionHeat Heated Shoe Insoles. These insoles offer a compelling value despite the steep price tag. Let's take a closer look!

What's Underneath?

The magic behind (or should we say, under?) these insoles is the ultra-fine heating panels sandwiched between the fabric softshell. While providing warmth despite low outside temperatures, the heating element does its job without feeling uncomfortable to your soles.

The softshell fabric material allows heat to pass through it without sacrificing comfort. The insoles feel nice to the touch and can absorb shock from soft impacts from your foot. After turning the heating off, it retains some of the heat for a considerable amount of time.

No Need to Reach For Your Ankle

Other thermal insoles will seem primitive when compared side-by-side with the remote-controlled ActiveHeat insoles. Yes, you read that right. These insoles come with a remote and can be turned on wirelessly.

Using the remote, you can switch between three heating levels. The low setting sets the temperature to 110ºF and can last for more than 8 hours. The medium temperature setting is at 120ºF, which protects you from cold feet for 5 hours. Finally, reaching the maximum temperature of 140ºF, the highest setting can keep your feet warm for 3 hours.

No Feet Left Behind

People often have a hard time getting a pair of good-fitting insoles. It happens because they typically come in one size only, resulting in insoles that can't even properly fit a ski boot. So they trim the sides of the insoles as a workaround instead.

Fortunately, the ActiveHeat insoles come in different sizes for men and women. Use the table below for reference:

Men’sS/M4 - 9
Women’sS/M5.5 - 10

Weighs Like Nothing

Heated insoles can feel heavy because of the heating element integrated into them. They can get too thick and bulky inside your shoes as well. Walking around while wearing them can be uncomfortable.

With its lightweight construction, the heated insole feels light as a feather. You can even forget that you're wearing it at all. That's how thin and unobtrusive each ActionHeat insole is. As a result, you can fit it inside your ski boot with room to spare.

For the best experience, you can even try wearing heated socks with it.

Winter Fun' Til You Drop

Whether you plan to hike along a snowy trail or conquer the steep ski hills, your foot can rely on the rechargeable heated insole to give it the warmth that lasts for hours. In addition, its built-in battery has enough juice for your entire skiing trip.

The battery is rechargeable, too! Each rechargeable heated insole comes with a USB charging port compatible with any USB charging cable you have lying around the house. So don't worry about forgetting to pack the cable with you. You can borrow any USB cable!

If you're worried about the time it takes to charge the built-in battery, the wall charger can charge both insoles simultaneously. This dual-charging feature reduces the time it takes to charge the pair by half. 


AfterHeat guarantees that its heating insoles are 100% free from material and manufacturing defects, including its heating components. Otherwise, you can file a warranty claim on their website if it doesn’t exceed 90 days from the day of purchase.

A Few Downsides

The sizing options might not be enough for some people. As such, customers reported buying ill-fitting insoles and then trimming them to make them fit.

There were also instances where the remote didn't work at all. So consider your shoes' material and thickness when using the remote. Another problem customers report is the lack of an extra battery pack. Unfortunately, each rechargeable heated insole comes with a non-removable battery.

Final Thoughts

Many anticipate the winter season because of all the fun activities that they can do during the season. These exciting activities include skiing, sledding, hiking, and even building a snow fort! But to get the most fun out of the snowy season, you need to be prepared. So you bring your gloves, ski boots, and jacket out of the closet.

However, when the temperature inevitably drops, your old winter apparel might not be enough. This is where heated insoles come in. These insoles are specially designed for such situations. So say goodbye to cold feet, and don't miss out on the snowy fun! The ActiveHeat electric heated insoles offer a reliable heating solution for your toes, albeit at an exorbitant price.

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