Top 3 Basketball Shoe Insoles Men Can Buy To Level Up Their Ball Game
6 min read
June 1, 2021

Top 3 Basketball Shoe Insoles Men Can Buy To Level Up Their Ball Game

6 min read
June 1, 2021

Basketball can be a strenuous activity that can take a toll on your feet. Every fast break, cut, or rebound puts your feet at risk of suffering the most common basketball foot and ankle injuries mainly as a cause of impact. That’s why there are basketball shoe insoles for men who shoot hoops frequently. These insoles can protect the feet from injuries and, help players stay on top of their ball game until the end of the game.

Basketball insoles take on different forms and functions. Whether you’re a casual player or a professional baller, t’s important that you know what kind of insoles to get before considering buying one. Read on and find out useful information about men’s basketball insoles.

A Brief Guide to Buying Your Shoe Insoles

As an individual who loves to play basketball, it is important that you identify your foot’s specifications as well as your preferences as these may affect your game performance. Here are some of the things you should keep in mind to make sure you select the correct shoe insoles that would bring out your best game.


Full size - This sizing type means it covers the entire inside of your shoe. Men’s size usually runs from size 9 to 11 while women’s size runs from 6 to 9. The full-size insole may not fit the inside of your shoe and more often than not, it should be trimmed for it to fit perfectly. There are insole products out there that give instructions on how to cut your full-size insole.

Three-fourth size - this size is focused on the heels and provides excellent rearfoot care. For players who are more focused on performance, they would find the three-fourth size will help boost their runs across the basketball court because it prevents stress and relieves pressure on the heel which encourages smooth, forward movement. This size variation, however, is not meant for trimming.


Foam - the good thing about foam is that it is a superb material for shock absorption. On the other hand, foam is subject to a shorter lifespan because it wears down rapidly. On the other hand, there are also memory foam insoles that adjust to your foot form, which make them comfortable to wear.

Gel - This material is more focused on preventing pain specifically on the heels. The feature that makes this material superior to others is that it prevents any slip. Great for sports activities and other active lifestyle

Leather - If strong arch support is what you need, go for leather. The leather materials of most insoles are made of cowhide and can are very durable.


Rigid -  This arch support type is recommended for use in daily walking activities. Often, this footbed type is made of plastic. It is used to prevent any strain and pain on the legs area,

Semi-Rigid - A footbed type that’s excellent for sports activities. The semi-rigid arch support is made up of a mixture of soft and hard materials that helps treat flatfoot issues and prevents pain sports training.

Cushioned - Also known as the soft type. This is made up of soft materials and are molded from the foot’s cast and provides for greater shock absorption, relieves pain and pressure as well as increases balance.

Different Types of Insoles for Basketball Players

Arch Supports

These types of insoles are dedicated to helping the heel and the ball of your foot by distributing some of the foot strike impacts to the arch of your foot preventing the concentration of pressure and pain on a single area of your foot. This also helps with stability and balance and would make you feel like every step is firmly planted.

Shock Absorbers

This insole is great for taking care of not only your foot but also the other parts of your lower extremities. Each impact of the foot on the ground sends energy to your entire lower extremities which makes it more susceptible to pain and injury. The shock absorber makes sure that the impact is absorbed by the insole thereby inhibiting it from travelling to the rest of your lower body parts. It is great for preventing knee, thigh, and back injuries. This insole type is normally preferred by runners who steadily subject their feet to intense impact.


Orthotics insoles’ main purpose is the correction of biomechanical issues. It could be a medical device custom-made by to correct your gait, posture, as well as fix any emerging issues caused by your arch type. It also carries with it shock absorption qualities that could help prevent pain and injury thereby aiding its corrective function. This insole is great for sports rehabilitation.

The Best Basketball Shoe Insoles for Men

There are only so many shoe insoles brands in the market which makes it hard to choose. Here’s a shortlist of the best shoe insole brands designed for ballers like you. Three different brands that comes from three different insole types. All top-notch and ready for your choosing. Read below and find out what you think is best for your foot.

this is an excellent basketball insoles for men with flat feet


Basketball Insoles for Men with Flat Feet 

This sole makes it easy for flat-footed players because it has a corrective characteristic that addresses any biomechanical foot issues. It also decreases their risk of overpronation, plantar fasciitis and other foot-related injuries.

Insole Type:

Orthotic Insoles


Gel Forefoot - the front of the insole is made of gel giving it a shock-absorbing quality and providing relief for foot pain. The gel fits just right and offers superb cushioning for your entire foot.

Deep Heel Cradle - This insole has a deep heel design that specifically addresses the foot bone balance for flat-footers which helps keep you balance while refining your gait.

Flat-foot Arch Support - EasyFeet insoles can support low-arch foot which helps with the right distribution of pressure on the foot to avoid pain and injuries that flat-footers are prone to.

Orthotic Properties - A podiatrist-backed insole that’s designed specifically to address the removal of foot pain, correct your posture, and relax your joints.


  • Corrects biomechanical issues on the foot
  • Excellent fix for flat-footers
  • Focus on preventing injuries and pain


  • Not flexible for most shoe types
  • Arch support may be too close to the heel
this green basketball insole are built for comfort and adaptability

SuperFeet Green Insoles

Versatility and Comfort

This insole type is one of the most comfortable to wear amongst other insole brands. The insole is also designed to adapt to many shoe types without trimming it just to fit. Superfeet Green is for the basketball players who high arches and want to take the comfort provided by this insole outside of the basketball court.

Insole Type:  Arch Support


Deep Heel Cup - The heel cup depth and width throws in a bit of shock absorption feature to the heels of your foot and protects it from the ground impact during heel strikes, which improves your gait. 

Stabilizer Cap - This is a technology adopted by SuperFeet to support its deep heel cup design and keeping your feet stable by improving its support on the entire foot.

Odor Control - The insole is coated with organic materials that help prevent the buildup of bacteria inside the shoe which causes bad odors.

High-density foam - This foam type brings in enough cushioning for the feet and can provide support and comfort for both light and heavily weighted players.


  • Provides stability of the foot
  • Comfortable
  • Hygenic


  • Bulky
  • Non-durable
These men’s basketball insoles are great for hardcore players

Shock Doctor

The Best Brand for Shock Absorption

Shock Doctor is a leader in terms of producing insoles that specializes in shock absorption technology. This is best for basketball players who are heavy on the rebounds and jump shots as those are the moves that bring the most impact on a player’s foot.

Insole Type: 

Shock Absorption


Adaptive Arch Technology - This particular feature of the Shock Doctor Insole adapts to the shape of your foot and gives full coverage against shock. keeping your toes protected from sudden impact and prevents your joints from getting fatigued.

Shock Dome - forefoot and heel shock absorption pads are another technology from Shock Doctor that absorb vibrations caused by foot impact which could travel to your lumbar section, knees, as well as waist area.

Well-balanced - The foam of the Shock Doctor insole keeps your feet balanced especially on rough uneven surfaces.


  • High-level shock-absorption technology
  • Great for preventing Plantar Fasciitis injuries
  • Versatile to any foot shape
  • Reduces fatigue on the foot, legs, and hip areas


  • Too much padding makes the fit a bit tight

Choose What Feels Right for your Foot

Now that you have a rundown of the best basketball shoe insoles men can purchase out there, it’s time to decide. Reflect on what feels right for your foot as a basketball player. EasyFeet is for flat-footed players who value correct posture and form. If you’re a technical type who wants ease of movement, SuperFeet is for you. If you’re the hardcore player full of stamina and drive, Shock Doctor would be your partner in the court. No matter what you choose, these insoles will improve your performance, both in training and the actual ball game.

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