Feel Formidable With Superfeet Insoles
6 min read
July 20, 2022

Feel Formidable With Superfeet Insoles

6 min read
July 20, 2022

Are you a career woman who is always on the go? Are you always in pain? Like you, many women feel this way. Especially they're balancing work and family. But there is one thing you can do to help feel more energetic and capable: wear Superfeet insoles. 

Adding Superfeet insoles to your routine is an easy way to feel more formidable—both physically and mentally. Superfeet insoles can help with everything, from posture to energy levels, so that you can power through your day with ease. Discover how Superfeet can benefit you!

The Origin Story of Superfeet 

Superfeet was first created as the Sports Medicine Division for a podiatric laboratory in northwest America. The company was driven by the simple idea that people deserve to walk better. For forty years, they have been responsible for providing comfort to save countless men, women, and children from foot pain. 

Superpowers of Superfeet Insoles vs. Other Orthotics

Imagine if you had the power to give people an edge in their everyday lives, making them feel more confident, capable, and comfortable. That's what Superfeet insoles do.

You can pay a fortune for custom orthotics, ranging from $200 to $800, or you can simply buy a $60 premium insole that will do the same. Here are just a few strengths of Superfeet insoles that can help you feel your best:

  • Pain suppression. They can help to reduce pain and discomfort, and improve alignment with their firm, underfoot support.
  • Balance manipulation. The deep heel cup and arch support of Superfeet insoles encapsulate your entire feet, giving you the right stability you need to do weight-bearing activities. 
  • Invulnerability. Superfeet insoles are made from high-quality materials that provide long-lasting support for up to a year or 500 miles. Meanwhile, regular orthotics will last up to six months at best. 
  • Stench Repellant. Unlike conventional anti-odor insoles that rely on harsh chemicals to mask odors, Superfeet uses an exclusive blend of all-natural coating to fight bacteria and neutralize odor at the source. 
  • Shapeshifting. Sometimes, general Superfeet insoles won't solve your foot problem. But Superfeet engineered 3D-printed insoles for special cases like yours so that you can get the perfect support your feet need.

Foot Enemies These Super Insoles Fight Against

Our feet are our foundation, and we rely on them daily to get us where we need to go. However, they are weak against several enemies that can cause pain and discomfort. Fortunately, there are super shoe inserts, giving us pain relief against these foot conditions.

  • Diabetic neuropathy is a debilitating condition that causes a mix of numbness, tingling, and pain radiating in your feet. While neuropathy is irreversible, treatments such as using Superfeet insoles can help manage and reduce its symptoms. 
  • Arthritis. Superfeet is designed to provide support and improve alignment for the entire body. This can help reduce stress on the joints, which can, in turn, help reduce arthritis pain.
  • High arches come with foot pain. Even the simple act of walking can be painful, and it's all too easy to end up with blisters, calluses, and other problems. These special insoles are designed to provide support for feet with high arches, helping to distribute your weight more evenly and take some of the stress off your feet. 
  • Flat feet are undeveloped arches on your feet that result in full contact with the ground. Having flat feet can be painful, causing fatigue, imbalances, and limited mobility. Superfeet shoe inserts can put proper arch support that your feet lack. 
  • Plantar fasciitis causes heel pain and difficulty walking due to an overused plantar fascia. Superfeet insoles are made to improve the alignment of the foot and reduce pressure on your plantar fascia. 
  • Bursitis. Superfeet insoles can reduce foot pain caused by affected joints on your feet, also known as bursitis. The condition is caused by your swollen bursa, a small fluid sac that protects your tendons and bones from impact. Without Superfeet insoles to reduce the swelling, this foot condition can be quite excruciating and make it unbearable to move. 

Colors of Superfeet Insoles 

Superfeet has redefined comfort not just by gender or age but by activity too. Their colors aren't just for style but for different purposes as well.

Green for Everyday Use

The original pair of Superfeet insoles were made to help fight common foot pain for any foot size or gender. You can use the Superfeet Green insole on your daily grind and even during hikes. If you find this insole narrow, Superfeet Green also has a wide version. 

Blue for Tough Training

If you are an athlete or someone with an active lifestyle, you'll need insoles that can absorb high-impact forces but are also thin and flexible enough to fit inside your athletic shoes. The Superfeet Blue Active insoles can provide the comfort and arch support you need to reduce knee pain and fatigue. 

Orange for the Men

The Superfeet Orange insole is ideal for men with high arches. It provides the highest level of arch support and resembles the green insert, though with a narrower heel cup. This insole offers increased comfort during rigorous activities on unforgiving surfaces due to its durable foam, designed for high-impact forces.

Berry for the Women

If you need Superfeet insole arch support at a medium level, consider the Superfeet insoles in Berry for women. The insole provides less support for those with high arches. However, these Superfeet insoles for women should fit feet with average arches. 

Black for Flat Feet

The black insoles have arch support at a low or neutral profile designed to provide support and cushioning for the entire foot. These are often used for sensitive feet, low-arched feet, or flat feet.

Yellow for Winter Sports

If you enjoy skating, hockey, and the like, get this super contoured insole for an elevated heel and maximum comfort in the ice rink. You can move easily without worrying about blisters, hot spots, or friction against your ice skates or ski boots. 

Copper for Any Low-Impact Activities

The pressure-sensitive, memory foam layer molds to the contours of your foot, providing customized support. Plus, the Copper insole has a stabilizer cap that supports your rearfoot for long hours of standing and walking

Responsibilities in Taking Care of Your Super Insoles

If you've invested in a pair of Superfeet insoles, you must take care of them for longer use. Check out some tips to use your Superfeet to the fullest. 

Change Your Superfeet as Needed 

The impact of your daily activities can break down the materials in your insoles, making them less effective at cushioning your feet. As a result, you must replace your Superfeet insoles after 12 months or as needed. 

You'll know it's time for a change when you notice that your feet are slipping around in your shoes or when you feel like you're not getting the same level of support from your shoes. 

Remove Your Sock Liners

Common mistakes people often do with Superfeet insoles are using them with sock liners still inside the shoe. You must replace the existing shoe inserts before putting on your Superfeet insoles. That way, your Superfeet insoles stay flat inside, functioning the way they are designed. 

Cut Your Insoles 

Superfeet insoles come in larger sizes that are meant to be trimmed to fit your shoe size. If you buy them in stores, you can cut your insoles using grinding machines. However, if you buy a pair online or simply didn't know about this information until today, follow these simple instructions.

  • Remove your regular shoe insole and use it as your stencil for your Superfeet insole.
  • Line up your shoe insole to the heels and the inside edges of your Superfeet. You will see some excess insole right on the toe box. 
  • Trace the excess and cut right outside the traced outline. 
  • Place your trimmed Superfeet inside your shoe and see if they fit comfortably. 

Go Toe-To-Toe With Foot Pain Thanks to Superfeet 

Superfeet insoles have some amazing superpowers to help you fight against foot pain. These insoles are designed to improve the fit of your shoes and optimize your foot function. With increased support and alignment, you'll be able to take on anything that comes your way. 

Because they're made with high-quality materials, you can trust that they'll provide lasting comfort and relief. So don't let foot pain slow you down—add a pair of Superfeet insoles to your foot care package and take on the world.
Still on the search for other foot-related information? If you're looking for more ways to conquer your foot problems, check out our other guides at Ergotoes.

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