Get Back to the Court With These Insoles for Tennis Shoes
5 min read
September 28, 2021

Get Back to the Court With These Insoles for Tennis Shoes

5 min read
September 28, 2021

Do you have foot problems while playing tennis? 

Tennis players are always on their feet. As such, they need to make sure that their shoes are up to the task. There are some great insoles for tennis shoes out there that will help protect your feet while still giving you plenty of cushioning. 

Check out our blog post below for more information about these products! 

What Are Orthotic Insoles?

Orthotic insoles are cushions that you place inside your shoes to provide support and stability. Depending on what type of shoe you need them for, they can be made of different materials, but they're often made of foam or rubber.  

Many people use insoles because it's just too hard on their feet when walking around in flat shoes all day long. But there are other reasons people choose to wear insoles—they may have diabetes, have plantar fasciitis, or suffer from a shin splint. 

Do Tennis Orthotics Work?

You may have heard of orthotics—these types of inserts are typically prescribed by a doctor and made from hard plastic shaped specifically for your foot.  They are used to realign your foot in the correct position and offer extra support.  

Orthotics can be expensive, but they're also very effective at preventing injuries and foot pain from intense tennis sessions, as well as providing you with better balance for those powerful serves!

Our Recommendations

Let us save you from the hassle of trying out each shoe insole at the sporting goods store! We know how stressful and time-consuming testing different shoe inserts could be, only to return them a few days later because of defects or poor performance.

By reading this section, you will discover the best inserts for tennis shoes that we have found in the market today. Choose any of these tennis shoe insoles—we guarantee you wouldn't regret your purchase!

Carbon by Superfeet

Carbon by Superfeet

Specs at a Glance:

  • Deep heel cup for greater stability
  • Arch support for those with low arch type
  • Durability that lasts for 500 miles
  • Odor control to fend bacteria off
  • Patent EVOLyte® material for extra strength
  • High-density foam that weighs like a feather
  • Made to fit all sorts of shoes, including tennis shoes


  • Wearing these supportive insoles feels light thanks to its foam material and light construction
  • Great value for the price as it can last for a year with minimal wear and tear
  • Foul-smelling odor doesn’t seem to be a problem despite washing it only occasionally
  • The material passes stress tests without breaking or forming fractures
  • Fits most of the tennis shoes we tested them with


  • Thickness might be lacking for shoes with a higher vertical clearance
  • The plastic support can be too rigid and hard for some people
  • Some find the arch support to be a bad fit for their low arch height
  • Few customers report pain from the arch of their foot and plantar fascia

Patent Technology for Lightweight Stability

Superfeet boasts of its patented EVOLyte® technology that comes integrated with Carbon insoles. This technology is hailed as a breakthrough in harnessing the durability and strength of carbon fiber while maintaining its extremely lightweight design.

This combination of strength and featherweight provides a tennis player a big advantage inside the court as they can move about with more stability and without being dragged down by their shoe inserts.

Perfect for High Impact Sports

Made specifically for athletes, Carbon insoles can withstand the high impacts of intense sports like tennis. Your heel will benefit from the carbon fiber stabilizer cap that supports the back of your foot. In addition, a blend of carbon fiber and polymer material provides a dependable cushion to absorb shocks from your jumps and sprints.


These Superfeet insoles are designed for a low-profile experience. However, it may not be for everyone. Some customers complain about these insoles being too light and thin. They might prefer insoles that have thicker heel support rather than Superfeet’s ultra-lightweight design.

If you have roomy tennis shoes, you might also feel the need for a heftier pair of shoe inserts to support you during your tennis games.

FIT Series High Arch Insole by Sofsole

Specs at a Glance:

  • Heel and arch foam rated at 55 durometer
  • Forefoot foam rated at 40 durometer
  • 330 mm arch height, perfect for those with high arch types
  • Built-in nylon plate provides stability to each step
  • Anti-moisture technology prevents bacteria build-up
  • Absorbs shocks while returning them as kinetic energy
  • Available in multiple sizing options for men and women


  • Tailor-fit for people with high arch types
  • Tennis players can benefit from high energy returns
  • Foam rebound provides stability and comfort
  • Can be worn for different sports and even less intense activities
  • Feels dependable due to its firmness and solid construction
  • Provides good support for the arch and heel
  • Can be trimmed to fit any shoe you might have


  • Multiple reports of customers receiving ill-fitting insoles
  • Arch support seems to be lacking even for target arch types
  • Cushioning can be improved as some customers find it almost non-existent
  • Makes a squeaking noise as you walk but goes away after a break-in period
  • Heel cups can be too narrow for some feet profile
  • More expensive than the previous iteration

Firm Support for Your Foot

Shoe inserts can be too soft and even feel squishy on your foot. Unfortunately, some manufacturers sacrifice strength and durability for comfort. It’s a common mistake present in many insoles, especially those at lower price ranges.

Sofsole’s insoles have durometer-rated foam material. In particular, the heel and arch form is rated at 55, while the forefoot is at 40. A durometer is a standardized method of putting a number on the hardness of different materials like foam, rubber, and plastic. 

Bounce With Each Step

Tennis players will appreciate these insoles’ high-rebound foam. The foam feels very responsive to pressure and shocks applied to it. So, during your games, you would notice an extra “bounce” to your step, making your steps a bit lighter.

High-impact activities would also have a lesser toll on your heels while you have these insoles on. The foam distributes the pressure across your foot, reducing the strain on your foot muscles.


Customers who bought a pair say that the cushioning might need some improvements. While the foam does feel firm, it can experience wear and tear after multiple uses. In addition, after a long period of regular daily use, the foam seems to lose its rebound gradually.

For tennis players, this can be a dealbreaker as comfortable cushioning is essential in high-intensity sports. 

Original Orange by Cadence Insoles

Original Orange by Cadence Insoles

Specs at a Glance:

  • Contours across the insole provide orthotic support
  • Construction is both flexible and semi-rigid
  • Arch and heel support can prevent common foot ailments like flat foot, plantar fasciitis, foot fatigue, and arch pain
  • Can offer immediate pain relief for metatarsalgia, Achilles tendonitis, and more
  • Forefoot foam is 5 mm thick, while the heel is at 7 mm
  • Manufacturer offers free shipping for orders of four or more pairs


  • Thin construction that allows them to be worn inside sleek shoes
  • Heel support provides soft cushioning and reliable support


  • Can be too thin for some people
  • Cushioning on the forefoot could be improved
  • Shock absorption is lacking due to its overall construction

Comfort Zone

The area on and around the heel feels softer and provides better cushioning without losing support and stability. Cadence Insoles calls this area the “Comfort Zone,” which absorbs impacts from physically demanding activities while giving comfort to your heel at the same time.


Heavier people might not benefit from the lightweight design of these insoles. As such, some people can cross the threshold of the weight these insoles are able to support.

Final Thoughts

If you're a tennis player, then it's important to take care of your feet. And the best way to do that is with insoles for tennis shoes.  These cushions can be made out of foam or rubber. Support insoles are inserted inside your shoe to provide optimal comfort, arch support, and reliable stability. In addition, they come in various shapes, so they should fit any type of shoe well,

Get back on your feet and head to the tennis court with a new pair of tennis insoles!

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