Be Happier With Each Step With HappyStep® Memory Foam Shoe Insoles: A Product Review
7 min read
December 6, 2021

Be Happier With Each Step With HappyStep® Memory Foam Shoe Insoles: A Product Review

7 min read
December 6, 2021

Are you on your feet most of the day?

Working a physically demanding job can both be a boon and a bane for your health. On the one hand, you hit two birds with one stone by reaping the benefits of physical exercise while earning your livelihood. However, your joints and muscles have to endure too much stress from your daily activities.

Most often taken for granted, your feet bear the brunt of your physical activities. In addition to carrying your entire weight, they have to withstand impacts from walking, running, jumping, and other intense physical movements.

So do yourself and your feet a favor by slipping on a pair of memory foam shoe insoles! The HappyStep® memory foam insoles for shoes are more than enough to meet the challenge of cushioning your feet as you go about your day. Below is the secret behind the cushioning magic of HappyStep® insoles.

What Is Memory Foam?

Memory foam has seen creative and varied applications for pillows, mattresses, and even headphones. It is one of the most sought-after foam among people who seek absolute comfort. Even those with disabilities and orthopedic conditions benefit from its magic.

In the 1970s, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was the first to develop memory foam. Due to weightlessness in space, astronauts keep bumping into random objects and the walls of their spaceship. As a way to avoid injuries from these collisions, the walls were lined up with memory foam.

But what makes memory foam special?

Imagine a bed made specifically for you and only you. What would that bed look like? It would probably have contours that take the shape of your body. That’s what memory foam does. It can absorb the pressure of your body while gradually adapting its own shape to it.

It is made possible by the viscoelastic properties inherent to the materials that make up memory foam. Using the same materials in shoe insoles can entirely change the experience for your foot. It can relieve you of foot pain while evenly distributing weight and pressure on your foot.

How Do Insoles Work?

Bad shoes can certainly cause your foot to develop foot ailments. It can vary from a mildly uncomfortable sensation to excruciating pain. In addition, these shoes are often ill-fitting and don’t have enough arch support for your foot.

You can simply insert support insoles into your shoes to compensate for their lack of foot support. Specially designed orthotic insoles do a better job at preventing plantar fasciitis and metatarsalgia as they lessen the strain on your foot muscles.

Podiatrists even prescribe orthotic shoe inserts to their patients to help them recover from foot conditions and relieve foot and heel pain. Insoles can be a lifesaver for those with extreme foot pain, which has already disrupted their daily activities.

What Should I Check Before Getting Myself a Pair of Insoles?

Purchasing a pair of insoles can be a tricky matter. While there are plenty of options in the market, you should narrow down your options by checking the following: 

  • Arch support rigidity: The arch of your foot needs support to relieve it from enduring too much pressure. As such, the insole should be able to provide arch support without being too soft or flexible. The ideal arch support retains its shape while lending support to the arch of your foot.
  • Arch support height: Our feet are uniquely shaped. No single insole can accommodate all kinds of feet perfectly. The most suitable insole for your foot must have the appropriate arch support height.
  • Heel support cup depth: Insoles don’t only provide comfort. They also offer stability and balance to each of your steps. As the heel absorbs impact, it must maintain its position relative to your shoe. A deep heel cup can help your heel remain stable and firm while wearing your shoe.
  • Overall thickness: The wiggle room inside your shoe matters. As you wear your shoes for long periods, your feet will inevitably adapt to the shape of the interior of your shoes. A thick insole can make your shoe more tight-fitting, making your foot more prone to developing foot ailments.
  • Moisture absorption: Inserts are typically made of foam which can absorb bodily fluids generated by the foot. It can lead to bacteria and fungi growth that can later develop into an athlete’s foot and other kinds of infection. A shoe insole with moisture management features can prevent this from occurring.
  • Shock absorption: Whether you’re a casual jogger or an intense sports athlete, your foot needs to be protected from extreme shocks and pressure. Shocks can tear the muscles in your foot which can be very excruciating. A good support insole has significant shock absorption to reduce stress on your foot.
  • Overall length: Depending on the shoes you’d like to wear, you have to note how long the insole would be. Some insoles are designed to support your foot from heel to toe. Others are meant to be worn with open shoes. These are significantly shorter than full-length insoles.

Introducing the HappyStep® Memory Foam Shoe Insoles

Among the different comfort insoles offered in the market, the HappyStep® Memory Foam Shoe Insoles stand out with their affordable price and long-lasting comfort. So let’s take a closer look at what this pair of insoles has to offer.

Specs at a Glance

  • High-density memory foam that provides tailor-made cushioning
  • Orthopedic arch support suitable for neutral and medium arch types
  • Recommended for use with footwear with removable insoles
  • Available in multiple sizing options for both men and women
  • The ultra-lightweight design makes slipping it on a breeze
  • You can trim it down to the perfect size for your shoe

About HappyStep®

Online marketplaces are brimming with generic insoles from questionable sellers. Some are merely rebranded, but all come from the same factory. Moreover, they come with a cheaper price tag, making them the most desirable option. Unfortunately, you risk compromising your safety with these substandard insoles.

With HappyStep®, you won’t ever need to trade quality with affordability. They offer a wide range of foot care products that provide long-lasting comfort and reliable support for your daily activities like walking, running, and sports. As a bonus, they offer their products at a competitively lower price compared to their rivals in the market.

Designed in Canada, HappyStep® products are guaranteed to help you with different foot complications such as bunions, plantar fasciitis, and metatarsalgia. Their product portfolio includes heel socks, bunion splints, comfort insoles, sports insoles, heel support, and arch support products.

Tailor-Made Cushioning

Different footwear manufacturers invest millions in research and development. But it means spending time and money experimenting with different contours, insole thickness, arch support height, and other minuscule details.

What they seek is to find the most optimal design to deliver maximum comfort. The HappyStep® insoles can do just that without complicated and gimmicky designs. With the use of memory foam technology, these insoles can adapt to your foot’s unique shape.

The viscoelastic material absorbs pressure and heat from your foot. Given enough time, the heat and pressure will mold the contours of the footbed to the exact shape of your foot. As a result, a tailor-made cushioning experience is made possible, all thanks to memory foam.

Easy Trimming to Fit Any Shoe

People wear different shoes for different occasions. For instance, you might wear a sleek black leather shoe for a formal gathering and a rugged boot for your weekend hiking trip. Your ordinary support insole might not fit all your shoes in your wardrobe.

The HappyStep® insoles are made to be trimmed down to fit the exact proportions of your shoe. Unlike one-size-fits-all insoles, these shoe inserts don’t pretend to fit every shoe you have magically. It may be a burden to some, but this will ensure the most optimal experience for you and your feet.

The downside to this is that if you wish to wear these memory foam inserts with different shoes, you have to buy a pair for each of those shoes. As such, it might be too costly for some people who might prefer the one-size-fits-all solutions.

Dependable Arch Support

People with active lifestyles can be more prone to foot ailments due to the impact and pressure that their feet have to endure. In addition, the arch of your foot needs to be supported to protect the muscles that lie underneath. So what you need are insoles that have good and reliable arch support.

The HappyStep® insoles feature dependable arch support that can accommodate people with neutral and medium arch types. The arch of their foot rests relatively low to the ground, making them prone to overpronation. Consequently, overpronation can damage foot muscles, ligaments, tendons, and ligaments and even cause arch pain.

In addition to providing reliable arch support, these insoles also have deep U-shaped heel cups. A deep heel cup can better provide your foot stability, which is very important for physically demanding daily activities. Foot fatigue is also reduced by the thick and soft cushioning at the base of the heel.


Customers who bought the HappyStep® insoles report mixed reviews. Some find the arch support lacking. Others find it too high for their feet. The same can be said for the feedback about the overall insole thickness. Some say it’s too thick, while others say it’s almost non-existent.

A common complaint among customer reviews is that the insole itself is absurdly shaped. For example, the heel is too thick, while the forefoot is too thin—this big change in thickness results in feeling like wearing high heels. As such, if you’re experiencing ball of foot pain or metatarsalgia, these insoles might not be the best for you.

Final Thoughts

More often than not, people neglect their feet. We only notice their needs once it’s too late. That’s why right now is the best time to invest in foot care products!

Memory foam insoles harness the technology born out of man’s quest to reach the stars and put it right beneath our feet. The responsive rebound and customized cushioning that memory foam offers excel at providing maximum comfort for your foot. The HappyStep® memory foam shoe insoles get the job done without tearing a hole in your pocket.

Face the day with a smile and happier feet as you step out the door with the best memory foam insoles!

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