Wear Your Shoes With Comfort: The Pedag Viva Universal Leather Shoe Insoles Review
5 min read
November 11, 2021

Wear Your Shoes With Comfort: The Pedag Viva Universal Leather Shoe Insoles Review

5 min read
November 11, 2021

Leather boots insoles are a great way to improve the comfort of your favorite pair of leather shoes. They come in various styles and materials, and they can also be customized to fit your needs. These insoles carry both leather arch supports and orthotics for those who need additional care. Some people might not realize that there are several different styles to choose from, and each one has its own set of benefits!

Help your feet feel comfortable and be pain-free. Let us dive deeper into one of the best leather insoles for your shoes, the Pedag Viva Universal Inserts, and get to know the reasons why you should get one. 

Why Wear Insoles? 

Many people think that wearing insoles are only for those people who experience foot pain. But in reality, wearing insoles in your shoe every day can give you tons of benefits, including: 

Foot Arch Support 

About 2 out of 10 people have flatfeet. It is a condition where the feet have little to no arch. Most children have flat feet when they are born, and during their growing years, their foot's arch slowly appears. 

An arch on your foot is a sign that your feet are healthy. This is because having a flatfoot can affect how a person walks and can cause foot pains. Luckily, insoles can help with foot arch problems and help treat the condition. 

Reduces the Risk of Foot Ailments 

Walking around every day can cause foot conditions. But wearing insoles prevents these conditions from happening. For example, a case of plantar fasciitis is a condition where the arch of the feet falls completely flat, and the ligaments on your feet are stretched beyond their maximum capacity. 

The cushioning of the leather arch support of the insoles can help prevent this from happening and help your feet retain their proper posture. 

Promotes Healthy Movements and Develops Performance 

If you have improper support on your feet and have underlying conditions, it can affect how you move and walk. Some people do not see it, but people with foot pain tend to lean their bodies on the better foot for support and walk unbalanced. 

Insoles can relieve your pain and also correct your posture. It also increases your performance on running because of the correct posture and less pain, and you will be able to run around without the risk of injuries. 

Relief for Lower Body Pain

The bones on your feet are interconnected with those on your knees, hips, and lower back. The pain you feel in your lower body can be caused by conditions on your feet. It is like a domino effect of pain. Wearing proper insoles can help you avoid it.

A Closer Look on the Pedag Viva Universal Leather Shoe Insoles 

If you are looking for high-quality leather orthotics, add Pedag Viva to your next shopping list. The Pedag Viva is the perfect leather insole for all types of shoes– dress shoes, rubber shoes, high heels, and even casual shoes. Feel the ultimate comfort with these insoles. 

Metatarsal Support 

These shoe insoles run through your whole feet. The Pedag Viva has metatarsal support for people who have metatarsalgia. The insoles ease the pain and decrease the pressure on the ball of your foot. It also has a cushion on the heels that gives comfort to your every step. This cushion helps you take proper steps and corrects your posture that also helps prevent pain that can be felt up to your spine. 

Universal and All-purpose Insole

The Pedag Viva is compatible with women's and men's shoes. For women, sizes are available from 5 through 12, and for men, sizes are available from 6 through 18. These leather insoles can also fit older children. Surely there is a perfect fit for everyone! 

Designed for Everyday Use and Heavier Shoes 

The Pedag Viva is the perfect companion for every shoe type. The insoles are not bulky, so it is the perfect leather insoles for boots and running shoes. Some insoles make the shoes too tight on your feet, making walking uncomfortable and painful. 

But the design of the Viva insoles is comfortable on any shoe. These leather insoles are also very durable. Even with everyday use, they can last up to six months before replacement. It is a good product with great value. 

Odor Control 

The problem with ordinary insoles is that they can't control the moisture on your feet. Due to humidity, your feet can get sweaty, and without the proper material in the insoles, they can develop a foul smell. The last thing you want is smelly feet. The Pedag Viva is integrated with charcoal filters that prevent the foot from smelling even after a long day of wear. 

Why Go With Leather? 

There are different types of materials used for insoles. For example, there is neoprene, fiberboard, cellulose, and other materials. But why should you go with leather, and what makes it better than the other materials? 

  • The leather insoles prevent your feet from excessive sweating that can cause a bad odor. 
  • The support on these insoles is better than the other materials because of their sturdy structure. 
  • High-quality material that lasts longer because the majority of the leather insoles are handcrafted. 
  • Leather orthotics have different varieties, unlike ordinary insoles that are one size fits all. You will surely find a pair that fits perfectly on your feet. You can also have leather insoles customized for you to ensure the ultimate comfort. 
  • The leather adapts the way you walk. So, the longer you use it, the more it will feel like an extension for your feet. Plus, it does not easily loosen. 
  • It complements every piece of footwear you own. As a result, it feels not only elegant but also looks elegant on your feet. 

Final Thoughts 

Many people do not give that much care to their feet. Unless the pain becomes unbearable, that's the only time we find a solution to cure our foot conditions. Whether you are an athlete who's always running around, an employee that stands up most of the day, or just a person walking around and about, proper foot care is important

Invest in a good leather shoe insole so that you can take on the world, one step at a time, injury-free and pain-free. The Pedag Viva leather shoe insoles are worth looking at twice. For supreme comfort and tangible results, it is the best choice. 

Your feet can take you to far and wide places, so start paying attention to your toes and take care of them so you can move more and do more.

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