Get More Energy, Comfort, and Height With These Five Brands of Shoe Insoles for Men
7 min read
March 18, 2022

Get More Energy, Comfort, and Height With These Five Brands of Shoe Insoles for Men

7 min read
March 18, 2022

Men will always want these three things in their lives: energy, comfort, and a little height increase. These help them dominate life's daily challenges and be their best selves every day. However, many of them lack in one or several of the three aspects. Luckily, they can easily fix it with just a single purchase.

Your feet are what keep you from getting more energy, comfort, and height. Fortunately, insoles are your instant gamechanger. It's important that you choose your insoles carefully because a single purchase can change your life for the better. 

Ready to take on the day confidently? Choose among these top brands.

shoe insoles men - A blue and black pair of shoe insoles

1. Walk Hero Men's Shoe Insoles

Price: $17.98-24.99

Walk Hero lives up to their name with a product made exactly for people who walk a lot. Their insoles address issues like flat foot pains and plantar fasciitis, which are relieved instantly. So it's no surprise that the brand has garnered plenty of satisfied customers, making it their ultimate foot savior.

Quick Features:

Deep heel design — The heel of the insole is cupped to provide balance and prevent any pronation problems. In addition, the heel is fitted with flexible silicone material for a comfy feeling.

Semi-rigid mid-foot support — The arch is well supported with a semi-rigid contour to give balance and proper foot bone alignment.

Optimum cushioning — The foam cushion is made of high-density ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) that provides shack absorption and comfort at the same time.

Full-length insole — The design completely covers your underfoot for pain prevention.


  • It has excellent shock absorption capabilities because of its materials, which are three layers of material put together to make this insole. On top of this, there's a silicone cushion on the heel of the soles. This makes the insoles effectively absorb impact from the ground.
  • It eliminates pain and discomfort right away. The Walk Hero is effective for flat-footers who feel pain in their ankles after walking a good enough distance or standing for hours. The arch support is very effective in splaying your foot muscles and relaxing them while you stand.


  • It can be a bit too thick to fit a casual shoe. It will be a shame to trim the insoles just to put them inside your daily footwear, so be sure to get the size closest to your feet to avoid any substantial insole trim.
  • It can be stiff despite its comfortable materials. People expect personalized comfort from the multiple layers of material. While it would've been awesome for the Walk Hero to have memory foam, it is designed for a different purpose. So expect a bit of stiffness with these semi-rigid soles.
shoe insoles men - A bottom view of a black and blue insole

2. Scholls Men's Shoe Insoles

Price: $10.88-18.99

The name Dr. Scholl has a ring of integrity and excellence. The name has proven itself as such for the last 115 years.

Among the wide range of products that the brand offer is the Work Insoles, designed to keep your hard-working feet comfortable through the hours. The soles are surprisingly good, even for sports enthusiasts who bring the intensity of work into their game.

Quick Features:

Cooling technology — The soles forefoot is dotted with small vent holes that keep the air circulating inside your work shoes, so you feel comfortable during humid days.

Tough as steel arch support — A crosshatch pattern similar to industrial steel sheets ensures the arch supports durability. It holds up your arch and keeps you comfortable.

Wavy cushioning design — The wave-like pattern underneath the sole's forefoot is intended to have a springy effect and help the wearer walk and stride on any surface.

Extra massaging gel — The thick patterned gel material extends up to the middle arch to provide maximum therapeutic capabilities. Great for long work hours in the field.


  • The soles are easy to put inside your shoes. The material is very flexible on the most important sections, save the arch. This makes it easy for this sole to adjust to your shoe's fit. 
  • It brings comfort and relieves pain for long hours. These soles are designed to keep your feet comfortable for those long 8-12 hour shifts of standing and walking on hard surfaces. Your feet will feel light and fresh after taking your work shoes off.


  • Durability is an issue when it comes to these insoles. If you're a heavy user, the soft materials may wear out quickly, and you may need to buy a new one. This is perhaps a trade-off that comes with the comfort brought about by the gel material.
shoe insoles men - A black and cyan colored electric dirt bike

3. Easy Feet Insoles for Work

Price: $29.99-39.99

What makes Easy Feet stand out as a men's insole brand is its strong claims to make you comfortable—enough to push an additional boost of three hours of foot activity than your usual. You'll get pain relief after seven days of using their product. 

The soles are mainly designed for intense activity sports. And while you're in a standing position, it has you covered from the foot to your lower back.

Quick Features:

Velvet cover  — The velvet material on the sole's outer layer has a smooth texture. You will want to use it even without socks.

High arch support — The insoles are designed for flat-footed men. It provides pain relief while preventing and treating plantar fasciitis, overpronation, and other related foot conditions. 

Deep heel design — The heels of the insoles are molded to sink your heels into their natural position while offering comfort. The design encourages stability and helps relieve pain from the foot up to your lower back.

Versatile for most shoes — The insoles can fit your worker boots, daily sneakers, orthopedic footwear, and rubber shoes.


  • It provides guaranteed results in a short time. What we love about Easy Feet is how they tone down the insole's pain relief hype to a realistic level while delivering the promised result. They'll tell you your feet will be slightly uncomfortable for 3 - 7 days, but after that, your feet will feel comfortable. This is because your foot is adjusting to some of the useful features, like the high arch support.
  • The idea of an insole giving you more energy is exciting. The Easy Feet soles give you and your feet an estimate of three more hours to get more work done. If you're using it for sports activities, that can mean another lawn tennis match or another 5-10 kilometer run.


  • Performs poorly on uneven and tilted surfaces. The smooth and comfy velvet layer slides your foot when you step on tilted or uneven surfaces. This will eventually restrict your movement and can be a disadvantage when you play a sport with many running involved. 
  • It's suitable for almost any type of shoes except for men's dress shoes with removable insoles. The tight and rigid formal shoes will not accommodate the Easy Feet insoles. You can work around it by trimming the soles to match the dress shoes' size, but it will also reduce its ability to deliver comfort.
shoe insoles men - A packaged, front view, and side view of a blue insole

4. Powerstep Original Insoles

Price: $24.82-49.00

Powerstep is a brand designed and recommended by podiatrists. Its purpose is to provide you with long-lasting comfort daily no matter what situation you and your feet are getting into. Whether you're a worker, an athlete, a student, or a busy parent, these insoles will cater to your foot pain relief needs and give you power in your every step.

Quick Features:

Synthetic material  - The material reduces heat and friction and is breathable enough to prevent sweat and odor.

Neutral arch support - The neutral support makes breaking in these insoles easier. It also provides enough balance and support when standing up or walking and relieves any pain. 

Daily use design - The dual-layer design provides enough flexibility and comfort for daily use. Its moderate cushion combined with a semi-rigid shell makes it durable while keeping your feet functional.

Low profile - The insoles have two layers for a lower profile and better fit. The insoles work best with men's shoes with soft insoles, as you'll have no difficulty putting them on top. 


  • It works amazingly for low-cut shoes. If you're used to wearing loafers, boat shoes, and canvas shoes, you'll know how uncomfortable they can get because they have a flat inner sole. If you insert the Powerstep in your shoes, you'll feel the results immediately. Your feet will feel relaxed when you take off the shoes as if you've never worn them.
  • The insoles can give relief to your heel discomfort. This insole stands out from the rest because it's made to target your foot's rear, which holds most of your weight. You'll get a level of support that keeps the pain at bay as you walk or stand once you wear them with your leather boots or sneakers.


  • The insoles are susceptible to wear and tear, especially the heel part. One of the reasons is that there are fewer layers on these insoles. The outer fabric may tear after just several uses, and you'll feel slight irritation and discomfort when it happens.

5. Erioctry Height Insoles for Men's Shoes

Price: $12.84-21.88

Apart from comfortable feet, we sometimes also want to grow taller. Height insoles like the ones offered by Erioctry are your go-to product if you want to add a few centimeters and be taller.

Quick Features:

EVA material  - Made of a comfortable layer of EVA cushioning that feels good to the feet.

Elevates heels - The heel portion of the insoles is inclined to give you a height enhancement. The elevation ranges from 2.3 cm up to 4.3 cm.

Memory foam - The insoles' foam mold according to your arch, heel, and metatarsals' contours. This personalizes the comfort and pain-relief you receive from the product.


  • It does what it's supposed to do and does it well. The height insoles are strong enough to hold your weight without it getting squeezed flat. Because of this, it gives you all the height boost you actually paid for.
  • The surface of the insole feels comfortable underneath your foot. If you're worried the insole's elevated characteristic will add more stress to your metatarsals and arch, you'll be surprised that it doesn't. The EVA and the memory foam feature will leave your feet feeling great even with the height increase.


  • The top layer of the insoles is susceptible to peeling off. The material lacked a strong adhesive to keep the surface glued, so you'll have to put it together by buying your own adhesive.

Our Pick: Walk Hero Shoe Insoles for Men

The Walk Hero insoles are, by far, the most worthy buy among the list of brands. The price is lower than we expect, given three-layer shoe insoles. It's also loaded with several features that deliver a lot of comfort and stability to the user. 

Some users see the insole's thickness as a downside, but we choose to see it as a slight height bump. With Walk Hero, you get comfortable with wearing it, it gives you energy as a result, and as a bonus, it also adds a couple of centimeters to your height.

If you want to read more in-depth reviews for Walk Hero and other insole brands, go on and explore our website. You'll find more information to help you decide the best insole for you.  

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