Stay In Style As You Bid Heel Pain Goodbye: Wear Dr. Scholl’s Shoe Insoles For Heels
5 min read
September 3, 2021

Stay In Style As You Bid Heel Pain Goodbye: Wear Dr. Scholl’s Shoe Insoles For Heels

5 min read
September 3, 2021

Have there been times when you wore comfortable clothing, but looked so uncool and unfashionable that you ended up uncomfortable anyway? Or have you experienced dressing to the nines, but hobbling home at the end of the occasion? Get the best of both worlds—at least when it comes to wearing stylish shoes—by wearing shoe inserts for heel pain.

It will be easy for you to find products to ease your heel pain, but it’s the vast array of choices that will give you a hard time. Let us help you find the best heel support through this review. We’ll give you the reasons why Dr. Scholl’s shoe insert is a must-have.

Our Recommendation: Dr. Scholl’s Shoe Insoles For Heels

Talk about foot health and Dr. Scholl’s is among the first names you will hear. It is the same brand we are recommending for your heel pain. Dr. Scholl’s Heel Cushions Massaging Gel Advanced is the best to alleviate the pain your heels bring because of the following characteristics.

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Product Highlight

Among the characteristics that make Dr. Scholl’s heel support stand out from other brands is its slim design. The thickness of the cushion is just enough to have a soft spot for the heels to rest on. Despite adding another layer to the heels, you won’t feel discomfort because of the tapering thickness of the cushion—thick in the rear, and slowly thinning towards the inner part of the foot. The area right where the plantar fascia lies also has several layers of shock-absorbing gel to avoid plantar fasciitis.


You won’t need any manual to know how to use Dr. Scholl’s shoe insoles, but if you are used to insoles that cover the whole shoe, you’ll find the heel-only cushion something new. Shoe insoles that cover the length of the entire foot should be trimmed, but not these insoles. All you have to do is peel the adhesive under them and stick them to any shoes you will use. Dr. Scholl’s heel cushions are a great fit for all kinds of shoes!


The usual negative feedback you’ll hear from shoe insole users is the discomfort they feel with added inserts. Their feet feel cramped, and the natural curves of the feet don’t match the insole design. As a result, wearing insoles bring more pain instead of relief to the foot condition it should be addressing. But because of the heel-only cushioning and tapered design of Dr. Scholl’s insoles, you are spared from feeling cramped.


If you are looking for reusable and durable insoles for your heels, you’ve got it with Dr. Scholl’s heel cushions. Since they are made of gel, you can easily remove them for washing and drying. Replace the adhesives underneath and stick them back to the shoes for another use. It is only when you see them wearing out that you should replace them. If you do not do strenuous foot exercises regularly, these cushions can last long. Nevertheless, be the judge. If you think the insoles are ready for replacement, it is always easy to get another pair.

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Stay In Style With Dr. Scholl’s Insoles For Heels

Do Dr. Scholl’s insoles sound like the heel support you are looking for? Get a couple of pairs now if you are an avid shoe collector, and keep all your stylish kicks pain-proof. If you’re wondering which shoes these insoles would fit in, we got the answers too!


Men and women alike have a weakness for all kinds of boots. Combats, cowboys, or Chelseas are comfortable to wear with jeans or skirts. You can get a little daring too, with heeled knee-high and thigh-high. Before you rock any boot, make sure to insert Dr. Scholl’s heel cushions for comfortable strides.

Flats and Slip-Ons

Casual attire is best paired with flats, so you must have tons of them in a variety of colors. It wouldn’t hurt to add Dr. Scholl’s heel insoles to a couple of your favorites. In this way, you can slip them on without worrying about painful heels after running your errands.

Wedges, Heels, and Straps

Confidence is derived from many things, but many get it from high-heeled shoes like wedges, platforms, straps, pumps, or stilettos. They are undeniably not that easy to wear, but the confidence they give will make you wear them as much as you can. If these are your style of shoes, make each day blissful and not painful with Dr. Scholl’s heel cushions.


You can also stick Dr. Scholl’s gel insole to men’s footwear like the classic Oxford shoes. Slay a corporate outfit and maintain a comfortable and confident stance in reports and business meetings because you are comfortable wearing your nicely shined Oxfords.


Plain or decorated with straps, another shoe must-have are loafers. They provide a stylish look for both casual and formal wear, while keeping the toes comfortable because of the vast toe space. Experience more comfort when you add Dr. Scholl’s heel insoles to the classic, penny, or tassel loafers you have. You’ll want to wear them every day!

Monk Strap

Which do you prefer, a single monk strap or a double monk strap? Whichever you choose, with Dr. Scholl’s heel support, shoes are more comfortable to wear. No matter how long a formal get-together or a business meeting is, you won’t worry about painful feet during or after the event.

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Bid Goodbye To Pain With Dr. Scholl’s Shoe Inserts For Heels

Despite being called the best foot support for your heels, Dr. Scholl’s heel insoles do not only address heel pain. Here are the several foot conditions that are addressed along with heel pain, or are prevented just by wearing these heel cushions.

  • Plantar fasciitis: Plantar fasciitis is not only simple heel pain but a more severe one. Worse is that it is recurring. Because of friction and pressure when walking or running, it is only by wearing a cushion that this condition can be eased or prevented.
  • Metatarsalgia: When the heels are in pain, you will most likely shift the pressure to the ball of the foot. With continuous pressure focused only on the metatarsals, metatarsalgia is expected to occur.
  • Poor posture: If your heel pain continues, not only will you adjust foot pressure but also your posture. Prepare yourself for painful knees, backs, and hips. A total posture change may happen if you do not address heel pain right away.

If your heel pain comes together with another foot condition like hammertoes or bunions, you should address both conditions simultaneously.

Final Thoughts

Dr. Scholl’s heel insoles help a lot in addressing your painful heels. Not only that, but they also help treat or prevent several other foot conditions along the way. With that, you are free to wear any shoe you want to match your favorite outfits.

When there are painful parts of the body, we cannot help but adjust our lifestyle to give us comfort. For heel pain, you have proper heel support like what Dr. Scholl’s cushions provide, and you can enjoy dressing up as much as you want, anytime and anywhere!

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