Pretty and Healthy Toes in the Making: Toe Care Tips and the Iridesi Two-Toned Pedicure Toe Spacers

December 3, 2021
pedicure toe spacers

Your toes are made for showing off and helping you balance. Who wouldn't want to flash clean, healthy, and pretty toes? One of the best ways to achieve that is to get a pedicure. It's a great cosmetic and relaxing treatment for women and men alike, and the results are fantastic! However, pedicures can be time-consuming, difficult, and expensive for some.

Suppose you're planning a DIY pedicure night with your friends. It's a great idea, but there are two problems: pedicure is difficult to DIY for some, and your toes aren't in their best condition. It's not fun to apply nail polish that scatters all over the skin or work on toes with an aching and irritable bunion. To avoid the possible mess, here are your heroes to the rescue: pedicure toe spacers and proper toe care!

The Two-Way Function of Toe Spacers

You can still work your pedicure session out! Pedicure toe separators might look like simple little devices to you, but they actually provide two solutions that will greatly help you with your toe problems.

How Do Toe Spacers Work?

Toe spacers are usually made of gel or foam materials. First, they make great pedicure tools to minimize the mess. They separate the toes most comfortably so that you can focus on applying nail polish on each of them perfectly.

Second, they also help you deal with toe pain and alignment issues. If you feel pain and pressure from regular footwear or toe issues like bunions, these are the best pain relief devices. Are toe spacers good for bunions? Do toe spacers work for bunions? We say yes to these questions.

However, note that they don't treat foot problems as surgery would. For pain relief, less severe cases, or post-surgical treatment, these are effective tools. In this review article, however, we'll focus on a product that functions well for pain relief. Then, we'll also discuss foot care tips to provide a two-way toe solution for you.

The Iridesi Toe Spacers Review: Fun and Perfect Pedicure Sessions

Now that we're clear with the two-way function of toe spacers, here's a product we can recommend for you: the Iridesi Two-Toned Pedicure Toe Separators. Below is an overview of its features:


  • A Charming Two-Toned Design

Iradesi's colorful two-toned design is what immediately catches the attention of many. They come in various colors: pink, purple, orange, and blue. Luckily, you will get all of them in one pack, so there's no need to worry if you want more than one color.

toe spacers for bunions - iridesi toe spacers image
  • A Cushioning Effect

These foam-made toe separators provide an extremely soft cushioning effect. You'll get used to them easily because of how comfortable they feel on your toes. Plus, if you have nagging toe pain, it might help with relieving the ache for a bit.

  • The DIY Pedicurist's Best Friend

If you can't afford expensive pedicure services, the Iradesi spacers can be an incredible DIY alternative. They're very easy and convenient to use, even for beginners. That being said, they're also a useful tool for professional nail technicians.

  • Affordable Price With Good Quality

These toe spacers will help you save $4 and more than most of its competitors, but they don't compromise quality. So you can rest easy knowing that you can still nail the art of pedicure using inexpensive devices.


  • They Are Not Treatments for Foot Issues

While toe separators can function as toe spacers for bunions or other toe alignment issues, the Iridesi spacers are different. They're pedicure toe separators, which means they're only nail treatment accessories. 

If you're looking for pain relief, look for a different type of device. Search bunion splints, toe spacers for runners, gel toe spacers, or toe spacers CVS in trusted online shops.

  • Material's Softness Can Be a Disadvantage

As good as it feels against the skin, the Iridesi separators aren't useful to some due to their ultra-soft foam material. Some users report that it's not sturdy enough to separate the toes from each other, and some even say it falls apart easily.

Additionally, some reviews talk about the size. If you have smaller feet, you'll benefit greatly from these spacers. But if you have a bigger size, it might not work well. Check out the following specs before you make a buying decision:

  • Dimensions: 3.75x4.25x1.5 in
  • Weight: 0.13 lb (0.2 oz)
  • No. of Pairs Per Box: 12
  • Colors: 4
  • Style: Two-toned
  • Material: Foam
  • Other Uses: Bobbin holders
gel toe spacers - female’s feet on spa treatment image

The Best Practices of Toe Care

Along with the Iridesi Toe Separators, you should also take care of your toes to achieve optimum pretty and healthy results. Here's how:

Prevention Tips

If you don't have any foot issues and just looking for preventive measures, here are our recommendations:

  • Clean and Trim Your Toenails Properly

Trimming your toenails helps keep them healthy, clean, and strong. However, you need to do it properly. Otherwise, it can trigger ingrown toenails and other toe problems. Do it every few weeks or whenever you feel like they need a good straight trimming.

Don't forget to clean them thoroughly. You might not notice it, but when you clean your feet, it's easy to overlook the narrow corners of your toenails. But that's where most dirt builds up, so make sure you clean them well to avoid bacteria from developing.

  • Wear Well-Fitting Shoes

The wrong shoe fit can trigger foot problems. Wearing old or tight shoes restricts your mobility, puts unwanted pressure on the feet, and irritates the skin. These are possible causes of bunions, hammertoes, calluses, and other foot issues.

Therefore, you should pay better attention to your footwear. Replace your shoes when they show the slightest, early signs of wearing out, especially if it makes you uncomfortable. Make sure to get a comfortable size with good quality so that they don't cause pain, sore heels, or toe deformation.

  • Always Examine Your Feet

Make it a habit to do a regular feet check. Look out for cuts, sores, and swelling. Some may look like minor cases, but they can become serious if they stay that way for long. For example, if you have wounds that don't heal within a few days, you should consider having them checked.

Another example is your toenail color. Yellow or brown nails can signify fungal issues, but other colors might involve bigger health concerns. To determine how to treat them before they get worse, consult a podiatrist as soon as you can.

Recovery Tips

Meanwhile, here are some basic recommendations for fast and proper recovery if you have a toe problem. It would be best to try these practices after checking in with your health expert for optimum healing.

  • Rest and Ice Your Toes

Rest is a major element of recovery. Stop engaging in physical activities for a while and rest plenty. Allow your feet to be immobile as much as possible so that they can recover fast.

Additionally, don't forget to apply ice treatment (not directly on the skin). It helps in cooling down the soft tissues in your toe, reducing blood flow and swelling. Experts may recommend doing it for about 20 minutes per hour in the first 24 hours, then three times a day after that.

  • Take Prescribed Medicines and Wear Orthopedic Devices

There are different medicines for foot treatment, such as ibuprofen or naproxen. However, we don't recommend you to take it unless a health professional prescribes it. Meanwhile, you can try wearing orthopedic devices like toe separators or bunion pads. 

Depending on the product specifications, some of these devices are effective for pre-surgery or post-surgery treatment. If you consult with your health provider, they might also recommend wearing one for your recovery period.


The toes are one of the most overlooked foot parts, but they need just as much care! They keep your balance in check and allow you to move your feet flexibly, especially in high-impact activities. Moreover, you can groom them prettily through a pedicure sesh, something you can consider as quality time with friends.

The Iridesi Toe Separators are perfect for helping you avoid the messy possibility of pedicures. They stay true to their purpose and are affordable. Plus, they incorporate various colors to give off a lovely look on your feet! We hope this review has helped you in your buying decision and toe care reminders.

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