Foot Health 101: Is Arch Support Necessary? 

May 3, 2022
toy ball for arch support

When it comes to choosing shoes, people often prioritize the looks and design of the footwear over its functionality. Sometimes, it doesn't matter if the shoes are comfortable. As long as it looks cool, it's the best one. For younger people and individuals with no persisting foot problems, shoes may not be an issue. But for older individuals and people who experience foot pain, good supportive shoes are their best option. 

In this blog post, we'll discuss one of the most asked questions regarding foot care and shoes. Is arch support necessary? We'll know all about the arch area's conditions and why getting arch-supporting shoes for yourself is important. Now is the time to give more attention to your overall foot health. 

Foot Conditions in the Arch Area 

There are foot conditions that usually feel like nothing at first. That's why many people start treating their feet when the pain worsens. Let's take a closer look at some of the foot conditions that develop in the arch area and some of their symptoms to help you take better care of your feet

Flat Feet

It's most common to see flat feet among children, and if you are a parent, there is no need to alarm yourself. The bones of younger kids are developing, so some parts of their bodies may not yet look normal. But, if you're an adult and you see that your feet have little to no arch, especially when you are standing, you have flat feet. 

To most people, having flat feet is not a big issue. But when you start feeling pain in your feet, it's better to start with treatment before it worsens. The common symptoms of flat feet are frequent leg cramps, experiencing stabbing pain when you walk and toe drifts. Flat feet can easily be treated with physical therapy and shoes with arch support insoles for men and women. 

High Arch or Cavus Foot 

If there's a condition for flat feet, some people also develop an unusually high foot arch. This condition is less likely to occur in the flat feet, but when it's not addressed properly, it can permanently damage your foot structure and cause constant discomfort. Try leaving a footprint if you can't tell if you have a normal or high arch. If there is a huge gap between your front toes and heel, that's probably the case. 

A high arch can lead to more serious problems if you leave them untreated. You are more likely to develop metatarsalgia or ball of foot pain because of the absence of support in the middle part of your feet. You are also prone to sprains because the arch helps you walk properly and maintain your balance. Lastly, a high arch opens you to other deformities like claw toes and hammertoes. 

Plantar Fasciitis or Heel Pain 

There is a ligament that connects your front toes to your heels called the plantar fascia. This ligament allows your foot to stretch so you can do several motions like walking and running. One of the most common causes of plantar fasciitis is an abnormal arch. When you have this condition, you usually feel pain in your heel when you step on the group in the morning. 

The discomfort that comes with plantar fasciitis comes and goes. But most of the time, you will feel pain when you work and stand for long hours due to your activities.

personal with a flat feet

Advantages of Using Footwear with Arch Support 

Supportive footwear is easily accessible to you. Some foot care gears are conveniently found in local stores. Moreover, there are shoe brands with built-in arch supports. There are also specific arch support insoles for women and men you can insert in your daily footwear to help you. Take advantage of these foot care accessories to improve your overall foot health. 

Additionally, to help convince you that arch supports are essential for your daily activities, here are some benefits you can experience using arch-supportive footwear. 

It helps distribute the strains. 

When you have foot deformities, especially fallen arch or abnormally high ones, the pressure point on the feet usually falls to one location, which causes pain and discomfort. With proper arch support, you are more likely to prevent heel spurs and ball of foot pain. In addition, if you have underlying foot conditions, this will help you take a step more comfortably and possibly do more work pain-free. 

It promotes stability and posture steadiness.

Most foot conditions affect your posture and the way you walk. If you leave it untreated, it can permanently change the structure of your foot area, making it difficult for you to move. Supportive footwear can provide stability for individuals who are already suffering. Furthermore, they also cater to athletes. There are available insoles with arch support for running, jogging, and different types of sports. These inserts prevent players from sustaining major injuries. 

Furthermore, it helps people fix their posture. There are many reasons people develop poor postures, but foot conditions can be a factor. Using footwear with arch support will help improve and bring your posture back. Coupling it with physical therapy will prove great results for people who develop evident deformities. 

Lessens stress and absorbs forceful impacts 

Sometimes you can't help but take heavy steps, and the impact coming from these steps can worsen or develop certain foot conditions. Fortunately, footwear or inserts helps absorb the impact of such a situation. This feature is especially useful for people with persisting injuries. Moreover, the supportive footwear prevents damage to your feet. 

Moreover, this feature is also perfect for people who play sports. All those running and jumping can put a lot of stress on the foot area. Not to mention, their fast-paced movement makes them vulnerable to injuries. These supportive footwear helps minimize these injuries as much as possible. Furthermore, most supports are cushioned, so it adds extra comfort for players so they can play for longer periods.

patient fitting arch support insole

Best Footwear with Arch Support 

If you’re now convinced that protective footwear is necessary, it’s time to get one and try it for yourself. Here are some of the best insoles and footwear to support your arch. 

Insoles with arch support

  1. Dr. Scholl’s Arch Pain Orthotics 
  2. Dr. Foot’s Arch Support Gel Shoe Inserts 
  3. Walk Hero Plantar Fasciitis Shoe Insoles 
  4. Super Feet Arch Support Insoles 
  5. Custom Feet Arch Support Orthotics 

Footwear with built-in arch support

  1. Skechers Arch Fit Keep It Up Shoes 
  2. New Balance V5 Cross-Trainer Shoes 
  3. OrthoComFoot Slip-on Orthotics 
  4. OrthoFeet Orthotics Walking Shoes 
  5. Clarks Cloudsteppers Slip-on Loafers 

Final Thoughts 

Foot conditions and deformities can either come from birth or develop over time. Most of the time, we take for granted our foot health, and who can blame you? Unfortunately, most foot conditions are only noticeable when the pain is worse and constant. Fortunately, there are footwear and foot care fears that can help you relieve the pain and heal your foot conditions. 

Take advantage of these gears and give better attention to your foot health. We hope this informative blog post about foot arch helps you raise your awareness. For more buying guides for insoles, you may explore our other blogs for detailed reviews and comparisons to help you with your purchase. 

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