Authentic and Colorful Kids’ Ankle Brace for Your Active Little Warrior

May 11, 2022
kids ankle brace - kid wearing a blue ankle compression on bed

Your active little warrior comes rushing in from playing all afternoon, brimming with stories and excitement. But then you see them walk with a limp. Oh no! Not another ankle injury. It's frustrating to see your child injured and sidelined from doing the things they love because of it.

Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for children to suffer from ankle injuries, especially when active. The last thing you want to happen is for them to get injured repeatedly. However, you also want to help them get back to their normal, active routine as soon as possible.

This is why getting them a kids' ankle brace is a must. It will help them prevent ankle injuries and continue to live actively and healthily. Let's look at some of the best ankle braces for kids on the market today through this roundup. 

We compiled authentic ones in assorted colors and styles so that your child can find one that they will enjoy wearing!

5 Assorted Children's Ankle Support for Sport and Everyday Use

It's all childhood fun in the sun until your child can no longer run. Ankle injuries are common in children, but that doesn't mean it's completely inevitable. In fact, you can let them wear a good ankle brace to stay safe while being active.

We reviewed five ankle braces for your little warrior with all different levels of support. Plus, they have different colors to help you choose the perfect brace your child will love wearing.

youth ankle brace for basketball - donjoy marvel ankle brace

1) DonJoy Advantage Kids' Ankle Support Brace Featuring Marvel

This brand knows how to convince your kid to wear an ankle brace. The DonJoy Advantage Kids Ankle Brace Featuring Marvel will surely make your kid feel like a superhero!

Anatomy Specs

  • Constructed with an adjustable figure-8 strapping and a mesh undersleeve
  • Has an open heel design
  • Available colors/design: Marvel and Spiderman theme
  • Available size: X-Small (6.75‒7.75 in) and XX-Small (5.75‒6.75 in)

Protection Level and Features

  • Protection level: sports use (e.g., tennis, football, basketball, baseball, golf, and running)
  • The breathable mesh undersleeve is the main source of compression and comfort.
  • The adjustable figure-8 straps secure the ankle support.
  • The open heel design is constructed for an anatomical fit, easy application, and non-restrictive ankle solution.
  • It's lightweight and easily fits most shoes.


  • It's only effective for mild ankle injuries.
  • There are some sizing issues. Ensure to look at the specified size chart carefully before buying.

2) BXT Kids' Adjustable Ankle Compression Brace

Does your kid prefer a hot pink shade? If so, the BXT Ankle Compression Brace for Kids might be up to their alley!

Anatomy Specs

  • Made of neoprene, 12.5% terry cloth, 7% elastic Spandex, and 62% SBR foam pad
  • Comes with cross straps and an open heel design
  • Has a hook-and-loop closure system
  • Available colors: hot pink and black
  • Available sizes: S (fits for 12-4 US sizes) and M (fits for 5-8 US sizes)

Protection Level and Features

  • Protection level: daily use and sports
  • The breathable neoprene material is good for heat retention and skin irritation prevention.
  • The Spandex and SPR foam pad help provide comfort, stability, and anti-perspiration.
  • Cross straps keep the ankle brace steady and sturdy, guiding your joints to proper motions.
  • The hook-and-loop closure helps you find a comfortable tightness level.
  • The open heel design allows your ankle to move freely on any activity while supporting your ankle.


  • There's a strong chemical smell due to the SBR content.
  • Some customers have sizing issues; they find the compression sleeves too big.

3) Luwint Knitted Compression Ankle Sleeve for Kids

Luwint's Knitted Children's Ankle Support Socks look like a fashionable footwear accessory for your kid who loves the color blue!

Anatomy Specs

  • Made of high-quality, soft, and elastic nylon and knitted rubber thread fabric
  • Has thick rubber edges
  • Non-slip and moisture-wicking fabric
  • Comes in 1 pair
  • Available colors: Blue
  • Available sizes: Universal size, fits children above six years old

Protection Level and Features

  • Protection level: light sprains, daily use, outdoor activities, and sports
  • The elastic knit allows your kid to move freely.
  • The soft and breathable fabric helps relieve pain and reduce swelling. Additionally, it promotes blood circulation and easy recovery.


  • There are some quality issues, such as loose stitches and short-lived use.
  • Others find it uncomfortable and a difficult fit for kids.

4) BodyMoves Kid's Adjustable Ankle Brace with Hot/Cold Ice Pack

BodyMoves aims to be on top of the game with their Adjustable Ankle Brace for Kids by including a hot and cold ice pack!

children's ankle support for sport - bodymoves kids ankle brace with ice pack

Anatomy Specs

  • Made of breathable neoprene, lycra, and polyester
  • Comes with an adjustable figure-8 strap
  • Equipped with an open heel design
  • Available colors: sweet pink, active blue, and sporty black
  • Available sizes: S (12‒3 US size) and M (4‒7 US size)

Protection Level and Features

  • Protection level: injury prevention, post-injury recovery, and ankle stability
  • The elastic and adjustable strap provides extra compression, improved circulation, and positive sensory-motor feedback.
  • The lightweight and breathable open-heel construction allow a full range of motions in any activity. At the same time, it doesn't compromise ankle support.
  • It includes a reusable hot and cold ice pack in case of injury. Read the instructions carefully before using.


  • There are some durability issues with both ankle brace and ice pack.

5) TXBONA Kids' Compression Sleeves

Lastly, the TXBONA Kids' Ankle Compression Sleeves are another high-quality and colorful option for your active little one.

Anatomy Specs

  • Made of elastic nylon and latex 3D knitted fabric
  • Incorporates a 4-way stretchable material with high-density stitching
  • Available colors: pink, blue, and black
  • Available sizes: Universal size (8.8‒11 inches of heel circumference)

Protection Level and Features

  • Protection level: everyday use and sports (e.g., baseball, running, hiking, tennis, dancing, volleyball, and skateboarding)
  • These compression sleeves have sturdy stitches, so the thread won't be pulled off easily.
  • The fabric is tight and thick enough to provide the support your kid needs.
  • These sleeves protect your kid from various ankle conditions, such as arch pain, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, heel spurs, and other injuries.


  • One size doesn't fit all; some buyers find it too tight for their kids.

Protect Your Child's Health Without Mobility Restrictions

Active children need to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest and get their energy out. Nonetheless, this also makes them vulnerable to injuries, especially on the ankles.

To keep your child safe and having fun, we recommend getting them a youth ankle brace for basketball and other sports and daily activities. There are various types, designs, and sizes available. It's important to pick the most suitable for your child's needs without compromising comfort or mobility.

Don't forget to consider the purpose of getting an ankle brace when getting one. Most importantly, always involve your kid in choosing what they want to wear!

This is why we compiled colorful ankle braces for kids. We want to ensure you're getting a high-quality ankle brace and your kid enjoys wearing it. 

Were you able to pick the best ankle brace for your child? We hope so. If you want to find more ankle brace products or information, browse our website for more!

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