Why We Love A Good Toe Bunion Corrector (And So Should You!)

June 2, 2021
toe bunion corrector

There are instances when your bunion situation seems unstoppable, and you feel like you are bound to go under the knife to make it go away. Good thing, bunions are something you can correct with the right products. Bunions are not irreversible, but you can control the worsening of the condition through bunion correctors. You’re probably asking, “Are bunion correctors any good?” The answer is a quick and resounding, “Yes!” Read through to know the product you should use.

Bunions Explained


There are three leading causes of bunions:

  • Heredity: You cannot control the development of bunions if the condition runs in the blood.
  • Foot injuries: If your lifestyle consists of activities that give too much pressure to the feet, a bunion may also develop.
  • Ill-fitting shoes: Lastly, your shoe choices can also cause bunions.


Bunions may occur without causing any pain, especially if there is no underlying sickness that causes it. However, if the bunion is caused by gout or arthritis, pain and swelling in the bunion area may occur.

A major sign that a bunion is developing is when the big toe's metatarsal bone protrudes as the big toe abnormally moves toward the other toes losing the original alignment of the feet.

Treatment and Prevention

The great news is, when bunions are discovered in their early stages, there are plenty of treatment and prevention procedures you can do to avoid the worsening of the condition.

  • Toe separators: Once you notice that the big toe moves towards the other toes, prevent continuous movement through toe separators.
  • Elastic toe straps: The big toe will start stiffening as it moves towards the other toes. It will soon be painful to move it or even separate it from the other toes. Ensure flexibility by using elastic straps. You can slip into the big toes two rings connected by a strap and stretch the big toes back to their original position.
  • Bunion socks: Consistent use of products to prevent a bunion is the key to prevent its progression. Bunion socks will serve as an all-day solution. Many socks are designed with toe socks for separation and bunion guards for mild bone protrusion.
  • Bunion sleeves: Another product that is easy to use are bunion sleeves, which are basically socks that cover only half of the feet. The sleeves separate the big toe from the rest of the toes and provide padding for the bunion.
  • Splint: Lastly, there are also splints, which we will be reviewing today. This product is probably one of the best correctors to use. We’ll explain the details in a bit.

Your choice of product depends on which stage of bunion you are experiencing. These products work best in preventing or correcting different bunion stages.

Different Stages of Bunion

There are four classified stages in bunion development, with each stage worse than the previous one.

Stage 1

The bones of the toes are called phalanges, and the long bones that compose the middle of the feet are called metatarsals.

The joint connecting the big toe metatarsal and phalanges may or may not be swollen in the first stage, but the big toe is already slightly moving inwards towards the other toes.

Stage 2

The movement of the big toe towards the other toes is more apparent at this time. There is already a need for toe separators as the big toe is already touching the toe beside it.

Stage 3

By this time, the bunion or the protruding metatarsal bone is already evident. There may already be a need for bunion pads and guards as any bump on the bone will undoubtedly cause pain to the bunion.

Stage 4

This stage is the most advanced bunion stage, where doctors can only correct the dislocation of the first metatarsal through surgery. When the toe nearest the big toe also develops in a condition called hammer toe, a bone dislocation may also occur.

Introducing Vicorrect Toe Bunion Corrector Kit

We highly recommend the Vicorrect bunion corrector kit. Here are the reasons why we love the product and why you should, too!

  1. The three items included in the kit can assist in all the stages of the bunion condition.
  2. You can use the three items in the kit alternatively, so you’ll have a bunion corrector in your toes all day.
  3. Bunion correction is impossible, as experts suggest, but with continuous use of Vicorrect, you’ll see notable changes. The big toe is slowly moving back to its proper position.


The splint is the highlight of the Vicorrect kit. You can use it whether your bunion is at a mild stage, correcting a moderate bunion, or after surgery. Podiatrists and surgeons recommend wearing splints after surgery to protect the bunion and prevent a recurrence. Yes, bunions may recur even after surgery.

This splint has a metal bar that covers the bunion side up to the toe wrapping. This design is to ensure non-movement of the toes towards the other toes.

For usage, lay the splint and put your feet on it. Wrap it around the big toe, the middle of the feet, and secure the wrap through the heel strap.

With its bulkiness, it is best worn at home while you relax or sleep at night.

Toe Separator

While a splint is still the best tool to correct a bunion condition, toe separators are less bulky and more convenient to wear. The toe separator included in the kit can be an all-day bunion corrector you can wear under your socks while wearing shoes. Wearing it can avoid the progression of the big toe dislocation.

Simply slip in the two rings to the big toe and the toe beside it to keep them apart. Then, you can comfortably jump into your footwear. These separators are reusable after washing and drying.

Bunion Shield

Now, are you already in the stage when the bone protrusion in the bunion is challenging to hide? More importantly, do pressure and friction already cause you pain? After wearing the splint the whole night, you can use the bunion shield during the day.

Just slip in the ring to the big toe and position the shield to the bunion site. You can then wear socks and the best shoes for bunion correction afterward.

Aside from protection, this shield also serves as a corrector as it separates the big toe from the other toes. In the separation, the big toe moves to its proper position. The shield supports the realignment of the toe phalange to the first metatarsal bone.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bunion Corrective Procedures

How to put on a bunion corrector?

How do you put on a bunion corrector? It depends on the product you are using. If you are using toe separators and shields, you only need to slip in the rings (the number of rings also varies) to separate the toes. If you are using splints, wrap your feet and toe. Tighten the straps with just the right amount of compression.

Are bunion correctors any good?

Bunion correctors are the most effective non-invasive tools for bunion prevention and correction. Experts say that bunions cannot be corrected through this method as only surgery can provide that solution. Nonetheless, these same experts recommend correctors to inhibit the worsening of bunion conditions.

Do elastic bunion correctors work?

Elastic bunion correctors are not as famous as splints, sleeves, and toe separators, but they can surely help keep the toes flexible. When bunions progress, the big toe metatarsal and phalange become stiff, so slight movement can cause pain. Using the elastic bands can keep the toe away from the other toes.

Do non-surgical bunion correctors work?

Yes, usage of non-surgical bunion correctors works. In the early stage of bunions, they can keep you far from a condition that needs surgery.

When do I need surgery?

The best way to address bunions is to use different bunion corrector products and ensure that you have regular consultations with a podiatrist. In doing so, you are assured of an expert’s opinion. Surgery only becomes an option in the most advanced stage of bunions when the toe and foot bones are dislocated.

In Closing

We highly recommend the use of bunion correctors to prevent the worsening of your condition. There is an array of products to separate the big toe from other toes, to keep the bunion protected from pressure and friction, and to put the feet’ bone position to its original place. Maximize the use of these products to correct the condition without surgery.

We recommend the Vicorrect bunion corrector kit as it is a complete package. Addressing bunions take consistent usage of bunion correctors. The separators and bunion shields in the kit will serve as your all-day solution. Meanwhile, you can use the splint at home while you relax.

Do not wait for your bunion to reach stage 4 when the condition is already irreversible, and surgery is the only solution. Have it checked by a podiatrist and start using bunion correctors early.

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