Show off Those Ankles With Ease: A Saucony Low Cut Socks for Men Review

May 27, 2022
low cut socks for men A man with no show socks putting on a black dress shoes

To some people, nothing is more uncomfortable than showing off those ankles. Yet, some men still do it for the sake of fashion or convenience. They wear dress shoes with a pant on a semi-casual office day and loafers to match with shorts on a weekend date sans socks. They'll even go so far as to wear no socks inside their running shoes!

These efforts for fashion's sake have cost men discomfort. And it's too much a price to pay just to look sexy flexing those ankles. They get blisters, scars, and stinky feet after a long day of styling. Surely that's not how they want their feet to turn out.

Luckily, men don't have to be forced into discomfort to wear fashionable shoes. Spectacular no-show socks exist. These socks will give you the best experience when wearing low-cut, fashionable footwear. Take, for example, Saucony.

low cut socks for men - 6 pairs of Saucony black no-show socks

Feature Overview of the Saucony Low Cut Socks for Men

Saucony's no-show socks are one of the brands most men and men's stylists use when dressing up. Here's an overview of what Saucony is loaded with.

  • Sweat Wicking Fibers - It's made of 98% polyester fibers. The Saucony socks are sweat-resistant fabric that keeps your feet dry and fresh even after several hours of activity.
  • Airmesh Technology - Saucony also included a mesh vent design that lets airflow in and around your feet to reinforce the freshness the fabrics bring. This keeps your feet cool for hours, even without taking off your loafers to let your feet breathe.
  • Engineered Arch - Saucony's outline is engineered to fit men's foot arch. As a result, the socks' formation brings less resistance to your feet, allowing the socks' compression to fit naturally.
  • Cushioned Sole - Silicone-like cushion is embedded on the heel part of the sock to protect your heel from ground impact. This also prevents the heels of your shoes from wearing out.
  • Heel Lip - Low-cut socks have a stretchable heel lip which keeps the socks from slipping off. It's also covered with a cushion to protect the back of your heel from possible blisters caused by the sock and your shoes.
  • Wide Selection - Saucony also offers different options for buyers. There are small and big men's low cut compression socks ranging from shoe size 6 - 9 up to 15 - 17. They also come in packages of 6, 12, and 18 pairs.

What’s Good About Saucony Men's Low-Cut Compression Socks

Many people are buzzing about Saucony's quality, and they all have different things to say. So we're breaking down the most common stuff that people love about the Saucony socks.

It Stretches Well, But It Also Gives Effective Compression

When people wear the Saucony no-show socks, they feel the fabric material hold their feet snug inside. But, at the same time, this fit wouldn't be possible without Saucony's highly-stretchable quality.

This combination of tightness and stretchiness is carefully designed so men can feel as if they're not wearing any socks on their feet.

Heels Have Optimal Padding

Some no-show socks put too much padding on the sock's heels just to provide comfort. This backfires when the user puts on a shoe—it feels uncomfortable inside loafers and dress shoes. If the person manages to tough out the tightness, he'll pay for it with sweaty and hot feet.

Saucony's padding is optimal. It has the right thickness to provide a cushion for heel impact when walking, but it's also thin enough to fit comfortably inside your shoes. And you can wear it for long periods without feeling hot.

The Socks’ Top Fabric Isn't Too Thin

Thin sock fabric is a sign of low quality. While thin fabrics have their merits when it comes to lightness and comfort, in the long run, and when frequently used, the thin material loosens.

When you feel Saucony's fabric, you can tell it's a quality make. It has an adequate thickness that's right in between comfort and toughness. 

It Doesn't Fall Off

This is perhaps the most important quality that people love about Saucony's socks: it doesn't slip off the heel. This is a winner considering some no-show socks double the discomfort of wearing dress shoes when they’re slipping off. It's a hassle to constantly take off your shoes and pull the socks back on again.

Saucony's stretchable heel plus the compressing fabric makes this possible. The garter isn't too tight that it chokes the life out of your feet, yet it complements whatever form your heel takes. So whether you stand or walk, the socks cling to your feet until you remove them.

low cut socks for men - A man wearing boat shoes laying on a boat’s deck

Saucony’s No-Show Compression Socks Weak Points

Compression socks from Saucony have many strengths in terms of quality and pricing. But it also has its weak points. Consider the following things men say about Saucony's limitations.

A Little Low Cut

Saucony's no-show design aims to be hidden. That's why its cut is lower than others. Perhaps lower than a dress shoe's heel counters.

It looks good. Except in some cases, if your footwear's cut is higher and curving inward to your ankles, it can cause painful blisters.

What's amazing about Saucony is that it's stretchable. So if you can sacrifice aesthetics for comfort, pull that sock fabric a little higher to match the height of your shoe's opening.

Casual and Formalwear Only

Some athletes who have tried wearing Saucony's no-show socks inside their running shoes ended up disappointed. That's because the socks are designed for casual and formal use. So it's best to keep it that way. Instead, wear excellent mid-ankle socks when you go out for a run.

Showing off Those Ankles Will Never Be a Sacrifice Again

Saucony guarantees your feet get the right comfort and protection inside those amazing-looking shoes. These socks will help you move freely without thinking about consequences like stinky feet, blisters, or aching foot arch. So get Saucony and show off those man ankles as often as you like. 

Looking good also has to feel good. So if your feet and ankles are feeling any discomfort, you can check out the blogs on our website for some products that will help you solve those problems. Read them now and give your feet the comfort they deserve.

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