Walk Comfortably With a Metatarsal Pad With Arch Support From WalkComfy

March 22, 2022
metatarsal pad with arch support

While there are a variety of explanations for forefoot pain, the most common option to alleviate it is metatarsal footpads. Metatarsal pads are designed to relieve pain and get you back on your feet so you may resume your normal activities.

Continue reading to see how metatarsal pads can benefit you.

What Is a Metatarsal Pad?

Metatarsal pads or met pads are shoe modifying devices created to relieve the pressure on the foot. A met pad distributes weight from the metatarsal head to the base and surrounding tissue. As a result, it reduces the pressure on the met head and alleviates symptoms in that location.

What Medical Conditions Cause Forefoot Pain?

If you're experiencing discomfort in the balls of your feet, you're likely experiencing one of several metatarsal bone disorders. The foot has five metatarsal bones, and the “ball” comprises the forward ends. Forefoot discomfort can be relieved and prevented with the proper support of these bones.

Forefoot pain develops because of a number of factors, including:

  • Metatarsalgia. The term refers to the symptoms of forefoot discomfort in general. It's frequently utilized to treat or correct a variety of forefoot problems.
  • Bursitis. It's an inflammation of the fluid-filled sacs that protect the joints. It can cause achy, swollen joints in the foot and limited motion. Bursitis is observed to be most painful during the morning.
  • Neuromas. An enlargement of the nerves that run through the ball of the foot can cause a burning feeling, which usually occurs between the third and fourth toes. Shoes that are too tight underneath might sometimes cause neuromas.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis (RA). The most prevalent site of RA, an inflammatory condition that affects joints, is the forefoot. 
  • Plantar warts. These warts are commonly caused by a virus and develop on the soles of the feet. They are normally innocuous and go away after a few years. When they're in a weight-bearing position, though, they can be unpleasant.

Metatarsal pads work by stabilizing the metatarsal bone right behind the ball of your foot, which relieves pressure. The cushions relieve strain on the balls of your feet by shifting some of the pressure towards the shafts of the bones.

An insole with metatarsal pad, on the other hand, is not a cushion that goes beneath the balls of your feet. Instead, it's a pad that is positioned adequately behind the balls of your feet. Getting the perfect positioning might be a trial and error process for some, though. Metatarsal footpads, when appropriately positioned, serve to relieve some of the pressure on the balls of your feet. However, double-check that you're getting the appropriate solution with a trip to the podiatrist.

The Walkomfy pain relief orthotics.

What Metatarsal Pad Is Best to Use?

WalkComfy is a popular foot health brand on Amazon that offers a wide range of foot care products. One of WalkComfy's highly-recommended products is the pain relief orthotics. These met pads have a 3.5 centimeters high arch support, which is perfect for helping to correct the following foot conditions:

  • Over-pronation
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • High arch
  • Flat feet
  • Fallen crest

The other benefits that you need to look forward to with the pain relief metatarsal support insoles from Walkomfy are:

  1. The met pads are made from premium, high-quality material. The topmost layer utilizes non-slip moisture-wicking technology, ensuring that your feet are cool and dry.
  2. The metatarsal pad support contains a massage-relief technology to alleviate foot pressure and fatigue.
  3. The strong arch support divides and minimizes the pressure on the foot.
  4. A heel cup that lets the foot bone rest vertically and enhances stability.
  5. The met pads are divided into five layers: velvet fabric, ortholite layer, cork probarloc, latex metatarsal support, and high elasticity EVA.

The metatarsal arch support is made from different materials and aims to relieve discomfort. The following materials are used:

  • Open-cell polyurethane foam provides long-lasting and durable cushioning.
  • Wool or polyester felt is less resilient and stronger than polyurethane foam. Felt is ideal for delivering extremely solid support. However, the disadvantage is that it dries after a long time.
  • Latex is reinforced with leather. There are people who are allergic to latex. You should avoid using met pads that are made from latex if you have an allergic reaction to latex materials.

WalkComfy met pads provide you with five distinct benefits. When they are properly placed within a flat shoe with a relatively wide toe box, they help:

  • Address and prevent common foot and toe problems 
  • Improve the comfort of your feet
  • Correct forefoot fat pad placement
  • Straighten and realign crooked toes
  • Your metatarsal heads spread out

The WalkComfy metatarsal inserts are one of the real heroes of natural foot care, serving as a noninvasive and cost-effective solution to different kinds of foot and toe issues. Metatarsal pads give you the power to let your feet function the way they should, unlike traditional arch orthotics that aim to regulate your foot's motion.

Your feet have the power of flexing, bending, and articulating without being constrained by external factors or forces operating on them. Instead of controlling your foot, WalkComfy metatarsal pads work with it.

The Pros and Cons

The WalkComfy met pads can give you a temporary aid when your lower legs, feet, and toes need to adapt to a new position. Typically, proper toe and muscle alignment are compromised by foot pains, tight muscles, and muscle imbalances. If you want that positive change to happen, the WalkComfy met pads are perfect for you. As mentioned earlier, they are made from premium-quality materials that ensure your protection and comfort.

Since these metatarsal inserts from WalkComfy are multi-layered, it's a must to replace the original insole of your shoes with these ones. You may find this inconvenient, but for you to enjoy the full benefits of met pads, you have to remove the original insoles of your shoes. Also, keep in mind that these met pads are perfect for rubber shoes.

Get Your WalkComfy Met Pads Now!

If you are a physically active person or you have a physically-demanding job, your feet deserve the best foot care products. If you feel pain and discomfort that are already compromising your productivity and foot health, WalkComfy has the metatarsal pad with arch support that you need! Remember that these met pads gained many positive reviews and recommendations, so you probably have to get a pair. Be protected and enjoy the comfort you deserve even during the most physically-demanding activity!

Learn more about foot care products and foot health in general. Explore Ergotoes now and gain more information about your feet!

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