Metatarsal Pads/Ball of Foot Cushions: Reap the Comfort with the Right Products

September 22, 2021
metatarsal pads ball of foot cushions

Does your daily life include working out for hours in a gym, wearing different shoe styles for work, and walking around for office errands? By the end of the day, you must feel utmost relief when removing your shoes; finally, they can breathe and be free from metatarsal pain!

While the pain may subside after some relaxation, metatarsal pain may become recurring and develop into other foot problems.

The product we will talk about today is a need for individuals suffering from metatarsalgia or the pain in the ball of the foot. Wearing metatarsal pads will give you a pain-free and pleasant day, so let us help you find the best metatarsal pads and answer the questions, “What are metatarsal pads?” and “Do metatarsal pads work?”

The Different Metatarsal Pad Designs

Metatarsal pads provide support and cushioning to the metatarsals or the ball of the foot. This part of the feet is prone to pressure and pain, especially for individuals who have an active lifestyle or wear different types of shoes.

You’ll see many metatarsal pads being sold, but check out their features and know your needs to pick the best metatarsal pads for metatarsalgia and relieve or prevent the painful condition.

Metatarsal pad with a single ring loop

One of the metatarsal pad designs you will see is silicone cushions with a single ring loop. These pads are made of soft silicone that serves as a cushion to the metatarsals.

To use it, you need to slip the second toe into the ring hole and ensure the cushion is under the ball of the foot. Wear socks to keep the pad in place.

You can wear these pads at home or while wearing your sneakers or shoes as you do your daily work and errands. These pads are washable and reusable.

Metatarsal sleeves

If you have an active lifestyle and regularly do strenuous exercises, you might be worried about the ring loop slipping. In this case, you can use metatarsal sleeves.

This metatarsal support is made of elastic cloth that you slip into the forefoot to cover your metatarsals. The sleeves have a cushion under the ball of the foot to support your metatarsals when you jump, jog, hike, or climb.

You can wear these sleeves while you relax at home. You can also wear them before you wear your socks. Then, wash the sleeves with warm water and soap and let them dry for another use.

Shoe metatarsal cushions

Most people have several pairs of shoes with different designs. For example, men have monk straps, brogues, and wingtips, while women have stilettos, clogs, wedges, or pumps.

If you wear shoes often, it is best to use metatarsal cushions for shoes. These cushions are made of wool, polyurethane, or gel pad with sturdy adhesives at the bottom that you can easily stick to your shoes. Make sure to position the pads right in the metatarsal area.

While the silicone gels are washable and reusable, the wool and polyurethane ones are better replaced after several uses.

Foot arch pads

If you want to address pain in the metatarsals, the area you need to support is the metatarsal and other parts of the feet like the foot arch.

Where to place metatarsal pads? Place the pads on the insoles of your shoes. We suggest that you mark the arch of your feet first with lipstick and then wear your shoes barefoot to mark the insoles. Stick the wool or gel arch pads in the area where the marks are.

Silicone gel pads are washable and reusable, while you can use the wool design several times.

Foot arch sleeves

Foot arch sleeves are another foot arch and metatarsal support you can use. This product is similar to metatarsal sleeves, only that the cushions are positioned in the arch of the feet. This cushion positioning relieves the pressure from the metatarsals and distributes it evenly in the feet.

Using the sleeves is easy. You only need to slip them into your feet like socks and position the cushion in the arch. You can use them at home when sleeping or relaxing or wear them under your socks and shoes. Just wash and dry them before using them again.

best metatarsal pads

Reasons You Need Metatarsal Pads/Ball of Foot Cushions

Metatarsal pads are a great investment, and if you are thinking about buying your own for foot support, do not hesitate. Wearing them will allow you to reap the short-term and long-term benefits discussed below.

An effective relief to metatarsal pain

Are you experiencing metatarsal pain because of inadequate metatarsal support while performing strenuous activities and workouts? You do not need to stop your exercises or delay doing your errands; wearing metatarsal pads will relieve the pain.

Metatarsalgia prevention

Supporting your painful metatarsals prevents the foot condition from worsening and turning into recurring metatarsalgia. You can also keep yourself from taking pain relief medicines, including nonsteroid and oral steroid treatments, which can adversely affect your body, especially the liver.

Bursitis prevention

When you experience metatarsalgia, the muscles in that area ache. This condition can even worsen and develop into bursitis, a more painful condition characterized by the swelling of the sacs, which keep the bones from rubbing on muscles and tendons. Save yourself from this through the right metatarsal pads.

Preventing improper posture

If you think the pain of metatarsalgia is confined just around your feet, you’re wrong. The truth is that the pain also affects your posture. If you do not wear any metatarsal support, your body will adjust to avoid putting pressure on the ball of the foot. In the long run, your posture will be out of alignment.

Comfortable use of any shoes

Metatarsal pads are compatible with any type of shoes. Thus, you can rock any attire and match your shoes with your outfit of the day. No matter what footwear you have on, you can sport a genuine smile without wincing.

where to place metatarsal pads

Other Ways to Care for Your Metatarsals

Metatarsal pads bring enormous relief and support to the ball of the foot. However, to ensure your foot health, here are the other measures you can take. These practices are not extravagant and difficult to do. You can conveniently do them regularly.

Pamper your feet daily after a long day.

Prevention of any foot pain begins with giving your feet proper care. After a long day, have a foot care routine and prepare your moisturizer and massage oil. You can also have a foot spa from time to time for total foot relaxation.

Wear footwear with a perfect fit.

Another important practice to remember is to always get the right size of footwear. If you have footwear with tight toe boxes, make sure to massage and pamper your feet at the end of the day and, of course, use metatarsal pads for shoes.

Go for shoes with specially designed insoles.

When doing activities like hiking, jogging, and working out, pick shoes that have shoe insole support. No matter what activity you do, the heel, arch, and metatarsal support of these insoles will take care of your feet.

Address any foot problems immediately.

Treat any foot problem right away before it worsens, even if it’s as simple as corns and calluses. Don’t wait for the condition to cause pain; seek solutions for it right away. Better prevent any foot problems before they occur.

In Closing

Make each day comfortable by wearing the right metatarsal pads, especially if you are experiencing metatarsal pains. Better yet, if you perform strenuous activities and wear shoes that make your feet uncomfortable, wear the right type of metatarsal pads right away. The investment you give for these pads is worth it because of the comfort you will reap.

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