Metatarsal Pads Placement Is Easy! Here Are the Best Products to Use

May 3, 2021
metatarsal pads placement

You have heard of the famous saying that goes like this: “Prevention is better than cure.” When it comes to your foot health, proper metatarsal pad placement can determine whether you will have painful feet or a comfortable stride. Whether you suffer from metatarsalgia or you want to prevent an unwanted situation, metatarsal pads are excellent products to use. 

We have listed two types of products you can use: metatarsal pads and foot sleeves. Both relieve and prevent metatarsalgia, but they work best in different situations, which we will discuss in detail in the review below. 

By the end of the review, you can determine which product will work best for you according to your needs. 

Metatarsal Pads Placement for Foot Sleeves

Zentoes Foot Cushions

Zentoes is among the top brands if you are looking for products that provide relief to your foot pains. Specifically, the store sells metatarsal sleeves, which have cushions at the bottom for metatarsal bone support. 

With each pack, you will get two pairs of sleeves that have a single size but can fit men’s feet of sizes 6 to 9 and women’s feet of sizes 8 to 11. 

The sleeves cover half of the feet, so you can use them best when wearing shoes, especially during exercise, sports activities, or even just walking. After use, you can wash the sleeves and dry them for the next use. You have another pair to use for the next day while waiting for the other pair to dry. 

Brison Metatarsal Arch Support

You can break down the feet’s anatomy into three parts:

  1. The phalanges include the bones of the toes.
  2. The metatarsals cover the bones of the foot's arch.
  3. The tarsals are the bone at the heel end of the feet. 

The Brison metatarsal arch support sleeve will provide support to the arched part of the feet. In doing so, it relieves pressure from the metatarsals and supports them when performing strenuous activities or standing or walking for long hours. 

The sleeves cover the middle part of the feet, so it is better to wear them under socks and shoes. Consider getting an extra pair if you plan to use them daily because the product comes with only one pair of sleeves. 

Thanks to the elastic fabric, the sleeve can fit foot sizes 5 to 11 in men and sizes 6 to 13 in women. 

Copper Compression Metatarsal Pads 

Copper Compression is a brand known for using copper material in its products. Copper has many benefits, and one is it makes the pads, socks, and cushions free from odor-causing bacteria. 

The best part about these metatarsal pads is the design. The sleeve does not cover a huge part of the feet, but it still provides a cushion to the metatarsals and a stable fit to the feet. 

The design makes the sleeves wearable even in open-toed shoes, heels, and rubber shoes. Fit for sizes 5 to 13 in men and sizes 6 to 11 in women, the sleeve is perfect for your feet. 

Buy an extra pair if you are looking into using it daily because the pack comes with only one pair. 

Foot Pads and Shoe Inserts

Brison Gel Foot Pads

If you are looking for durable and reusable footpads, you should consider the Brison gel pads. These metatarsal pads' proper placement is simple. Slip the ring onto the long toe (the one beside the big toe) and position the pad under the metatarsals. To ensure the stability of the fit, wear the pads with socks and shoes. 

You will get two pairs when you buy the pack. And because silicone is the material used for these pads, they are washable and dry quickly. You can use the pads again after drying. 

You can run and exercise without worrying about callus forming at the bottom of the metatarsal skin. The metatarsals will not be under pressure because of the cushion provided by the gel pad. 

Temiart Foot Pads

How many times do you exercise in a week? Are your metatarsals a concern every time you want to work out your feet more? You can let go of your worry when you get foot pads that will ensure your feet, especially the metatarsals, have the protection they need against friction and pressure.

The Temiart foot pads are easy to use. You just need to remove the quality adhesive covering and stick them to the metatarsal area of your feet. Even as you go on a kilometers-long run, you are sure that you won’t have foot blisters and pain because of the wool material used for the pads. You can even use it on your daily walks while wearing any shoe because the pads go under your feet. 

These pads are not reusable, but you can buy packs with 6, 12, and 18 pads. 

Walkize Shoe Inserts

Does your fashion style involve wearing high heels and shoes exposing your toes? Or are you simply not into metatarsal pad placement on the foot, but you still want to ensure healthy and pain-free feet? The Walkzie shoe inserts are the best for you!

These shoe inserts provide a cushion to the metatarsals without the need to stick them to your feet. Instead, you can stick them to your shoes and sandals. The size of the pads is perfect for any shoe type. 

There are more features to like about this product. It’s sweat-absorbent and non-slip, and it stays hidden in your footwear! You can flex the beauty of your feet and toes while they sit comfortably on the metatarsal pad. 


These are the six products you can look into to satisfy your need for healthy and good-looking feet. The sleeves work best when worn inside socks and shoes, while the pads and shoe inserts are suitable when wearing open shoes and sandals. 

To get protection when wearing different types of shoes, it doesn’t hurt to have various product designs. With that, you can wear these different metatarsal pads depending on your footwear. All of them provide metatarsal protection and pain relief anyway!

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