The Most Recommended Bunion Pads For Shoes You Should Try

May 6, 2021
bunion pads for shoes

Inventors’ brilliant minds bring many powerful technologies to people’s lives. Patients suffering from different illnesses are cured or given relief from their conditions because of these inventions. 

When it comes to a foot problem like bunions, technology is also ready to the rescue. Bunions are extremely painful, but individuals who have this condition can live a normal life with the help of the different products created to alleviate it.

This article will discuss the choices you have for bunion relief and the five particular products we recommend to ease the pain from your condition. 

Bunion Pads for Shoes vs. Surgery

Both surgery and bunion relief products are viable solutions for bunions. It helps if you look into both options to ease your pain and maximize their use for your comfort. 

Surgery offers a more permanent solution to bunions. However, you should consider a few things, such as how invasive the procedure will be. You will also have to think about the healing time, hospital expenses, and the reduced ability to perform daily tasks for up to eight months.

Should you choose to delay surgery, or if you and your doctor think you can still correct your bunion, innovations such as bunion pads, cushions, and separators can help. Below are our recommendations for the products you should try. 

Our Recommended Products

Scholl’s Bunion Cushion

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Dr. Scholl’s Duragel bunion cushion for shoes is one of our recommended products because they are backed by years of experience. They have been in the foot care industry since 1904, and this brand offers a wide variety of foot care products. 

Bunion Bootie Store’s Orthopedic Bunion Corrector

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You can also try the orthopedic bunion corrector from Bunion Bootie. Physicians designed this product to address the needs of the store owners, who suffer from bunion themselves. 

The bunion corrector is 0.4-mm thin. It is not bulky, unlike other products. You can wear it without having close-fitting shoes on.The Bunion Bootie corrector follows the natural alignment of the feet so that you can move with ease. A non-strip heel strap ensures that the bunion corrector stays in place and provides solid protection to the big toe and the bunion. This product is washable and reusable, and it comes in different sizes.   If you are looking for a product that will put an adequate distance between your big toe and your other toes, there are better products than Bunion Bootie’s corrector. There are no pads on the bunion side to provide extra relief and protection to the protruding bone.  

Orthosleeve Bunion Relief Socks

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If you are looking for a bunion protector for shoes, why not get socks that serve not only as a foot covering but also as foot support and bunion protection? The Orthosleeve bunion relief socks do both of these for you.

You won’t need to spend separately on a bunion protector and socks. You’ll get both of them in one product. The socks have a bunion pad to protect the bunion from pressure and friction when wearing shoes.The socks’ split-toe design separates the big toe from the other toes more naturally. You will not worry about having bulky pads in your shoes that make walking and movement uncomfortable. You’ll feel like you are wearing regular socks. The socks are breathable, so foot health—especially odor—is the least of your concerns.  If you want a product that focuses only on bunion protection and padding, having these socks covering the whole foot may not be comfortable for you. 

Doctor’s Choice Bunion Relief Crew Socks

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When a foot problem appears, you might experience complications and other discomforts. For instance, maintaining a comfortable stride when walking is more difficult when you have bunions that cause more pressure in some parts of the foot. Because of that, corns and calluses develop. 

Doctor’s Choice socks actively provide bunion relief and proactively prevent other foot issues.

The crew socks have padding for both bunion and bunionette.It has padding in areas where corns and calluses may develop. The socks have a split-toe design, providing comfortable separation between the big toe and the other toes. The socks provide pressure support to the feet and the legs.The sock fiber is made of copper, zinc, and silver to fight microbes and prevent foot odor.  These socks cover the feet and the legs, which may be uncomfortable if you want your feet and legs exposed to natural air. 

Copper Compression Store Toe Splints

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The feet are the most overworked part of the body, what with all the errands we have to do daily. Bacteria are highly likely to form due to moisture and sweat while wearing shoes. What more when you have additional sleeves for your bunions? To solve that problem, these socks are infused with copper, which acts as an antimicrobial chemical. 

 The foremost advantage of using this product is the copper-infused sleeves and socks, making it resistant to bacteria. You’ll have fresh feet even if you wear them all day.The sleeve and the splint provide double compression, support, and protection needed by the feet and the bunion when wearing shoes.The design creates a durable bunion sleeve and splint you can use until your toe alignment has improved.   The sleeve and splint might be too bulky, especially if you wear them with socks.There is only one sleeve and splint in the kit, which may not be enough if you are looking for a product you can use every day. 

Final Thoughts

The first step to solve your bunion problem is to consult an orthopedic doctor. If surgery is not the best option for you, many products will help relieve your pain, improve your condition, and even correct your misaligned toes. All you have to do is be meticulous about the product you will use for your bunion because choosing the wrong one can worsen your condition. 

If you want nonintrusive bunion inserts for shoes that are easy to attach and remove, you can go with gel pads. If you are a sneakerhead, grab multifunctional socks that provide foot coverage and bunion relief. There are also foot sleeves and splints you can slip on before wearing socks and shoes.

Inventors are intelligent, creative, and scientific. They will introduce to the market more products that offer relief to bunions and other foot conditions. Among all of them, purchase the one that has more pros than cons given your particular situation.

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