Reduce Pain and Increase Comfort Wearing an Orthotic with Metatarsal Pad

January 19, 2022
orthotic with metatarsal pad

Do you find that regular shoes do not provide enough support and that your feet become tired after a long day of walking or standing? If so, you may benefit from using foot orthotics with metatarsal pads. This type of orthotic can help reduce pain, increase comfort in the ball of your foot, and alleviate other foot conditions. 

This blog post will discuss the benefits of using orthotic insoles with metatarsal pads and how it can help improve your quality of life. We've picked out the four best orthotics available in the market so your feet can stay comfortable all day. 

The Top 4 Metatarsal Orthotics for Your Daily Foot Pains 

Many people disregard the uncomfortable feeling in their feet because they believe a little rest will solve anything. However, if your feet are aching daily and conditions worsen, it could indicate an underlying condition. Therefore, it's best to check with a doctor to assess your pain and wear orthotics to guarantee your comfort with every step. Here are our top four picks: 

Dr. Scholl’s Heavy Duty Support Pain Relief Orthotics - $18.89 

Product Highlights: 

  • Dr. Scholl’s Heavy Duty orthotics are designed for people who weigh over 200 pounds. This orthotic is specifically designed to help people suffering from lower back pain and reduce stress and leg fatigue from standing all day. 
  • The orthotics effectively distribute weight in the entire feet evenly to prevent immense pressure at a single point that causes pain. It also has arch guard shock technology that protects your feet from accidental forceful steps to keep your feet arch comfortable and prevent your injuries from worsening
  • These shoe insoles can fit your casual shoes or your work shoes. The insoles have guided lines that indicate different shoe sizes; you can cut along the lines so the orthotics can fit properly in your shoes. 
  • Dr. Scholl's Heavy Duty can last up to 6 months. However, it is recommended that you change your insoles on the first sign of wear to experience its functions fully. 

Product Drawbacks: 

  • The insole has a default high arch design, making it hard for people with flat feet to wear these orthotics. In addition, it forces your foot to the shape instead of letting it adapt to the proper position, which can be painful. 
  • The insoles are made from hard plastic, which can be slippery when your feet are sweaty. Also, if you fail to trim the insoles properly, the sharp edges can cut the sides of your feet and cause blistering. 

WALK HERO Orthotics Insert with Arch Support - $24.99 

Product Highlights: 

  • WALK HERO Orthotics aims to support and comfort every foot type. It has 13 different available options for men and women. The inserts are also made from EVA material with a rubber-like feel that's flexible and comfortable on the feet. 
  • The arch support feature of the orthotics helps your legs and feet stay in their proper alignment. It's also effective in easing stress and foot pain from overpronation, bunions, heel spurs, and foot pain caused by diabetes and arthritis. 
  • It has a deep heel cup and helps you stabilize your walk and prevents you from falling over. This feature also prevents your ankle from twisting and rolling out of position that causes ankle injury
  • The arch support with metatarsal pad insoles is designed for everyday use. So whether you use it for work, exercise, or sports, it surely gives you comfort and boosts your performance. 

Product Drawbacks: 

  • Some users complain that the product comes with a strong toxic gas smell, and it gets worse when you wear them with shoes all day. We suggest that you take it off the packaging and let the smell dissipate before using it. 
  • There is not enough padding surrounding the insole, and it’s more focused on the center part of the orthotics, making it feel bulky. Customers also report that the sides are hard that cause blisters after a day of wearing. 

Sauber H485-46 Extra Thick Orthotic Inserts w/ Metatarsal Pad - $104.99 

Product Highlights: 

  • The Sauber Extra Thick Orthotic Insert is made from a luxurious Italian-made fabric: Alcantara. The footbeds are fully padded, and the heels have double-layer protection that absorbs shocks, impacts, and vibrations that would cause pain to heel-related injuries. 
  • These inserts have a full Poron cushion for ultimate comfort. Poron cushions give your feet extra cushioning and bounce so you can walk without feeling the impact on your heels. 
  • The Alcantara fabric is suitable for all seasons. It keeps your feet warm during the winter season and keeps your feet fresh during the summer. In addition, the insoles absorb sweat and do not leave your feet feeling sticky and bad-smelling. 
  • The Sauder insoles with metatarsal pads are made from nearly indestructible suede leather. The Poron can resist wear and tear for a long time, so you won't have to replace it very often. Additionally, it was a wide range of sizes, so there was an insole right for everybody. 

Product Drawbacks: 

  • The Sauber Extra Thick Orthotics Inserts may be the most expensive orthotics available in the market. Each pair cost about the price of a shoe. If you have extra money to spend on your foot care needs, this is the best orthotics you can buy in the market. If you're a little tight on your budget, you may opt for other brands. But in the long run, Sauber inserts will give you more savings and great value for your money. 
  • These metatarsal support inserts have thick paddings and double layers, which may be too bulky for some users. 

Protalus T75 Thin Series– Patented Stress Relief Add-On Shoe Inserts - $49.95 

Product Highlights: 

  • The Protalus T75 is designed to catch up with your lifestyle. Its design is thin so that you can do more without the bulky feeling in your feet. In addition, it is combined with Protalus' TRI-plantar technology that provides alignment, support, and comfort from your heels to your toes
  • The insoles adapt to how you move. So from every step and pressure point, orthotics help relieve the pains of your knees, hips, back and up to your neck. And since the insoles adapt to the shape of your feet, the more you use it, the more comfortable your feet are. 
  • These orthotics are recommended for athletes because it promotes mobility. The insoles will not hinder you from moving with your natural range of motion, and it has mild ankle support that prevents minor injury. Additionally, it has a ridge that acts as a non-slip anchor, which provides you with greater stability. 

Product Drawbacks: 

  • The Protalus T75 is designed for people with an active lifestyle, perfectly fitting running shoes. But if you're looking for insoles that can relieve pain and go well with your sandals or high heels, you may want insoles that are slimmer or with a different design. 
  • These insoles are more focused on relieving pain on the ball of your foot and heels. That's why you'll notice the pads are more reinforced on those regions. If you have arch pains, this may not be the right orthotics for you. 

The Health Benefits of Wearing Orthotics with Metatarsal Arch Support 

If you're still doubtful if a piece of shoe insert can improve your foot's health, we've listed a few benefits that orthotics can give you. 

  • Orthotics do not only target the pain in your foot. It also lessens the stress on your back, knees and hips. It also gives your joints and muscles less stress to prevent pain and possible injuries. 
  • Support insoles can help improve your posture. Several orthotics help your feet and ankle stay in the proper position. Additionally, this can correct some deformities you might have developed over the years. 
  • It improves the overall health of your feet and allows you to perform better. Orthotics are especially useful for athletes because they are always vulnerable to injuries. Wearing orthotics can give them additional protection. 

To experience the benefits of wearing orthotics, you can have them customized to fully cater to your foot needs. But, first, have your foot checked by your physician, so they can assess and give you the orthotic suitable for your lifestyle. 

Final Thoughts 

Foot pains are not to be considered lightly. Our feet are the most used body part in our daily routine, so it's always tired and battered with our day to day's work. Using orthotics with a metatarsal pad may not sound a big deal but gives significant protection for your feet. 

We hope this list of orthotic inserts helps you choose the support that suits your lifestyle. For correctors, insoles, and other foot needs, you may visit our blogs and buying guides to help you make a more informed choice. 

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