Big and Beautiful: Outdoor Plus-Size Shoes for Women 

May 26, 2022
leather plus size boots

If you have big feet, it's difficult to find a shoe that fits. You’ll find this situation rather common—when you find the design you want, limited sizes are available, especially for outdoor shoes. As a result, a lot of plus-sized women settle for shoes catered to men for their outdoor footwear. Fortunately for gals, we've found a plus-size shoe for your outdoor activities. 

These boots from Columbia are not only designed for women to love but also come with unique features to make your activities more comfortable. Another thing to love is that they give ample support for your feet and ankles. Let’s take a close inspection of this footwear and why it’s worth your every penny.

plus-size shoes for women - Columbia women’s newton shoes

Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Boots 

Finally, an outdoor shoe brand for plus-size gals! The Columbia Women's Newton Ridge Plus boots promise different features you will surely love. This pair might be the go-to shoes you are looking for. Let's check out the highlights of this footwear. 

Wide range of sizes

Have you ever browsed in a women's shoe section and gotten disappointed because their size options are only until a size 10? The Columbia Newton Ridge Plus has a wide range of sizes from size five to twelve. They also have wide variations for women who have wide feet, so you won't have to suffer crowding your toes, which can cause possible deformations. 

Moreover, the Columbia Newton has 14 different designs and colorways. You don't need to settle for plain and dull colors. You can wear chic and vibrant colors and channel your inner fashion icon as you step out into the wild outdoors. The wide space of the shoes also means you can wear thick socks during the cold weather or plus-size compression socks for additional support in your activities. 

Full-grain leather material

If you're looking for shoes that you can regularly use to catch up with your activities, your first consideration is durability. It's a waste of money to buy shoes that you can use for a long time. It's also a hassle to have your shoes repaired, and costs will build up over time. The Columbia Newton’s upper material is made from full-grain leather. 

Full-grain leather is made from the strongest and most durable part of the animal hide. This material is tough and can last for many years. It's also surprisingly lightweight, making it the perfect footwear material. You can guarantee your feet are protected from the burden of the heavy weight and strain on your legs. 

Waterproof boots 

The boots have a suede design that prevents the water from coming into your boots. The last you want for your comfort shoes is to get wet and have that humid feeling on your feet, leading to bad odors. In addition, the boots constructions are semi-sealed, which means the seams are covered with tape to lock water access. As a result, you can guarantee that no water will seep through your shoes from top to bottom. 

The Columbia Newton boots can be your go-to footwear during heavy downpours or when you need to go hiking on muddy terrains, cross streams, and shallow rivers. 

Omni-grip rubber soles and mid-cut design

Slip resistance is another consideration you should be looking for in your outdoor shoes. The Columbia Newton women's plus-size shoes have excellent sole traction that helps you keep stable. It is perfect for rugged roads, gravel, and long walks. Moreover, the soles are made from rubber that gives ample cushion to aid with every step, so the strain on your knees, legs, and lower back is lessened. 

The mid-cut design of the boots is not just for aesthetics. The shoes cover up to your ankles to provide support to prevent you from rolling them and causing ankle injuries. The midsole design also covers most of your feet and protects you from external dangers in outdoor activities or work environments.

hiking boots for women

Product Drawbacks of the Columbia Newton Ridge Plus 

You can say enough good things about the Columbia Newton Ridge plus-size shoes for women. But these shoes may not be suitable for everybody. So let's look at some of the drawbacks you may encounter with the Columbia Newton Ridge plus boots. 

No thermal layer

The Columbia Newton Ridge is a breathable layer to keep your toes fresh and comfortable in hot temperatures. Still, it lacks a thermal layer to keep your feet toasty in winter. If you are going to use these shoes during the cold weather, make sure to put on extra-thick socks to prevent your toes from feeling numb. 

Moreover, the shoes advertise anti-slip properties, but some users report that it is hard to keep balance and stay grounded with these shoes on ice or snowy terrain. Therefore, we suggest wearing shoes designed for the winter season to avoid injuries. 

Price point

The Columbia Newton shoes have a wide range of sizes, and expectedly, the bigger the size, the higher the prices. For example, size five shoes of the Columbia Newton Ridge already cost $99, which is already more expensive than other plus-size shoes. The biggest size would be more than $200, so it's quite an investment owning a pair. 


Shopping for women’s plus-size shoes is not always easy. But don't settle for too tight-fitting or oversized shoes not designed for a woman's feet. The Columbia ridge shoes boast different features, making this one of the best all-around outdoor shoes. 

If you're looking for more reviews of plus-size foot care needs like compression socks for plus-size women and ankle braces, don't forget to browse our blogs to help you with your choice.

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