Wearing Round Toe Heels with Ankle Strap Doesn’t Have to Hurt. Here Are Our Top 4 Picks for Foot Pain Relief

March 10, 2022
round toe heels with ankle strap

Most women would agree that heels are painful, yet why do they still wear them? 

Depending on whom you ask, there could be many reasons. For instance, according to an experiment conducted by psychologists, people tend to find women wearing heels more attractive due to the change in gait. Other reasons may include ankle strap heels being a part of the office dress code. It could also be as simple as a stiletto heel, giving you a confidence boost.  

Whatever your reasons are for sporting heels, you know that their benefits also come with a price. Aside from the literal price tag, they affect your podiatric health.

Do you want to keep wearing your stylish round-toe heels with an ankle strap without hurting your feet? Then keep reading and discover the best orthotic items to help you achieve the pinnacle of foot health!

4 Orthotics That Relieve Heel Pain

Can't ditch the chic look that black round-toe heels bring? 

You are not alone. In an American Podiatric Medical Association survey, nearly half of women respondents said they would still wear round heel shoes despite the pain and discomfort that come with them. 

So, are there ways to reduce the pain and quickly recover from the injuries that arise from wearing ankle strap heels?

Luckily for you, we have searched for affordable and easily accessible means for heel pain relief!

Fittest Pro ankle support kit for round toe heels with ankle strap

FittestPro 14-Piece Kit


  • Made from medical-grade silicone gel and compression fabric material
  • Comes in different size options: Women’s 4–7.5, Women 8+, and Men 7–11.5
  • Designed by medical supply manufacturers
  • Provides lasting and consistent compression
  • Gives arch support to relieve plantar fasciitis pain
  • Addresses heel spurs and heel pain
  • Suitable for most situations, including athletic settings
  • Covered by a 100% money-back guarantee

Your All-in-One Foot Pain Relief Package

Do you feel an attack on your foot on all fronts? If you have been wearing round closed-toe heels regularly for years, various foot ailments and deformities have likely started developing. However, once you begin feeling the discomfort and foot pain, you may find it difficult to nail down the exact cause.

Instead of buying separate pieces of orthotic devices (like metatarsal pads, bunion relief sleeves, and shoe insoles) to treat your unseen enemy, you can purchase the FittestPro 14-Piece Kit instead. The all-in-one foot care kit includes the following:

  • Compression foot sleeves (2)
  • Cushioned arch supports (2)
  • Therapy wraps (2)
  • Gel heel cushions (2)
  • Silicone gel heel protectors (2)
  • Fabric heel grips (2)
  • Gel heel grips (2)

Superb Gel Heel Cushion

Your heel has to endure an incredible amount of pressure and shock from your day-to-day activities. And if your women’s round toe sandals have a flat footbed with zero heel support, your day at work will be slow, excruciating torture.

With the silicone gel heel pad of the FittestPro 14-Piece Kit, you don't have to wait until you get home for heel pain relief. The durable yet comfortable material absorbs the shock and pressure from your strenuous activities. You also don't have to be anxious about getting skin irritation or allergic reaction because it's made of medical-grade silicone gel. After a long day at work, you will enjoy the relief that comes from removing your high heels once you get home. 

SB SOX Compression Socks


  • Made from breathable and moisture-wicking material
  • Comes in different size options: small, large, and x-large
  • Relieves excruciating foot pain caused by various foot ailments
  • Provides comfort that lasts the whole day
  • Feels featherlight on the foot 
  • Improves blood flow to decrease foot fatigue
  • Provides immediate plantar fasciitis pain relief 

Designed to Reduce Fatigue

Do you use a pair of thick socks as a cushion for your feet? While they would certainly do the job at first, they would be less effective after regular use. What you need instead is a decent pair of compression socks that provide pressure and support in various parts of your foot.

The SB SOX Compression Socks feature a targeted ribbing design that embraces every curve and contour of your foot. As a result, your foot will feel more stable and better supported. In addition, the moist-wicking fabric material prevents the buildup of bacteria and fungi. That's one less thing to be worried about!

Extremely Lightweight

Pain relief doesn't have to come at the expense of comfort. You might have tried other socks promising pain relief and comfort, but all of them came short of their promise. In addition, their thickness might have made your shoes with adjustable ankle straps feel tighter and more uncomfortable. You can't wear these socks with your already tight-fitting round-toed shoes with a single strap.

The SB SOX Compression Socks come to the rescue with their thin yet durable fabric. Their lightweight design makes them a perfect pair to your heels. You won't even feel that you're wearing them!

Dr. Scholl’s heel cushions for round toe heels with ankle strap

Dr. Scholl’s Heel Cushions


  • Comes in two size options: Women 6–10 and Men 8–13
  • Designed especially for people suffering from heel pain
  • Comes with patented Massaging Gel technology
  • Provides shock absorption at the heel
  • Comforts your heel the whole day
  • Fits most shoes (like open-toe sandals) without trimming
  • Features a slim and raised profile
  • Built with responsive cushioning

All-Day Shock Absorption

People who have to stand for long durations will appreciate the patented gel technology that comes with Dr. Scholl's Heel Cushions. For instance, for a teacher who has to wear a round-toe ankle strap block heel as part of her work dress code, the Massaging Gel technology will treat her feet to a comfortable experience. So even if you stand and walk for hours, your heels will feel less tired and comfier.

The patented Responsive-Wave Cushioning design complements the patented gel material by absorbing the shock and pressure that your heel has to endure during the day. Aside from using these heel cushions with your heels, you can also use them with your running shoes to add a bit more bounce to your steps.

Slim Design with Zero Compromise

Heel cushions often add an uncomfortable, bulky feeling to your feet. Moreover, because high heels are already tight-fitting, these thick cushions remove the little clearance you have left in your shoes. So while they provide cushioning, they cramp your toes in the tight toe box.

Dr. Scholl's Heel Cushions lend your heels the cushioning and shock absorption they deserve without adding a burden on your feet. The slim design of these heel cushions makes them comparable to low-profile shoe inserts. 

Heel Seats for round toe heels with ankle strap

Heel That Pain Heel Seats


  • Made from specially blended, proprietary rubbers
  • Comes in different size options: Medium (Women’s 6.5–10, Men’s 5–8), Large (Women’s 10.5–13, Men’s 8.5–12), X-Large (Men’s 13–15)
  • Suitable for relieving pain caused by heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, and other foot ailments
  • Utilizes therapeutic acupressure to naturally ease pain and provide comfort
  • Effectiveness backed by clinical studies and doctors
  • Comes with a deep heel cup for better posture and control
  • Supports the natural fat pad of your heels
  • Has an anti-slip surface for stable steps

Treat Plantar Fasciitis and More

Have you just gotten a diagnosis from your podiatrist? Foot ailments like plantar fasciitis are the result of years of bad podiatric habits and ill-fitting footwear. This deformity-inducing combination is a sure way to develop all sorts of foot conditions. So, as you heed the advice of your podiatrist, your feet would surely appreciate some help.

The design of Heel That Pain Heel Seats helps address all sorts of foot problems. They come with Fascia-Bar Technology, Therapeutic Acupressure, and Multi-Directional Support features. So as soon as you slip on a pair of these, you can say goodbye to your painful foot conditions!

360-Degree Heel Cup Support

Take a quick look at other heel pad offerings on the market. What shortcoming is common among them? 

Despite promising ample heel support, substandard heel pads have shallow and near-flat heel cups. If you stand for long durations, the bare minimum support they provide won’t be enough.

The Heel That Pain Heel Seats have a specially designed heel cup backed by scientific studies. The heel cup offers 360-degree support that envelops your heel with the comfort that it deserves. In addition, the deep heel cup distributes the downward force, relieving pressure on your foot.

What Are the Bad Effects of Wearing Heels?

Aside from enduring life-disrupting pain, what else should you be wary about when wearing heels? 

You might be surprised that this footwear can cause a whole range of foot-related problems, like Pandora's box. Check out the list below to discover what else a pair of heels can do to your podiatric and overall health.

  • Makes you more prone to injuries
  • Higher risk of developing arthritis
  • Exacerbates already-existing foot problems
  • Develops pain in other parts of the body
  • Changes the way you walk
  • Damages your toenails
  • Makes you more likely to develop hammertoes and corns

Despite the seemingly intimidating list of foot problems, you shouldn't throw your pair of heels out. You can still enjoy a good pair of heels at work and during special events without sacrificing your podiatric health. With the help of a reliable orthotic item we have listed, you can rest your mind easily without thinking about the serious consequences of wearing heels.

Final Thoughts

Who says you have to sacrifice your fashion style and high heels for good foot health? Taking notice of the bad effects of wearing heels is the first step in the right direction. But you can further lessen the likelihood of damaging your feet by using orthotic devices.

Don't let your feet suffer any longer. Pick any among those we have listed and schedule an appointment with your podiatrist. Above all else, prioritize seeking expert opinions on your podiatric health. As you undergo treatment to undo the damage, an orthotic product can speed up the process and get you nearer to the pink of podiatric health.

If you want to be on top of everything about podiatry and foot care, subscribe to our website to get the latest foot care product reviews.

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