Show Your Feet Some Love With These Women’s Shoes With Removable Insoles for Orthotics

September 29, 2021
women's shoes with removable insoles for orthotics

The modern woman is always on her feet. In the morning, she tends to her indoor plants and prepares for a morning jog. Along her usual morning route, she grabs a freshly baked croissant from the cafe. Once home, she prepares for her commute to work. Her office is filled with busy bees, minding their tasks for the day. Back at home, she prepares dinner, enjoys it, and calls it a day.

Do you see yourself with a similar hectic but fulfilling lifestyle? You’re not alone. More and more women are becoming aware of the serious effects of such a lifestyle on their physical well-being, especially their orthopedic health.

It’s time to render your feet the love and attention they deserve! Here we gathered the best women's shoes with removable insoles for orthotics on the market. Shoes with removable insoles are most convenient because you can easily swap out insoles from your shoes, depending on the situation and your individual needs.

Learn more about orthotics and discover the perfect pair of orthotic shoes for your bustling lifestyle!

What Are Orthotics?

Have you ever experienced foot pain? The feeling could just be a mild sensation or could have you reeling in pain. Whichever the case might be, you would have definitely wished for immediate and lasting relief from pain. Unfortunately, the pain from the foot can disrupt your everyday life, even denying you mundane activities like standing and walking around.

Your podiatrist can prescribe you orthotics which are orthopedic devices designed to help treat symptoms of foot ailments such as plantar fasciitis, bunions, metatarsalgia, hammertoes, and diabetic feet. Orthotics come in various shapes and forms. Some are inserted between the toes. Others are put below the ball of the foot for support and comfort.

Do Orthotic Insoles Work?

Orthotics can help you be relieved of pain, no matter what the cause may be. While orthotics don’t treat the underlying causes of foot pain, it repositions the digits of your toes. It realigns your entire foot to such a degree that you would experience immediate pain relief. Orthotics can get you back to your feet in no time.

While they cannot definitively resolve your foot problems, orthotic insoles work in tandem with other treatments and solutions. For instance, your podiatrist might prescribe you medication as you wear your insoles when doing physical activities.

What Foot Problems Can Be Addressed by Insoles?

As mentioned above, orthotic insoles can be prescribed by your foot specialist for pain relief and foot support. It is often the case because using insoles with your shoes can give you the benefit of being comfortable while also having your foot realigned and repositioned for better podiatric health. Here are some of the foot problems that support insoles can address:

  • Diabetic feet - If you have diabetes, one of its effects may include losing sensation in your legs and feet. It is due to diabetic neuropathy or nerve damage.
  • Plantar fasciitis - This foot ailment arise when the plantar fascia or the muscle that runs across your foot from the heel to toe gets damaged. It can be very painful and life-disrupting.
  • Flat feet - By repositioning your foot with the help of orthotic devices like insoles, you can reduce the pain caused by flat feet.
  • Arthritis - Different kinds of arthritis can cause misalignment of the toes, which insoles can help correct.
  • Bursitis: Sacs can form beneath your feet, particularly in the heels and toes. These can be excruciating and lead to more serious problems. Insoles can provide support to the heels and toes while alleviating pain.
  • Heel spurs: These can become a problem when excess bone grows in the heel. Cushioning provided by insoles can help relieve pressure on the heel spurs.

What Are the Advantages of Shoes with Removable Insoles?

Shoes usually come with built-in insoles that are either sewn or glued to the midsole. Shoe manufacturers design these insoles to cater to the most number of people possible. However, there could be situations where the built-in insoles may be lacking. For instance, some people might prefer higher arch support, while others prefer thicker cushioning.

But what if you can replace the insoles that the shoes came with? Shoes with removable insoles offer you the option to remove the built-in insoles and replace them with an insole that perfectly suits the unique shape of your foot. 

Some insoles are engineered to solve specific foot problems. People with serious foot ailments can benefit from shoes with removable insoles as they can wear their prescription insoles with shoes of their choosing.

These shoes combine the best of both worlds: orthotic support from insoles and the look and feel of your favorite shoes.

Our Recommendations

Removable insoles have since become a common feature among different kinds of footwear. For example, sneakers, sports shoes, leather shoes, and even outdoor sandals now feature removable shoe inserts. There are just so many choices to pick from!

To help you with your search, we have narrowed down the best options in the market for you. So read down below to discover the best women’s shoes with removable insoles for every occasion!

Propet One Women’s Athletic Sneaker

Propet One Women’s Athletic Sneaker

Specs at a Glance

  • Breathable upper for tolerable internal temperatures
  • Seamless construction for smooth outside surface
  • High rebound foam for noticeable energy returns
  • EVA foam midsole for shock absorption
  • Thick heel foam for dependable heel support
  • User-replaceable footbed allows the use of own insoles
  • Anti-microbial inner lining prevents fungal growth
  • Spacious toe box to accommodate larger foot sizes
  • Smooth and padded interiors for soft cushioning
  • Sporty aesthetic with mesh outer padding

Say Goodbye to Blisters

The Propet One features a 3D knit mesh that, in addition to looking stylish, prevents scratches, sores, and blisters on the skin. In addition, the mesh also allows air to pass through too, making it less likely to accumulate sweat. The inner linings of these shoes are also anti-microbial, preventing the growth of bacteria and fungi.

With the breathable mesh upper and anti-microbial lining working together, the Propet One is perfect for those with sensitive skin. 

Padded All Over

Expected to be worn during physically demanding activities like exercise and sports, the Propet One has ample padding to embrace your foot for maximum comfort. These paddings absorb the impacts that come with intense activities. The midsole is also made of shock-absorbing EVA foam to lessen the strain on your foot even further.

As for heel support, padded collar and heel counter work side-by-side to provide your heel the best support possible. In addition, the firm heel counter prevents overpronation, which can lead to foot problems.

Drew Cascade Women’s Sandal

Drew Cascade Women’s Sandal

Specs at a Glance

  • High-quality upper with premium leather material
  • Adjustable straps with padding for a tailored fit
  • Cushioned footbed offers metatarsal support
  • Rugged outsole that can withstand rough terrain
  • Reliable Velcro hook that secures your foot in place
  • EVA foam midsole for shock absorption
  • Removable insoles that can be replaced with your preferred insoles
  • Solid construction due to tempered steel shank between the insole and outsole
  • Lightweight but durable materials intended for outdoor activities

Durable and Comfortable Footbed

Aside from being removable, the Drew Cascade’s insoles are lightweight, durable, and comfortable. It’s made of polyurethane material that offers superior durability and strength while remaining flexible and resistant to abrasion. So you don’t have to worry about your foot developing blisters and calluses as you enjoy a morning hike to the forest.

The padded straps secure your foot to the sandal while remaining gentle to the skin. Other sandals tend to leave marks and sometimes even scratches on particularly delicate skin. Those with sensitive skin would greatly appreciate the Drew Cascade’s padded adjustable straps.

Traction and Strength for the Outdoors

The Drew Cascade is equipped with an outsole that can withstand the demands of an all-day hiking trip. The outsole is made of firm rubber material that can go head-to-head with any obstacle you may encounter along the trail. Absorbing the impact from each step, the EVA midsole works as an effective shock absorber.

Complementing the sturdy rubber outsole, the tempered steel shank strengthens the overall construction of the sandals and prevents them from being mishappened. This shank sits between the insole and outsole of the sandal, giving it a strong backbone.

Drew Rose Women’s Mary Jane

Drew Rose Women’s Mary Jane

Specs at a Glance

  • Upper made of full-grain leather
  • Secure fit thanks to adjustable straps
  • Perforated upper to allow air to go in and out
  • Steel shank for solid construction
  • Dual-density outsole provides strong traction 
  • Superior stability due to extra wide shank
  • Thick heel support at 6 to 8 inches
  • Replaceable built-in insoles for a more customized experience
  • Lengthened stabilizer for stable heel support
  • Cushioning on the tongue and collar for sensitive feet

Perfect Match for Your Dress

The Drew Rose can accompany you on your dinner dates and formal gatherings with its low-profile appearance. The Drew Rose comes in a typical Mary Jane style, making it a perfect match for your skirts and dresses. Picking up a pair of these orthotic doll shoes is a no-brainer and would be a great addition to your wardrobe.

Double Depth for Your Insoles

Featuring the patent Plus Fitting SystemⓇ, the Drew Rose has deeper room for custom orthotics and thicker insoles. The double depth interiors allow people with specially-made shoe inserts to enjoy wearing a pair of doll shoes without losing the health benefits of orthotic insoles.

Final Thoughts

Foot problems can disrupt your everyday life and even deny you some of the activities you used to enjoy. Making it even worse, serious foot conditions prevent you from sporting your favorite pair of shoes. As a result, you are confined to only wearing a pair of tacky and awkward-looking shoes.

Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice style and fashion for comfort and good podiatric health. By wearing shoes with removable insoles, you still get to mix and match your shoes with your outfit while taking advantage of the benefits of orthotic insoles.

In this article, we have shared some of the best shoes you can wear on any given occasion. For instance, you can wear the Drew Rose for your formal gatherings. How about your daily morning jog? The Propet One would certainly get the job done and help you start your day right.

Have you settled on a pair already? Don’t let foot ailments get in the way; grab a pair of removable sole shoes today!

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