A Silicone Bunion Corrector Isn’t Enough: Use the 4Gear Sportlife 4G Complete Kit!

May 10, 2021
silicone bunion corrector

Sometimes, the discomfort we feel in the body is not caused by significant pain but the pain of the pinky. It is the smallest affliction that somehow brings us the most suffering, and you can surely relate to this when you suffer from bunions. 

Bunions occupy only a tiny area of the feet, yet it paralyzes the whole body when the pain strikes. As a result, your regular daily activities are now more challenging to do than ever. Worse, even if you use bunion corrective and protective products-- they don’t work!

To help you find a solution, this article will talk about a lifesaver kit from 4Gear Sportlife 4G, why other products sometimes fail, and how the stages of your bunion could affect the effectiveness of a product. 

Product Spotlight: 4Gear Sportlife 4G Bunion Corrector Kit 

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Why this product is the best choice

4Gear Sportlife 4G is a one-stop shop for all the products you need. Your bunion correction commences the moment you wake up, while you do your errands at work, and as you relax in your bed to sleep. You do not need to jump from one shop to another for bunion corrective products shopping as this product has it all!

Kit inclusion

  • Split-toe spacer
  • Bunion shield
  • Bunion shield + toe spacer + metatarsal padding in one
  • Big toe exercise strap 
  • Bunion sleeves with bony hump padding and toe spacer
  • Bunion splint
  • Spiky rubber massage ball


The most significant benefit of using the 4Gear Sportlife 4G bunion corrector best is achieving a whole day's use of bunion correction in one purchase. 

You can use the bunion shields, spacers, and sleeves throughout the day, whether you are at home or wearing your shoes at work.

Since the splits are a bit bulky, you may opt to use them at home after rolling your feet on a spiky massage ball after a long day’s work. You can also ensure that the big toes do not stiffen until they are good to move through the big toe exercise strap. 

4Gear Sportlife 4G got you covered all day!


The 4Gear Sportlife 4G is a one-size-fits-all type of product. Although it may perfectly fit a considerable percentage of buyers, there will be situations where they won’t fit. 

For bigger foot types, the 4Gear Sportlife 4G sleeves and splints may be too tight, and the spacers may not provide the toe division it should be serving. On the other hand, it’s the other way around for smaller feet, the sleeves and splint may be too loose, and the spacers are too big. They cause pain when worn. 

The Feet, Bunions, and How 4Gear Sportlife 4G Kit Helps

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A Bit of Foot Anatomy

The feet are composed of phalanges (toes' bones) and the metatarsals (the bones after the phalanges and bones making up the middle of the feet). 

Phalanges: The phalanges are made up of the proximal, medial, and distal parts. The big toe only has distal and proximal phalanges.

Metatarsals: The metatarsals are the bone connected to the proximal phalanges. Their lengths are descending order, with the big toe metatarsal being the shortest but the strongest and the pinkly metatarsal bone the longest. They are named according to order too. The big toe metatarsal is the first metatarsal, and the bones beside it are the second, third, fourth, and fifth metatarsal. 


So what causes bunions? The joint that connects the first metatarsal and the toe proximal phalanx sometimes becomes swollen or sometimes not. However, the visible sign is when the big toe phalanx moves towards the other toes, so the first metatarsal moves outward, creating a protruding bone in the joint connection. 

This condition may be genetic and can be present at birth or caused by repetitive wearing of ill-fitting shoes or the feet suffering an injury. Nonetheless, correcting bunions is not hopeless. There are two main ways to treat and avoid the worsening of bunions. 

Treatment: How 4Gear Sportlife 4G Helps

There are two reliable treatments for bunions: surgery and corrective products. Your choice depends on the stage of your bunion. Here is how 4Gear Sportlife 4G is efficient in providing correction and relief to the different bunion stages. 

Bunion Stages How 4Gear Sportlife 4G helps
 Stage 1: This stage is characterized by a slight bump and misalignment of the big toe phalanges to the first metatarsal.   This is the earliest stage when the bony hump and the big toe movement towards the other toe are not yet apparent. However, to prevent the worsening of the bunions, wear splints as often as you can to train the big toe to remain in its proper alignment.
 Stage 2: The misalignment is more evident as the big toe has already entirely moved towards the toe beside it. The bone is now more protruding.   Your priority at this stage is to protect the bony hump from friction and pressure that will cause pain and swelling. With that, use the sleeves and the bunion guards. You can also use the toe strap to avoid stiffening of the toe. 
 Stage 3: The bony hump is huge and evident. Pressure and friction to the bunions can cause pain.   Make sure to wear bunion corrective and protective items throughout the day to revert the alignment of foot bones to their proper position. 
 Stage 4: The dislocation is worse than the big toe moving towards the other toes. It may even overlap the other toes. A bunionette may have developed too.   Consult your doctor to see if the items included in the kit are still helpful. Usually, for advanced bunions where toes overlap amongst each other, surgery may be the best solution.

Why Using Only Silicone Bunion Corrector Isn’t Enough

There is one primary reason why using only a silicone corrector isn’t enough. You cannot always wear it, and there are certain bunion stages when they are not corrective anymore. So with that, it is essential to have a collection of different bunion corrective products. 

The most effective way to see bunion correction results is by wearing corrective products consistently. The advantage of having more than one product is you’ll have something to wear at different times of the day. You can use silicone correctors together with other bunion protection and correction products below.

Solutions included in the 4Gear Sportlife 4G Kit

Split-Toe Spacers

This product is among the most common toe spacer designs and the simplest too. First, a ring is slipped into the toe next to the big toe; then, the silicone keeps the two apart. These spacers are made of silicone, so they are washable and reusable. 

Toe Spacer Variations 

You’ll see many toe spacer variations. In choosing, make sure that the central issue of your foot is addressed. 

There are also toe spacers that are designed with metatarsal padding. The metatarsophalangeal joints are affected by the bunions too, and extra padding beneath them will be a great relief.  


This product is best used when the bony hump has already progressed to protect from friction and bumps. You can cover the protruding bone with the silicone shield by slipping in the hole to your toes. You can wear it at home or underneath your socks before wearing shoes. 


You’ll see two kinds of bunion sleeves: sleeves with built-in bunion padding and another with bunion padding and toe spacer. 

The latter is always the better version, but you can use toe spacers with it if you have the first design. Finally, the sleeves are made of breathable and thin material so that you can wear them under your socks. 


If your bunions have worsened or you do not want it to advance, splints are the most effective products to use. The foot wrap is strengthened with a unique metal on the bunion side to maintain a corrective position. 

The only disadvantage of splints is their bulkiness. Therefore, they are best worn at home. 

Other Products That May Also Work

All-Toe Spacers

There are also toe spacers that are worn to all the toes to keep them apart. Bunions include the big toe moving towards the other toes, but in advanced conditions, the small toe moves towards the center of the feet, and a bunionette occurs. An all-toe separator inhibits this from happening. 


If you are not comfortable using silicone toe speakers, mainly if your lifestyle entails a lot of movement, you can use bunion socks

They are worn like regular socks, only that extra pads are added to the bony hump for protection. The socks also have a split-toe design for toe spacing.


Boots, sandals, slippers, and shoes-- innovations on products that help protect, correct, and avoid bunions from recurring after surgery continue to develop. The most common you’ll see are bunion slippers and sandals where a ring toe and a covering on the side of the bunion are designed. 

Questions and Afterthoughts

Are bunion correctors effective?

The answer depends on the stage of your bunions. For example, bunion correctors may not be effective for stage 4 bunions, and surgery may be the best option. On the other hand, for the early stages, you’ll see realignment results with continuous use. 

Do bunion corrector braces work?

Bunion braces are the most effective bunion correction products because the splint has a metal inserted in the bunion side of the splint. The metal ensures that the toe stays in place. Do bunion correctors actually work? With consistent use, these braces work!

Do bunion correctors hurt?

When bunions develop, the first metatarsal and the phalanx connected to it have been used to the dislocation--moving them will certainly cause pain. Nonetheless, the pain will lessen as the feet get used to the toe spacers, sleeves, and splints you use to put them back to their proper position. 

Do nighttime bunion correctors work?

If your nighttime correctors are splints and you use them night after night, you’ll see results as time passes. On top of the nighttime correctors, use daytime bunion corrective products, too, to see the best outcome. 


There go all the details you need to know about bunions, why using just bunion correctors is not enough, and how the 4Gear Sportlife 4G complete kit could be just the solution you need. 

In choosing which product to buy in a pool of offerings, the knowledge that you should choose the product that fits the severity of your bunion would help. 

Also, one product may not be enough to satisfy your needs for bunion correction and protection, especially when consistent use is what you are aiming for. Choose products that give all-day support. 

Did this article help you? Share with us your thoughts in the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you!

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