Sneaker Insoles Women Wear And Why You Need Them

June 23, 2021
sneaker insoles women

Before the hype about platform shoes, sneaker insoles women wore dominated the scene. People were so obsessed with the idea of getting a few more inches from insole inserts without everyone knowing (although everybody knew!) As a response, sneaker companies designed shoes with built-in high insoles to ride the wave. Then, somebody thought, why not just elevate the whole and not just the heels? So platform shoes took over, and the rest is history.

But what are insoles really for? Historically, insoles were created to alleviate pain. Today, they are still used for the same purpose. Innkeepers actually invented insoles as an additional hospitable gesture towards their travel-weary customers complaining about foot pain. Before, insoles were made out of rags stuffed inside shoes. Today, technology gives us many materials to choose from.

Why Do Women Need Insoles?

Many experts say women need insoles more than men. In the modern age, this is very true. Since the last century, we've been seeing women take on various roles in society—a lot of them formerly dominated by men. Women have become active members of society, and with some of these roles requiring the whole corporate ensemble, high heels included, it’s only right for such accessories to be made available for sexes.

The business world is one example. Sometimes, all it takes is your favorite suit and tie or a cup of coffee to get that instant confidence boost and command a room—sometimes, it’s a pair of trusty high heels. However, being on your feet all day and five times a week or more can be extremely taxing on your body. Naturally, the first to suffer is your feet.

Standing on high shoes for long periods disrupts the natural balance of your body. The feet are made to support your weight best if it is planted steadily, not teetering on heels with only the balls of your feet supporting you.

Most women develop pain in their feet later in life, and they don’t realize that it’s from wearing the wrong shoes for most of their careers. Bunions, high arches, and other foot deformities are common among women due to wearing heels every day. Fortunately, casual wear in the workplace is becoming more popular. This means heels are no longer required for specific jobs. Women are free to wear sneakers or other comfortable footwear to work. But again, it’s also their choice to continue wearing high heels.

If you still have foot pain because you realized the negative effect of high heels too late, there is still hope. The answer is simple: orthotics or tools that help restore your feet to their natural form. Built-in soft sole insoles women’s shoes might have are not necessarily orthotics. But you can easily buy insoles designed to relieve pain. An example of this is the insoles from the known foot care brand, Dr. Scholl’s.

Dr. Scholl’s Insoles for Women

If you are serious about saying goodbye to your foot pain for good, the first thing you need to do is switch out those killer heels for good old comfortable sneakers. Your feet will thank you immensely. That’s only step one to rehabilitating your feet, though.

Although sneakers are miles away from high heels in terms of comfortability, you can take it up a notch by investing in sneaker insoles you can buy online or in your drugstore. If you don’t have any idea which one to get, choose the insoles from Dr. Scholl’s. This brand is trusted not only in making insoles but also in creating different orthotics like bunion protectors, socks, and many more.

Dr. Scholl's mission is to create products that relieve foot pain and help everyone stand on their feet comfortably. A testament to this is the three types of sneaker insoles they made for women of different backgrounds.

Running Insoles

While Dr. Scholl’s created foot gel inserts women could use in their downtime, they also made an insole especially for active women like runners. Runners get their own insole design because of how much stress the feet are under when moving fast. Immense pressure and shock twice as heavy as the usual body weight is carried by the feet when running. Putting all that burden on one’s feet is going to wear them out over time.

The running insoles designed for runners are meant to prevent injuries. Runner’s knee, shin splints, or the pain on the connective tissue of the lower leg, and plantar fasciitis or the pain in the arch of the foot, are some injuries the running insoles target directly.

Dr. Scholl’s running insoles reduce the pressure on the feet while running by concentrating on three common problem areas: the balls of the feet, the heels, and the arch. This Triple Zone Protection cushions about 40% of the shock in each step the runner takes by supporting every part of the toe during activity.

Sports Insoles

If you don’t think the running insoles are not enough for everything that you do in a day, try the sports insoles of Dr. Scholl’s. It was made with foot gel inserts needed for more strenuous activities.

Athletes and sports enthusiasts constantly use the muscles and connective tissue in their feet. To prevent wear and tear on these parts, Dr. Scholl’s created the Massaging Gel technology. It was incorporated into the sports insoles to create waves that absorb different levels of shock from many sports.

Aside from that, the arch of the foot is supported with this insole design too. A flexible arch shell allows you to control how you move and gives you additional grip and support. This is ideal for women conquering the world of sports.

Fitness Walking Insoles

Dr. Scholl’s also created an insole for women who like to dial it back with exercising. So if you’re the afternoon walks kind of girl, this insole is specially made for you.

The fitness walking insoles have three layers of protection for your feet. The insole design has targeted cushioning technology on the heel and forefront with a flexible arch shell to protect every part of the feet. It also features stimulating nodes that help relieve pressure on the balls and heel area of the sole.

Final Review of Dr. Scholl’s Sneaker Insoles Women

Overall, Dr. Scholl’s women arch support insoles deliver in terms of protection and comfortability. The brand created inclusive designs for everyone. Whether you are a runner or not, Dr. Scholl’s have insoles for you. Preserving your feet from further damage is essential in the long run, after all.

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