Stay on Court With These Volleyball Ankle Braces and Deliver a Robust Athletic Performance

April 8, 2022
Volleyball Player In Action

If you’re a volleyball player, you know how important it is to have strong ankles. Volleyball is a high-impact sport, and without sturdy ankles, you’re at risk for injuries. That’s why ankle braces are an essential part of any volleyball player’s gear.

With the right ankle braces, you can reduce your risk of injury and continue playing without interruption. Rest assured that you can also deliver your best performance on the court by protecting your ankles from potential injuries. This also ensures that you can keep doing what you love and keep yourself in tip-top condition.

So if you want to keep playing volleyball without having to worry about your ankle, check out our recommendation.

volleyball ankle braces-1 – Ultra Zoom white ankle brace

Introducing the Ultra Zoom Volleyball Ankle Braces

Ultra Ankle is a well-known ankle brace manufacturer. They specialize in innovating ankle bracing solutions for athletes with high and low ankle injuries since the late 1990s. 

The company provides reliable products to treat such severe injuries that take a long time to heal. They are also continuously developing ankle braces with varying applications, such as reinforcement, recovery, stability, mobility, and more. Additionally, they introduced the hinged-cuff technology to the market, which effectively treats acute ankle injuries without sacrificing durability, comfort, and protection.

Let’s take a closer look at why Ultra Zoom is the best kind of ankle braces for volleyball players like you.

Product Specifications

MaterialPerformathane (thermoplastic resin)
Sizes12-16 in.
Weight4.8 oz.
Foot OrientationLeft/right
DesignHinged-cuff technology for injury prevention and performance support
Closure MethodDouble adjustable straps (Velcro)
Support LevelModerate
UseChronic ankle joint instabilitiesSub-acute ankle sprainsProphylactic uses
ApplicationsVolleyballBasketballFootballSoccerLacrosseField hockeyOthers


✅ High durability

✅ Offers two color options

✅ Low profile and lightweight

✅ Performathane shell technology

✅ Hinged-cuff technology

✅ Balances comfort and support

✅ Excellent protection

✅ Universal foot orientation design

✅ Flexible and not overly restrictive

✅ Convenient closure straps


❌ Squeaks on the first few uses

❌ Closure straps may be too short for some users

❌ Not moisture-wicking


The Ultra Zoom has one of the most advanced combinations of ankle bracing features perfect for athletes. For one, it offers black and white ankle braces for volleyball players and has a universal foot orientation design. It also has double adjustable Velcro straps to keep the ankle braces conveniently secure around your ankle. The straps may be too short for some people, but the brand offers 12.5-inch straps for bigger foot sizes.

In addition, the Ultra Zoom ankle brace is highly durable, lightweight, and has a low profile. It also showcases Performathane shell and hinged-cuff technology. Thus, it’s flexible, not bulky, and can be worn with shoes. The features also ensure maximum but balanced comfort, support, and protection.

The only things you may find bothersome about the volleyball ankle support are that it is not specially designed to absorb moisture and may cause a squeaking sound on the first few uses. Nonetheless, its Performathane shell and Velcro straps can secure the ankle brace around your active ankle without discomfort.

Overall, it’s the perfect addition to any volleyball player’s arsenal because it provides adequate support without restricting your active ankle, resulting in improved athletic performance. It also lessens your likelihood of getting an ankle injury or knee injury. So you can also use it when playing other sports, like basketball, football, soccer, and more.

volleyball ankle braces-2 – An athlete wearing the Ultra Zoom white ankle braces with shoes

Shoes You Can Pair up With the Best Volleyball Ankle Braces

Having proper shoes when you play high-impact sports like volleyball is very important. But needing ankle braces during the game is another crucial deciding factor for what shoes you should wear. That’s because mismatching your ankle braces and shoes can result in a lot of trouble.

But you don’t have to fret too much about it because we’ve got a list of tips just for you!

#1. Stick to Low-Top Sneakers

There is nothing worse than failing to fit your ankle braces into your shoes. To avoid frustration, you can stick to low-top sneakers with a traditional tongue and laces. The spacious design gives your feet and braces enough room, and the laces allow you to loosen or tighten the shoes enough to fit your feet and braces without pain and difficulty.

#2. Say No to Shoes with Narrow Openings

Some shoes are so restricting that they make it difficult to insert an ankle brace. No matter what you do, you can’t fit your feet and ankle braces inside shoes with narrow openings. So it’s best to avoid sneakers with restricting sleeves or collar design. These designs can make adjustments difficult, potentially leading to serious feet troubles.

#3. Say Yes to Thick-Soled Shoes

You will find thick soles reliable since athletes need to make quick, high-impact movements while playing. Thick-soled shoes provide enough cushioning for your feet and ankle braces, so you’ll feel less pressure on your active feet and ankles. That way, you can play without any discomfort and avoid possible ankle sprain and other injuries. 

#4. Look for Moisture-Wicking Shoes

Wearing breathable moisture-wicking shoes is essential when playing active sports because it helps keep your feet free from sweat and discomfort. This can be especially important if you are wearing an ankle support brace that doesn’t have quick-drying properties. The material will absorb all of the extra moisture, which could cause problems like blisters or chafe underfoot.

#5. Switch to a Slightly Bigger Shoe Size

We’re used to wearing shoes that are only big enough to accommodate our foot size, but this is not ideal if we need to wear ankle braces. So you may switch to a slightly bigger shoe size to ensure enough room in your shoes for your ankle braces. This way, you can also lessen the friction and pressure on your feet when running and jumping during a game.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best ankle braces for volleyball is a very important but challenging task. You may find yourself at a crossroads of features you’re unfamiliar with. And that’s exactly why we’ve made a detailed ankle brace recommendation just for you, which is Ultra Ankle’s Ultra Zoom ankle brace!

We aim to lessen your worry and confusion when it comes to deciding which foot and ankle products to choose. Furthermore, we want to give you valuable information about what you should look for in every foot and ankle product.

If you have any more questions about ankle support and related products, please explore our website. We have various review articles and buying guides to help you out!

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