The Most Stylish Low Heel Ankle Strap Shoes for Your Wardrobe: Here’s a List

December 28, 2021
low heel ankle strap shoes

Shoe designers know that low-heel leather shoes are a staple in any wardrobe. They're comfortable and stylish but not too high to be uncomfortable. Heels may be the most popular shoe style in fashion, but they are not for everyone. If you prefer a more casual look or have medical conditions that don't allow you to wear high heels comfortably, leather ankle strap sandals might be your best option. 

In this article, we'll help you find the perfect strap-on pair for every outfit in your wardrobe. 

7 Perfect Pairs of Low Heel Leather Shoes for You 

It is hard to find a comfortable pair of shoes that fits any outfit you like. If you want to look trendy and stylish, take a look at these top seven picks we have for you. 

DREAM PAIRS Women’s Chuckle Low Heel Pump Sandals - $63.99


  • The DREAM PAIRS leather low block heel sandals come in seven colors; Champagne Pearl, Floral, Gold Glitter, Silver Glitter, Nude, Red, Black, and Yellow. This colorway is also available in their suede variety. 
  • It has a TPR rubber sole, which is excellent for wear and tear situations, recyclable, and protects your feet from abrasion. 
  • It has latex padded insoles for additional cushioning and comfort for your feet. 
  • The strap has the perfect thickness to keep the shoes secure on your feet and your ankles steady. 


  • The material on the back of the ankles can be tough from the first few wears, which can cause blistering and wounding. You can put on a band-aid or cotton until the shoes adjust to your ankles. 
  • The latex can be slippery when you get it wet, and it doesn’t have a breathable layer to combat sweating and foul smell. 
  • The shoes have little to no arch support, which makes these shoes uncomfortable for those with flat feet conditions.  

Cape Robbin Wisdom Clear Chunky Block Low Heels - $49.99 


  • The Cape Robbin Chunky Block Low Heels has a unique clear design that lets you flaunt your pretty feet. 
  • These heels can pair very well with both cocktail dresses and jeans. 
  • It is available in Nude and sizes from 5.5 to 11 inches. 
  • The Cape Robbin is available in other varieties if you want higher ankle strap heels. 


  • The shoes are not appropriate for plus-size women because the strap is short, and the design looks good only on slim feet. 
  • The clear strap and uppers of the shoes can have a yellowish color after a long period of use. It is hard to fix this problem and can affect the overall aesthetic of the shoes. You try DIY hacks like baking soda and vinegar to get it back to its clear state. 
  • The straps are thin, so you have to put some little allowance around your ankle to prevent it from snapping. 

Allegra K Women's Ankle Tie Point Toe Dress Pumps - $37.99


  • The Allegra K Women’s Dress Pumps is made from faux suede material and is available in nine different color options; Brown, Beige, Black, Burgundy, Coffee, Hot Pink, Purple, Red, Pink, and Green. 
  • It has a padded insole, high rubber block heel, and a pointed toe design. 
  • The shoes are lightweight and perfect for everyday use. 
  • The shoes are wide enough to accommodate people with chunky feet. 
  • These shoes give great value to your money because they excel in the build quality compared to other brands and are very affordable. 


  • The faux-suede comes with a strong scent from the box. Make sure to deodorize the shoes before using them to avoid foul odors. 
  • You have to tie the ankle strap for it to lock. It can loosen from a longer period of walking, and you have to re-tie it now and then, which can be a hassle.

Naturalizer Women's Ivy Ankle Strap Heels - $140.75 


  • The Naturalizer Women’s Ivy Ankle Strap has six different design and pattern options; Soft Marble, Black Leather, Barely Nude Snake, Grey, Boysenberry, and Beige. 
  • You can choose between leather or a suede upper. If you don’t like the strapping mechanism of the Ivy, the Naturalizer’s Vera Heeled Shoes might be better for you. It is the same design, with a different strap. 
  • It has an open square toe design to accommodate people with wider toes. 
  • It has an N5 Contour technology that provides a dual-density cushioned insole of the ultimate feet comfort. 


  • A high-quality shoe is a rare find. The Naturalizer Ivy costs almost $140 and can be quite expensive for low-heeled sandals. 
  • The strap can be too tight for some people. You can remedy this by punching additional holes for a more loose fit. But be careful because it may compromise the look of the shoes. Better bring it to a shoemaker for a cleaner process. 
  • The sole can be too stiff, limiting flexibility on your foot. 

ALDO Women's Brookshear Block Heel Pump Dress Shoes - $75.00 


  • The ALDO Women’s Brookshear Dress Shoes have four colors; Black, Light Pink, Smooth Black, and Cognac. The shoes are also made from vegan leather. This is an excellent choice for people who have a great fashion sense and advocate animal welfare. 
  • The block heels are comfortable to walk on any surface, and it is the perfect height for formal and casual events. 
  • It has an x-strap figure for your ankles that provides stability when you walk on soft surfaces such as grassy areas. 


  • The shoes are a small standard sizing. Consider buying shoes half bigger than your normal size for a perfect and comfortable fit. 
  • It has a pointed-toe design. Some women like this design, but some find it odd on their feet. Consider other designs to fit your preference. 

Nine West Women's Pruce Heeled Sandals - $84.00 


  • The Nine West Women’s Price Heeled Sandals are available in six colors; Black, Yellow, French Navy, Modern Pink, Sweet Berry, and Latte. This colorway is also available in suede. 
  • The sole is made from synthetic material and has a breathable man-made lining that promotes airflow on your foot to keep it dry and fresh. 
  • It has a buckle strap ankle closure, and the heels are approximately 2.5 inches high. 


  • The sole is glued to the shoes. Some customers report that after a few uses, the soles get detached. You can reinforce the sole by having it stitched to avoid the problem in the future. 
  • The synthetic material used for the strap is of poor quality. Therefore, if your lock is too tight, it might snap off. 
  • These leather low heels are not recommended for people with wide toes because of the narrow open-toe design. In addition, some users report blistering just after a few hours of use. 

Steve Madden Women's Irenee Heeled Sandal - $85.00


  • The Steve Madden Women’s Heeled Sandal has 31 different designs you can choose from. In addition, it has eleven designs for patent leather pumps, low-heel, and eleven more options for suede designs. The numerous varieties will surely help you mix and match your shoes with every outfit. 
  • It has a buckle closure on the ankle strap so you can customize the fit of the strap around your ankle for a more comfortable walk. 
  • It has a leather lining for a more stylish look and makes the shoes more durable. 
  • The footbed is lightly cushioned, and it has a 2-inch chunky heel that promotes comfort in your every step. 


  • Some users report that the sandals can be very tight on foot, causing discomfort. It also causes loud clicking noise, especially on hard surfaces. 
  • The forward strap near the toes can be narrow for some and causes blistering. 

Benefits of Wearing Leather Low Heel Shoes 

The shoe is an important part of an outfit. That's why people spend on glamorous shoes. But sometimes, it is not always the expensive, shiny, and leather high heel straps that glam you up. Simple low-heeled shoes can make you shine the same while giving more benefits as you wear them. 

Let's look at some of the advantages of low heel ankle shoes and why it is necessary for every woman's closet. 

  • High-heeled shoes are one of the common causes of foot-related injuries. One missed step, and you will find yourself with an ankle injury. It can also be the cause of misaligned spine and Achilles tendon injuries. So start yourself with low-heeled shoes and work your way up. This way, you can rock any shoes you like anywhere, anytime. 
  • If you are traveling or always on your feet during the day, low-heeled shoes allow you to move better and let you walk farther. High heels put a lot of stress on your body. You'll find yourself in a better condition at the end of the day with low heels and ankle shoes. 
  • It is a practical choice and is suitable for everyday use. There are activities of the day that you don't expect, like running and going on long errands. You can't do some things with high heels, and it's a hassle to switch shoes now, and then you need to do something. 
  • It's for everybody! There are people with medical conditions that restrict them from wearing high heels. It can provide better stability, and shoes with straps can prevent your ankles from rolling and prevent injuries. 

Final Thoughts 

Shoes are not all about the look. It should also be functional and comfortable. Low heel ankle strap shoes are your best friend for style and comfort. Invest in one and see the big difference from the very first wear. 

And if you are looking for more shoe recommendations, you can visit our other buying guides and reviews. 

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