Aircast A60 Ankle Support: The Best Tendonitis Ankle Brace for Athletes

February 9, 2022
tendonitis ankle brace

It takes dedication, discipline, and hard work to be a successful athlete. However, health challenges can sometimes hinder your performance. Achilles tendonitis, in particular, is a common condition athletes experience. Its cause is the excessive use of the Achilles tendon, leading to swelling, irritation, and pain in your feet, especially when moving.

That’s why athletes must wear effective ankle support for tendonitis to help treat the condition. So if you want to get the best ankle support for tendonitis, check out the Aircast A60 ankle support brace.

Why Go For the Aircast A60 Tendonitis Ankle Brace

The Aircast A60 is a product of DJO. They’re an international market leader in innovative orthopedic products, so you’re in good hands when using any of their products.

Product specifications

Sizes7–14 (US shoe sizing)
Foot OrientationLeft/right
StructureStabilizing prophylactic
Closure MethodSingle strap (Velcro)
Support LevelMild
ApplicationsChronic instability, prophylaxis


✅ Lightweight

✅ Washable

✅ Low-profile structure

✅ Shoe-friendly

✅ 60-degree molding

✅ Built-in stabilizers

✅ Latex-free

✅ Built-in moisture-wicking fabric

✅ Various size options


❌ Limited strap length

❌ Small sizing

The product in focus

Let’s take a closer look at why Aircast A60 Ankle Support Brace is the best ankle support for Achilles tendonitis!


The Aircast A60 has a lightweight, low-profile structure, so you won’t have any problems with its weight and bulkiness. You will barely notice it’s on.

Also, the ankle brace has a 60-degree molding to guard you against ankle sprains and rollovers. It allows you to comfortably wear shoes with the ankle brace on. Thus, its support application is not limited to resting indoors.


The brand offers an adequate range of sizes for the Aircast A60. However, the sizing may be small for some people. Thus, you may want to go one size bigger than your actual size. Nonetheless, the product fits the foot’s contours well and is compatible with all types of shoes.

In addition, this Achilles tendonitis brace’s single Velcro strap is enough to secure it. The brace will stay in place no matter how much you move. 


The ankle brace is made of Breath-O-Prene, a moisture-wicking fabric. It keeps your foot and ankle safe from perspiration buildup. 

Additionally, it has an effective support structure without feeling restrictive. You’ll be comfortable wearing it even during extensive physical activity. 


Aircast’s A60 ankle brace offers a mild level of support, specifically designed for chronic instability and prophylaxis. Because of this, the ankle brace is perfect for ankle instability support, recovery, and injury prevention.

This Achilles support brace also minimizes the likelihood of stress during activities that involve lateral movements. Thus, it’s ideal for athletes who are prone to ankle injuries or suffer from ankle instability and need physical therapy.


The product offers great performance for its intended use. Thus, you can expect optimal support, especially on the weakest area of your ankle. 

Specifically, its built-in stabilizers and 60-degree molding provide ankle support without limiting movement. You will recover faster while still enjoying some degree of mobility.

Our verdict

The Aircast A60 Ankle Support Brace is ideal for both the prevention and rehabilitation of ankle injuries. Despite its sturdy structure, it’s wearable with shoes and doesn’t restrict ankle and foot movement. The ankle brace also consists of high-grade materials that ensure utmost comfort. It provides a soft, breathable cushion for your foot and prevents perspiration.

The design aids stability and keeps your ankle safe from movement-related stress. That’s why we think it’s the best support for Achilles tendonitis. It’s a great choice that has everything you need from an ankle brace, especially if you're an athlete.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ankle Braces

Still curious about ankle braces? Let us answer some of the most asked questions about them.

  1. When should you wear an ankle brace?

You can use an ankle brace for many different situations. For instance, you can wear it while doing daily activities or intense sports. They are particularly useful when you are experiencing various foot conditions, such as tendonitis and plantar fasciitis.

  1. Should you wear an ankle brace over or underneath a sock?

You can wear an ankle support brace over or underneath a sock. However, most manufacturers recommend wearing it underneath a sock to maximize its compressive and pain-relieving benefits. And if the brace is breathable, foot sweat won’t be an issue.

  1. How tight should an ankle brace be?

The tightness of your ankle brace should depend on your comfort. It should be tight enough to secure the brace in place but loose enough to give you freedom of movement. The brace should also not restrict blood flow or cause any pain; otherwise, it will harm your foot and ankle instead of providing support and aiding recovery.

  1. How long do you need to wear an ankle brace?

The duration of wearing an ankle brace depends on how severe your condition is. You may have to wear it for two to six weeks or as long as 12 months. But the good thing is that you don’t have to wear an ankle brace all day. You can take it off when you are not doing anything.

Final Thoughts

Having a condition that hinders movement is difficult when you’re an athlete, especially if it greatly affects your foot and ankle. That’s why you have to find products that can solve that problem. An ankle brace, in particular, provides adequate support even during intense physical activities. 

We hope you’ve found our recommendation helpful. If you want to know more about foot, ankle, and toe care, explore our website now!

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