The 5 Best Gel Toe Separators To Ease Bunion Pain

May 27, 2021
Gel toe separators

There’s a saying that goes like this, “The whole body feels the pain of the pinky.” This means that no matter how small the body part is, when there’s pain you’ll feel it. 

You’ll definitely know what this means when you experience bunions. Bunions happen when your big toe grows closer to the other toes and the bone positions itself abnormally, creating a bump. This condition may occur because of a foot injury, heredity, or a sickness like arthritis. 

It’s a good thing that there are gel toe separators for bunions to ease and correct this rather painful condition. You can go with generic options (there are gel toe separators, Walgreens brand and gel toe separators, CVS brand), but for the most effective pain relief here are our top picks.

1. Frederick's Bunion Corrector Kit

Frederick's Bunion Corrector Kit Gel toe separators

Dr. Frederick's Bunion Corrector Kit is one of the best around because it offers five different separators: standard shield spacers, sport shield spacers, standard spacers, sport spacers, and toe separators. 

The shield spacers include a gel shield for the bump side of the bunion for pressure and pain protection. The standard and sport spacers, on the other hand, keep the big toe and the toe next to it separated. Because the two toes are wrapped in the gel spacer, they remain apart even when you move. These toe separators are a gentler way to keep the toes apart; they serve as a divider or cushion between the two toes. 

Between the five types of separators, you’ll have some designed for daily activities and some designed for more strenuous exercises

2. NatraCure Bunion Guards

NatraCure Bunion Guards Gel toe separators

A bone abnormally creating a bump on the feet is the characteristic of a bunion. It also makes that part of the skin irritated due to pressure and friction from socks and shoes. A particular feature of the NatraCure bunion guards is the gel’s skin-friendly composition. It contains vitamins E, shea butter, and aloe vera to ensure that the bunion is not only guarded, but that area of the foot is also pampered. 

You can easily slip the bunion guard onto the big toe, and the guard will provide a shield on the bunion side to ensure no friction and pressure will put you in pain. 

3. ZenToes Gel Toe Separators

Zentoes Gel toe separators

Bunion correction can be painful. Suppose you have just begun your journey to correct your toes’ formation. In that case, these ZenToes toe separators are a less invasive and less strenuous way to do it.

You need to insert the gel cushion between the big toe and the toe beside it to separate the two toes. Since the cushion is made of gel and latex, it is flexible enough not to strain your big toe and cause pain. 

Slip in the washable and reusable gel separator to the smaller toe to use it. ZenToes are best worn when relaxing at home barefoot so that it won’t be displaced. 

4. Alayna Toe Spreader Cushion

Alayna Toe Spreader Cushion Gel toe separators

Aside from the gel bunion pad that will protect bumpy bone from friction, pressure, and pain, additional support and stability are provided by these bunion sleeves.

The bunion sleeves encapsulate the bunion and the big toe, and go around half the sole of the feet to provide more support. Don’t worry about the gel pad being displaced as the sleeve keeps it stable. Your feet's flexibility is still ensured because of the lycra fabric material used on the sleeves—this fabric is also washable and reusable. 

Just slip it onto your feet and position the bunion gel protection correctly before wearing socks and shoes. 

5. Welnove Toe Spacer

Welnove Toe Spacer Gel toe separators

One bunion developing on the big toe side of the feet is already bad. The situation gets worse when a bunionette also develops. A bunionette occurs when the pinky toe moves closer than usual to the toes beside it forming a bone bump on its side. 

To correct this or avoid its worsening, the Welnove toe spacers are a welcome relief. 

With this product, all your toes will be encapsulated in separate loops ensuring that they do not continue crowding toward the middle toes. This design can also avoid corns and calluses between toes that may develop due to friction and pressure. 

Final Thoughts

Toe separators are not a cure or treatment for bunions. However, they make activities less painful and more comfortable for their users. 

Still, the best cure is prevention: avoid developing bunions or don’t wait for it to get worse by using correcting pads and doing the following:

  1. Wearing proper shoes: Wearing comfortable and well-fitting shoes every time is the best solution to avoid bunions, ease the pain and not worsen existing ones. 
  2. Living a healthy lifestyle: All sicknesses and diseases, especially bunions caused by arthritis, become less likely to occur by having a healthy lifestyle; eat the right food and regularly exercise!
  3. Avoiding strenuous activities: Too much of anything isn't good. Perform sports and other arduous activities with care. Use the proper shoes for foot support, and always rest when you feel discomfort. 

For progressive bunions that cause too much pain, surgery is commonly recommended by doctors. Nevertheless, push that surgery date back and care for your feet with these toe separators that can help you ease your pain. Try them today!

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