The Best Metatarsal Support Insoles in 2022

January 4, 2022
metatarsal support insoles

Metatarsalgia affects millions of individuals. If you frequently feel discomfort in the ball of your foot, you could be suffering from it as well!

Metatarsals are tubular-shaped bones located midfoot. Metatarsalgia is a painful condition that may be caused by having a high arch, bunions, being overweight, and wearing high heels, just to name a few. Although it isn't considered a dangerous disease, it can be so uncomfortable that it makes you want to stop being active or even doing daily activities.

Sounds like a problem you have? The first thing to do is usually to find footwear with extra forefoot cushioning. However, if you prefer your current shoes or cannot afford to purchase new running shoes, dress shoes, work shoes, and slippers, a cheaper way to go about it is purchasing an insole that can be simply changed from shoe to shoe whenever you want and need support.

The insoles that you should purchase should be able to support your feet's arch, cushion the painful parts, and should be simple enough to switch between shoes.

What Exactly is Metatarsalgia?

While the term "metatarsalgia" may seem exotic and fun, the agony it causes athletes and others is anything but. When the balls of your foot are inflamed, producing discomfort and severe pain, you may be experiencing metatarsalgia. In addition, running or walking may aggravate the condition since the soreness usually begins at the tip of one or more metatarsal bones. This is where the ball of the foot is.

What is a Metatarsal Support Insole?

Metatarsal pads, inserts, and insoles function to support and cushion the forefoot, preventing and alleviating the painful symptoms of metatarsalgia and other discomforts. Metatarsal insoles and inserts include a thick and/or elevated metatarsal pad to support your transverse arch, cushion your ball of the foot, and keep your forefoot in a natural resting position while supporting your metatarsal bones.

A metatarsal support’s insole, pad, and insert cushions the metatarsals, toe bones, and the foot's soft tissue, preventing and alleviating the excruciating effects of Metatarsalgia and other conditions related to the forefoot.

Do I Need a Metatarsal Support Insole?

Metatarsalgia can be alleviated by wearing shoes with a metatarsal support insole. The metatarsals are supported in their natural position and spacing by a met pad, which keeps them from being constricted. It also aids in the natural placement of your shock-absorbing tissue, which helps to keep your feet from absorbing too much stress. Finally, a met pad ensures that pressure is evenly dispersed throughout your foot and that no single place holds more weight than it can support. Yes, metatarsal support will assist in relieving pain and allow you to run around with less difficulty.

Best Metatarsal Support in 2022

In this post, we'll go over the finest insoles for metatarsalgia pain alleviation that are both efficient and long-lasting. Continue reading to learn more!

Hydrofeet Support Insoles

Hydrofeet orthotic shoe insoles are created with antibacterial and medical-grade vegetable glycerin that adapts to your feet, unlike most other insole products that contain static cushioning. The gel moves to the ball of your foot as you walk forward, supporting and relieving your forefoot region. These insoles may be thin, but they still provide adequate support and cushioning. In several reviews, users claim that these insoles hold well and provide support when doing mild exercises.


  • Excellent arch support
  • Straightforward maintenance and cleaning
  • Massaging effect


  • Price

Powerstep Pinnacle Support Insoles

When it comes to general foot health, the alignment and support given by Powerstep Pinnacle Orthotic Insoles are tough to beat. These insoles are for low, normal, and high arches and should be compatible with many shoes. They are advised for stability difficulties and are for those prone to rolling their ankles and those who suffer from joint problems. In addition, while the insoles are meant to help with metatarsalgia, they are also indicated for plantar fasciitis treatment.


  • Plenty of sizes to choose from
  • Patented padding technology
  • Antimicrobial properties for improved hygiene
  • Excellent heel and arch support


  • Fabric material tends to wear out quickly

Spenco RX Orthotic Support Insoles

Spenco RX Orthotic Arch Supports are made to maintain your feet in the proper alignment. As the pressure on your feet is dispersed away from the metatarsals—this can assist in alleviating metatarsalgia discomfort. The base layer's moldable arch support adapts to the contour of your arch to provide ideal support. Looking for the perfect fit for your feet is easy with seven different insole sizes to choose from.


  • There are seven different arch heights to choose from.
  • It has an antimicrobial substance made of silica
  • Arch support cushion that is adaptable


  • Not as durable as others on this list

Protalus M100 Support Insoles

Those with larger feet may have difficulty finding insoles that fit properly and don't slide about in their shoes. However, wide-footed persons will like the Protalus M-series insoles. These full-length insoles offer semi-rigid arch support and unique Tri-Planar technology to maintain the ankle in the proper position.

When you walk, this reduces additional strain on the rest of your foot. In addition, the technology and strong arch support help prevent your foot from turning over and placing unneeded stress on the ball of your foot's large joint.


  • Arch support that is semi-rigid
  • Made out of durable and adaptable EVA foam
  • Excellent heel padding
  • Patented tri-planar innovation


  • Has considerable break-in time

When Is It Time to See a Doctor?

Not all foot issues need medical attention. After prolonged standing or a strenuous workout, your feet may hurt, but if the foot pain lasts more than a couple of days then it shouldn't be ignored. If you get a searing sensation in the ball of your foot that doesn't go away after changing your shoes and altering your activities, we recommend seeing your doctor.


Without a doubt, metatarsalgia is a painful illness that may impact anyone. Shoes with pointed toes, bad fit, and high heels can all contribute. Performing any type of activity without adequate foot support can also be a cause.

If you’re suffering from foot pain, don’t fret! The products above can all help you out. We're confident that these selections, whether they're whole insoles or metatarsal pads, will make standing, walking, and running more enjoyable for you. In addition, these items can ease the painful ball-of-foot discomfort and exhaustion that might occur after a lengthy walk, allowing you to get back on the road.

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