Walk the Economical Route With TICCOON Steel Toe Protectors

December 1, 2021
steel toe protectors

Your feet are one of the most affected body parts in common workplace accidents. You use them all the time, so naturally, they're exposed to various hazards. These include falling equipment or a sudden loss of balance. It's for this reason that you always need protective clothing.

In that case, steel toe protectors would make excellent devices. They're specifically designed to provide support and protection to your feet against the dangers of sharp and heavy on-site equipment. They're also called work boots, steel-toe guards, and safety shoes.

With durable and steel protection properties, steel safety shoes ensure that you're safe and sound. However, you might have the impression that steel-toe shoes are too heavy and expensive. We will debunk that presumption with this product review.

Are you looking for steel toe shoes that are lightweight but still offer steel protection? If so, then look no further than the TICCOON Steel Safety Shoes. Made of a thin layer of steel alloy, they help protect your feet from things that could easily crush your toes. Keep reading to learn more about this product.

An Overview on the Types of Work Safety Footwear

Let's briefly enumerate the different types of work safety footwear for various occupational hazards.

  • Electrical Hazard Shoes - specifically designed for those who work with electric equipment and are surrounded by highly reactive or flammable substances.
  • Steel Insole Shoes - made to protect you from the risk of falling heavy and sharp objects. They also prevent common joint problems due to heavy driving, pushing, and riding work vehicles.
  • Safety-Toed Shoes - specifically made for work environments that put your toes at high risks, such as damage caused by metal parts. 
  • Metatarsal Shoes - protect the bones of your upper feet and toes to prevent injuries caused by drop and roll hazards. You'll find most construction workers wearing these safety shoes often.
  • Metal Instep Shoes - made to prevent harm for those who work in industrial facilities and deal with a lot of sharp and pointy equipment, such as glass pieces and nails. 

The Perfect Combination of Light and Steel: A TICCOON Work Steel Safety Shoes Review

Have you ever wondered if there's a pair of safety shoes that's light and comfortable on your feet yet provides solid protection at the same time? It might seem too good to be true, but here's the real thing we can recommend for you!

Let's begin with the reasons why these TICCOON toe protectors are worth purchasing.



The first fun part of the TICCOON shoes is that you can use them for both industrial and lighter outdoor activities. So if you use it for on-site protection, you may also wear it when you work out. Moreover, it's available for both men and women. The simple yet fashionable design blends well with both genders, and there are various colors to choose from.

Lightweight and Comfortable

These steel-toe work boots provide a super lightweight and comfortable feel on your feet. Users report that they'd forget they're wearing them because of how light the 2.14-pound shoes are. For that reason, they don't add to the fatigue and stress you get from work and help you minimize the risk of on-site hazards.


Customers think these TICCOON safety shoes are the best cheap footwear they have ever found. How often do you encounter a high-quality product with a low price? Unfortunately, finding them is not easy, so you're lucky to stumble on this review. The shoes cost around $35-$40, which is relatively cheaper than most competitors.

Fresh Feet All Day: Solid Grip and Breathable Properties

The worry-free TICCOON work safety shoes come with non-slip and oil-resistant outsoles made of rubber for a solid and enduring grip on surfaces. Additionally, it's made of breathable textile and a Flyknit-styled upper shoe structure. These properties help keep your feet dry and fresh all day.

steel toe protectors steel toe guards - worker climbing on a metal ladder image


While steel toe caps for boots are comfortable, they're not necessarily ideal for everyone. So here's what you need to keep in mind if these steel-toe shoes aren't suitable for your needs.

Style May Be Too Plain For Some Users

The TICCOON safety shoe has a simplistic, ornament-free design. Generally, safety shoes look plain because their main purpose is protection. Still, the TICCOON shoes put the perfect balance between foot support and chic fashion.  If you want something with flashier visuals, consider other options instead. 

Not The Most Durable Safety Shoes

Some users report that the shoes have worn out faster than they expected. Unfortunately, it's not the most durable pair of safety shoes, given their lower price. However, this might also depend on how you use and maintain the shoes.

Bad Fitting

When buying this product, look at the size chart carefully. Some users ordered a pair they thought would work but ended up being either too big or small for their feet. Do your own feet measurements before picking a size, especially if you're ordering online. Looking for user reviews with the same size and photos included can be helpful, too.

Lacks Maximum Support

You might find that these lightweight shoes are not thick enough to provide cushioning and arch support effectively. So while it may feel comfortable and light on your feet, it might lack the support you want, depending on your expectations. That being said, if you have an existing toe problem, you might want to try metatarsal guards or foam toe separators instead of safety shoes.

Final Thoughts

Protective footwear is a must when working in high-risk work environments, such as industrial or construction companies. A rubber boot is one example of common safety footwear. But if you want a touch of style that looks like your regular workout or hiking shoes, steel-toe protectors shoes are a great alternative. 

The TICCOON safety work shoes have everything you're looking for in stylish protective footwear. It's lightweight, flexible, and comfortable with steel protection to get the job done. Moreover, it has a unisex design and an affordable price. Just get the right size, and don't expect it to last for as long as high-end products do. Have a safe and productive shift!

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