Toe Bunion Corrector Brands for Fixing Bunions on Both Sides of Your Foot

April 20, 2022
toe bunion corrector - A foot having both a bunion and a tailor’s bunion

Having big toe and little toe bunions mean double the pain. And when the discomfort becomes irritating, you'll need several bunion corrective equipment to dial it down. 

In this situation, you'll want at least two bunion correctors. Because treating the nasty bump on both sides of your foot requires switching between corrective tools. This practice provides a balanced treatment and efficient pain relief. So we're laying down five of the best bunion corrector products you can get.

A black Sports Laboratory toe bunion corrector with velcro straps on the foot and big toes

Sports Laboratory Orthopedic Corrector

Proof of quality can be judged by classification, and Sports Laboratory is ahead in that aspect. Both users and podiatrists vouch that this class 1 bunion treatment tool has one of the best bunion correction and pain relief capabilities.

Quick Features

Skin-friendly – Neoprene is a latex-free material that can vary in density. As a result, wearing a Sports Laboratory bunion corrector will give you enough cushion for comfort and will be free of allergies.

Fits everyone –Size can be a big after-purchase issue. Good thing this bunion corrector has an adjustable strap which makes it universal. It can fit any foot size with just a simple adjustment.

Stable yet flexible – Stability is needed when aligning the big toe joints. Ironically, you also need it to be bendable to fit your needs. The Sports Lab splint combines both for maximum bunion correcting capabilities.

Guide included – For first-time users, the addition of a bunion-relief manual will help educate them about maximizing the use of the corrector for pain relief and long-term corrective treatment.


  • Combining strength and flexibility is a feat for this bunion splint. You get a velcro that can withstand tears caused by frequent pulling.
  • The splint does a fine job of relieving pressure on the toes with a bunion. In addition, it has a way of releasing the tension on your toe knuckle bulge.


Tightening the bunion corrector can cause pain rather than relief. So you'll have to fine-tune the Velcro's adjustment to fit your needs and fully realize the bunion treatment potential.

A black Caretras toe bunion corrector with velcro straps over the foot

Caretras Bunion Corrector Splint

Customer-focused brands make sure their product matches your needs. That's where Caretras shines. The team behind the brand constantly asks for thousands of users' feedback to make sure they are serving customers' needs right while keeping sight of Caretras' purpose: to provide bunion treatment and pain relief.

Quick Features

Nylon material – This long-lasting material is primarily made of plastic and is outstanding in toughness. It will outlast your expected usage period unscathed.

Padded straps – A tendency we often do to make bunion correctors fit is to pull the straps tightly. Caretras understands this, so they placed paddings inside the straps to ensure your feet and toes are comfortably snug.

Designed to stick – Bunion protectors can slip out of your foot, especially when wearing them to sleep. So the strap is made with non-slip materials to make sure the bunion splint stays on as you roll on the mattress.


You can wear it indoors and walk around with it. The pain relief and the sensation of alignment are felt in full effect even as you stroll around your house.


You can adjust it too tightly. You have to gauge where your comfort zone is because the qualities that make Caretras a good fit can backfire if the adjustment is too stiff.

Flyen Big Toe Bunion Corrector

Finding the right nighttime bunion treatment footwear that's comfortable means going for something light and breathable. Flyen does that. This brand offers a bunion corrector opposite the heavy, cast-like equivalent yet still gives you the bunion-aligning function your toe needs while you sleep.

Quick Features

Medical-grade material – High-quality silicone is used in the Flyen bunion protector and is approved for medical purposes because it is safe and can treat bunion bulges.

Porous – The gel bunion protector has six holes that let air circulate around your big toe joint. Wearing the Flyen bunion guard will make you feel light and dry instead of sweaty and sticky.

Set of seven – Purchasing this bunion protector comes with extras. You not only get a pair of bunion guards for your big toe, but you also get two pairs of toe spacers, bunion sleeves, and a toe strap to exercise your big toe knuckles.

Bunion toe conditioning – The Flyen bunion strap is a tool you use to strengthen your big toes. By strapping it on, you can do pulling exercises to strengthen your toe joints and reduce the likelihood of bunions worsening.


Combining the power of cloth and silicone materials makes this bunion guard movement-friendly. You get to enjoy almost unrestricted feet movement while it does its job protecting and treating your bunions.


The Flyen bunion sleeve adapts to the size of your foot, just as the bunion guard is designed to fit most toes. As a result, you get what you purchase. So the sizing is either too loose or too tight.

A white toe bunion corrector for your foot’s little toe from NatraCure

NatraCure Pinky Toe Bunion Corrector

Bunions can grow in your pinky joints, too. It's called a Tailor's bunion, and NatraCure understands that people also suffer this ailment apart from the usual bunion toe bulge. So they designed a treatment tool specifically for the misaligned pinky.

Quick Features

Made of soft gel – Premium and silicone-free material is used to make this pinky toe bunion guard. NatraCure believes that gel is more soothing to your pinky joints because it causes little to no friction.

Fits inside footwear – NatraCure's soft gel pinky guard is malleable enough that you can wear it with your loafers, boots, or perhaps stilettos and heels. And it will feel as if you're wearing no bunion guard inside.

Six in a pack – Purchasing one little toe bunion corrector costs more. So a pack of six is given as an option. You get a lower per-unit price and have several pinky guard pieces as a spare if you lose one.

Slim and long – Part of what makes NatraCure tailor's bunion guard so comfortable to wear is how it's designed. The gel extends towards the middle of your metatarsal bones to cover more skin against friction and provide more stability.


It has multiple functions. More than treating and preventing tailor's bunions, it can also be used as a tool to prevent any blisters on the pinky toe area caused by long hikes or wearing tight-fit shoes.


As with anything with a fixed size, this pinky toe corrector may not stay in place when you wear your socks and shoes, so have a tape ready to hold it down.

A black Vicorrect toe bunion corrector and white bunion guards

Vicorrect Semi-rigid Bunion Corrector

If you prefer bunion equipment between flexible and rigid, go for Vicorrect. This bunion splint is suitable for outdoor wear as well as indoors. It gives you a good balance between a range of motion and bunion alignment while also providing pain relief.

Quick Features

Prevents bunion relapse – Vicorrect can be worn by people who've gotten their bunions surgically removed and serves as after-treatment equipment to prevent the toe joint's bulge from recurring.

Indoor and outdoor suitability – This bunion corrector is thin enough to fit your canvas shoes, sneakers, and training footwear, allowing you to do outdoor activities. You can also use it indoors while lounging around.

Multiple adjustable straps – The Vicorrect bunion splint can be adjusted in two areas: one around the heel and another around the big toe, giving you a high-level control for comfort and alignment.

Separator included – Apart from the semi-rigid splint, you also get a toe separator for amplified bunion correction and pain relief as part of the purchase package.


Switchability. Having two bunion correctors in a single purchase allows you to switch between what's comfortable. Sure, the semi-rigid one can be used both indoors and outdoors, but so does the toe separator. So if you're in the mood for more comfort than intense treatment, just switch it up.


What can be included in the package is an instruction manual that teaches how to use a bunion corrector. The design of the semi-rigid bunion corrector may confuse you due to its multiple straps. It would be nice to have a manual that shows how it should look if worn correctly.

Toe Bunion Corrector of Choice: Vicorrect

Vicorrect wins this product roundup because of one thing: options. We like that their bunion correctors can be purchased as a bundle. Like toys, you want more to play with, and Vicorrect has empowered us to play around with our preferred bunion treatment tool for full benefit. 

Another option aspect is the ability to adjust two straps to customize comfort. The semi-rigid corrector can be tightened separately on the toes and the heels. Hence, conforming to your preferences.

If you liked the shortlist of bunion correcting products we presented in this article, you could explore more of our reviews. Get up-to-date and in-depth reviews from different bunion treatment brands and information regarding bunion care today.

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