Partner Your Compression Socks With Two or Three-Hole Toe Separators for Plantar Fasciitis

June 6, 2022
toe separators for plantar fasciitis - silicone toe separators on the floor with heels and woman’s feet

You wake up to your heel pain screaming for extra assistance. For a while, you were able to deal with plantar fasciitis using compression socks alone. But this time, they're just not working.

Unfortunately, the pain that started from the heel began spreading to the base of your toes. That's because plantar fasciitis causes inflammation to the tissue that connects your toes and heel bone. 

If you're no longer receiving enough relief from compression socks, it's time to add orthotic support. So don't throw your compression sleeves and add toe separators for plantar fasciitis instead!

We gathered four toe separators to help address other foot issues contributing to your heel pain. These separators come in two to three toe loops, giving way for mobility and easy fit in shoes.

4 Toe Spacers for Plantar Fasciitis to Partner With Your Compression Socks

Did you say toe separators for plantar fasciitis? You might think they're useless because plantar fasciitis is a heel condition. However, this foot problem also targets the toe base; you can still benefit from toe spacers.

By partnering them with compression socks, you can simultaneously increase your blood flow and reduce inflammation. Check out our recommendations below!

toe spacers for plantar fasciitis - chiroplax toe spacers 

1) Chiroplax Toe Spacers (2 Loops)

Pinky toe problems? The Chiroplax Toe Spacers involve two loops to fit your small toe and address pain and misalignment.


These white toe spreaders are made of soft and stretchable thermoplastic elastomer gel (TPE). They are also ambidextrous and have three sizes (small, regular, and large).

Treatment and Convenience

These toe separators help treat your bunionettes or Tailor's bunion, curled pinky toes, or broken pinky toes. They can relieve the pain and correct any misalignments.

Wearing them can enhance your feet's movement mechanics and treat plantar fasciitis. Furthermore, it comes with optional shims if you need a wider toe separation. All you have to do is insert them into a hole in the middle of the toe spacer.


Some users find it hard to fit in shoes, and the toe-spreading function lacks strength.

2) Zinyakon Two-Hole Small Gel Toe Separators

Next on our list is another two-hole pinky toe spacer but smaller. If the first product is too bulky for you, consider getting the Zinyakon Two-Hole Gel Toe Spacer!


These white two-hole spreaders are made of soft, lightweight, flexible, and odorless medical-grade silicone gel. They come in a universal size.

Treatment and Convenience

These are mighty little toe spacers! They provide instant pain relief and pressure reduction between your fourth and pinky toe. Moreover, they help realign curled and overlapping toes and are good as post-surgery support.

But more than anything else, these spacers are some of the most convenient solutions due to their low-profile design. As a result, you can wear these all day and night and with or without shoes. 

The manufacturer recommends cleaning them with warm water and air/wipe drying for best use. They also add sprinkling baby powder on the spacers before reuse.


Some users find issues with the fit and feel of these spacers when used for long periods. According to them, a tight fit can cut off circulation and trigger foot pain.

3) Zentoes Double-Loop Gel Toe Spacers

Now, let's look at two-hole spacers for your big toe and pointer toe. The Zentoes Double-Loop Gel Toe Separators are designed to save you from the nagging pain of bunions.

best toe separators for plantar fasciitis - zentoes double loop toe separators


These double-loop toe separators are made from latex-free, medical-grade silicone gel. They are universal in size and have two color options: beige and white.

Treatment and Convenience

Zentoes toe spacers relieve bunion pain and prevent calluses, blisters, and foot corns. They also keep your toes from rubbing and correct their alignment.

Lastly, they're a non-slip fit, so they can hold onto your toes better with or without shoes. 


Some users find it uncomfortable, but that depends on footwear type and foot size.

4) JKcare 3-Hole Pinky Toe Separators and Protectors

Finally, let's add another loop to close this quick roundup. The JKcare 3-Hole Pinky Toe Spreaders and Protectors might be the gentle and comfortable toe solution you're looking for.


These transparent toe separators incorporate a low-profile, 3-hole design for your middle toe, fore toe, and pinky toe. They're made of non-slip and stretchable medical-grade silicone gel. In addition, they're designed for feet sizes 6-11 (women) and 6-10 (men).

Treatment and Convenience

These toe spreaders are primarily made for overlapping and curled toes. They can also relieve bunion pain and prevent corns, blisters, and calluses. 

The low-profile design makes them flexible and comfortable enough to wear in roomy socks and shoes.


Unfortunately, they are too soft and ineffective for some people. If your foot condition is severe, these won't provide much help.

The Secret to Dealing With Plantar Fasciitis is a Comprehensive Treatment Plan

If you're struggling to find relief from compression socks to deal with plantar fasciitis, wearing a toe separator can be helpful. They won't directly heal your heel, but they can help enhance the mobility of various parts of your feet. These include your toes, feet, ankles, and arches.

On top of that, they can help improve your blood flow. All of these benefits are essential in treating plantar fasciitis. Therefore, it is beneficial to use toe separators along with compression socks. 

We just reviewed four of the best toe separators for plantar fasciitis. We picked the products with two or three loops so that you can still move freely and wear them comfortably in any pair of shoes. Were you able to find a favorite? Hope this roundup helps you with your toe issues!

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