Toe Separators For Runners: Correct Running Performance Issues With Correct Toes

November 9, 2021
toe separators for runners

At some point during your training, you may have come across other runners like you. You look at them as they pass you by and think about how they seem to be doing so well. One thing is for sure, you want to hit that same level of performance, but currently, you're stuck at a running pace and can't seem to gain consistent speed and endurance.

Why Runners Must Wear Toe Separators

In some cases, it's less about your stamina and more about foot-related problems. Pain is usually your indicator, and you constantly feel it while running. When you feel it, it's time for you to wear toe separators. Here's what it can do to improve your running.

Relieves Pain

One of the main drawbacks when it comes to running, especially in long distances, is pain. There can be several areas where you feel pain. Parts of your foot such as your toes, forefoot, heel, ankles, and arches can be affected. The worst part about this is that it can crawl up to your hips and drastically reduce your ability to produce maximum effort despite your willpower.

The root cause is having wrong foot form due to wearing ill-fitting running shoes. Toe separators allow your foot to spread widely and cover a wider surface area. In effect, you'll fix a couple of running mistakes that cause your foot pain, such as the foot-strike method and your weight and foot balance.

Correcting Foot Form

People have become used to wearing shoes in their daily lives. Shoes protect feet from being exposed to the ground, which may have sharp objects or bacteria. This function applies especially when running. The unfortunate part is that some running shoes don't have any more functions to offer. So runners are stuck with shoes that mess up their foot form.

Toe separators help you get back to your natural foot form, even during a run. Separating your toes allows your foot to stretch out after hours of being squeezed inside your running shoes and in time gives your foot the ability to return back to its natural form.

The Correct Toes Design and Feature Details

These Correct Toes spacers may look simple, but they’re packed with cool features and design aspects that make them superior products for your toes. Check out some of these notable features below.

Silicone Base Material

This material is medical-grade and is tested to make sure it can be worn by people without risk of getting skin rashes, bruises, or other skin allergies. It's non-toxic, which is completely safe for humans to use, and its production is not harmful to the environment. 

What's great about the silicon material is that it gives the right balance of hardness and flexibility. When you wear the toe separator, you won't worry about it going back to its narrow and tight form. Lastly, it can be easily washed, which keeps it free from bacteria.

Created by Dr. Ray McClanahan

The visionary sports podiatrist Dr. Ray McClanahan invented Correct Toes. He confessed to inventing the product because of a foot condition he has—an overlapping toe. This condition is a combination of two-foot illnesses, the bunion and the hammertoe, which causes the second toe to sit on top of the big toe.

After performing several surgeries for these conditions himself, he came up with an idea of foot and toe rehabilitation as an alternative. With the blessing of his physical therapist colleagues, he launched an incredible product that can help his patients save a lot of money.

Sizing Options

Runners like you should be particular with size. The right size means an awesome fit, and that can positively affect your performance. Correct Toes also has sizing options that go from extra small to large, ensuring that you get the best fit that your toes need. As an extra mile, they also provide downloadable materials and video instructions on properly checking your sizing.

It Can be Worn Inside Your Running Shoes

The most important feature of Correct Toes that makes it one of the best toe separators for runners is that it can fit into any running shoe with a wide toe box. Most running shoes can fit only your feet, and it may feel a little tight as well. But with Correct Toes combined with a running shoe with a wide toe box, you'll feel a significant change in how you perform during your runs.

The Benefits of Using Toe Separators for Running by Correct Toes

Correct Toes are invented with certain characteristics and features that give runners what they need. These toe spacers can benefit you during and after your runs, both in the long and short term. So, when you use Correct Toes, keep these benefits in mind.

Helps You Achieve Optimal Foot Conditions

Using Correct Toes helps your foot and toes gain their natural balance and helps you remain stable while you're standing still or doing your runs. It would feel as if your feet are firmly planted on the ground. Apart from that, because the toes are spread out, it also allows for more blood to circulate around your foot as opposed to wearing tight-fitting shoes.

Can be Partnered With a Foot-Shaped Shoe

Several types of running shoes are designed to contour to the natural shape of your foot, from shoes that have wide toe boxes to ones designed with five toes. In both types of shoes, you can wear Correct Toes for maximum effect. For wide toe boxes, you can wear them inside the shoe. The five-toe shoe acts as a separator on its own, but the great thing is that you can wear these toe separators without taking the shoes off. This is great for a quick recovery session before another run.

It Brings Back Your Toe Alignment and Spread

Correct Toes believes that you're born with a perfectly designed foot, and it is their aim to bring it back to that pristine form. The Correct Toes silicone toe spacers for runners help bring back the toe alignment and spread that nature has given you. With consistent, long-term use of the separators, you'll achieve the foot form that liberates you from persistent discomfort whether you're out running or just casually going about your business.

Proper Weight Distribution

One aspect of feeling pain in several areas of your lower body is weight. Your feet and toes act as your body's stand, and if it is unevenly spread out, your weight isn't properly distributed in your feet, causing pain. Wearing Correct Toes spreads your toes so your feet can be stable enough to hold your weight in such a way that it's evenly distributed on both sides of your legs. In time, this will help out with pain relief.

Targets Several Other Foot and Toe Problems

Dr. McClanahan invented Correct Toes with a vision to bring back your natural foot and toe alignment while also addressing the problems you may have. In addition to rehabilitation, Correct Toes addresses foot-related illnesses like bunions, hammertoes, plantar fasciitis, and plenty of others.

Things We'd Like to See From Correct Toes in the Future

Correct Toes have a lot of good things going for it that it takes effort to see what else can be improved. Yet, if there's one thing that we would like to see from the brand in the future, it would be a focus on options.

We would like to see a feature that enables the user to target specific toes. Instead of just producing a whole toe separator product, a modular feature can be added, allowing the product to be put together all at once or in increments depending on the athlete's need.

Performance by Means of Correction

A product such as Correct Toes is an easy way for runners to improve their running performance metrics. These toe separators for runners will serve as a way to keep your feet in proper form during your runs so you can feel more propulsion and less running-related foot pain. The care and treatment extend beyond your running—it can continue long after your session is done.

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